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In-Depth Look: PrestigePEO Review & Features

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In-Depth Look: PrestigePEO Review & Features

October 26, 2023

PrestigePEO is a distinguished Professional Employer Organization (PEO) with over 25 years of experience. They are committed to offering businesses a wide range of services, including employee benefits, HR support, and technology solutions, all geared towards streamlining HR operations and reducing associated costs.

This review will explore the advantages, disadvantages, client reviews, and contact information, shedding light on how businesses can benefit from a partnership with Prestige.


EPLI protection
Demo/Trial option


Dependency on third-party apps
Changes restricted to specific times of the year


Quick Stats

Business Size
Small and medium-sized (SMB)
Customer Experience
Expert HR Guidance
BBB Rating
Trustpilot Score
NAPEO Member
ESAC Accreditation

At a Glance 

PrestigePEO is a national Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that has been providing comprehensive HR solutions since 1998. Headquartered in Melville, New York, this organization is dedicated to delivering exceptional employee benefits, comprehensive HR services, and cutting-edge technology solutions, all while aiding clients in reducing HR-related costs. They aim to be at the forefront of the U.S. PEO industry by providing comprehensive HR solutions customized to the distinct needs of small and medium-sized businesses.

Furthermore, they stand among the distinguished 1% of PEOs accredited by the Employer Services Assurance Corporation (ESAC), have earned the Workers Comp Risk Management Certificate of Insurance, and have earned the classification of a Certified Professional Employer Organization (CPEO) by the IRS. These industry certifications demonstrate the company's unwavering financial stability and adherence to industry standards.

Industries & Businesses

PrestigePEO offers their services to a diverse range of industries, catering to the unique needs of businesses in financial services, fintech, healthcare, retail and wholesale, marketing, communications, media, real estate and property management, technology, and nonprofits and social services. They offer industry-specific solutions tailored to each sector to serve their clients better.

Prestige serves various industries by managing employee benefits, payroll services, human resources, and workplace compliance. In the financial sector, they focus on attracting and retaining top talent while handling HR functions. Marketing, communications, and media agencies receive comprehensive support covering various critical functions. Prestige helps manage multiple locations, supply chains, and a diverse workforce in the retail and wholesale sectors. Nonprofits and social services organizations benefit from HR support to fulfill their missions effectively. The company also maintains open lines of communication and client support through webinars, podcasts, and newsletters.

PrestigePEO Services & Features

PrestigePEO is committed to delivering a comprehensive suite of services and features that empower businesses to thrive in today's complex HR landscape. Their offerings encompass:

Employee benefits: Prestige collaborates with businesses to provide a broad spectrum of employee benefits. This encompasses healthcare, voluntary and supplemental insurance, and flexible plan designs. With access to Fortune 500 benefits, businesses can offer their employees top-tier medical, dental, vision, and other insurance plans, making it possible to provide competitive benefits packages.

Payroll management: The company eases the burden of payroll management by offering end-to-end services. This includes data management, tax compliance, and direct deposit capabilities. The company takes on various financial responsibilities on behalf of businesses, encompassing all aspects of payroll administration and compliance with local, state, and federal tax laws.

HR management: Prestige offers the expertise of invaluable HR professionals certified by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) to provide continuous support and guidance. This covers HR consulting, compliance, and risk management, ensuring businesses stay ahead of ever-evolving compliance requirements, including new legislation and evolving compliance standards.

Compliance guidance: Prestige strongly emphasizes helping businesses maintain impeccable compliance standards. The company informs businesses on new legislation and compliance requirements. It provides expert legal advice and insights directly from Capitol Hill through its membership in the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO).

PrestigePEO client program: The PrestigePEO Client Program is designed to enhance the value proposition for businesses further. They provide businesses exclusive access to discounts and promotions from Prestige's partners, making them a cost-effective solution to save on a wide range of products and services. This program underscores PrestigePEO's commitment to providing holistic support to their clients and helping them achieve their financial and operational goals.

If you still have questions needing clarification, Prestige has a comprehensive sales brochure that provides all their service details.

How Does It Work? 

Partnering with PrestigePEO is a streamlined and client-focused process that simplifies small and mid-sized businesses' HR, employee benefits, compliance, and payroll needs. Here's an overview of how the company works:

1. Contacting PrestigePEO: The journey begins with reaching out to Prestige. During this initial contact, you'll have the opportunity to discuss your business needs and explore how the company's services align with your specific requirements.

2. Assessment: Following the initial contact, the company conducts a thorough assessment of your business needs. This evaluation results in a personalized proposal outlining the services and features best suited to your unique business requirements.

3. Onboarding: Upon acceptance of the proposal, the onboarding process kicks into gear. Prestige will work closely with you to set up your account, gather necessary employee data, and establish a timeline for service implementation.

4. Implementation: Prestige begins implementing the selected services and features once the onboarding is complete. This includes setting up payroll, configuring employee benefits, and designing HR management systems tailored to your needs.

5. Ongoing support: Post-implementation, Prestige remains a reliable partner, providing continuous support to ensure the smooth operation of your business. This ongoing assistance includes various forms of communication and support, such as webinars, educational podcasts, newsletters, and even a mobile app for round-the-clock service.

How Much Does It Cost?

PrestigePEO’s pricing can vary depending on individual business needs and the selected features. To obtain personalized pricing information, businesses interested in their services should contact PrestigePEO directly for a quote.


Choosing PrestigePEO as your partner has many advantages, ranging from comprehensive employee benefits to cutting-edge technology solutions and industry expertise.

EPLI protection

PrestigePEO distinguishes themselves by offering Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI), an essential tool that shields businesses from potential legal disputes related to employment practices. EPLI covers various employment-related claims, such as discrimination, harassment, and wrongful termination. With EPLI in place, businesses can confidently address these complex issues, knowing they have financial support to manage associated legal costs.

Demo/Trial option

PrestigePEO's recognition of businesses' desire to ensure the best fit before a long-term commitment is reflected in their demo/trial option. This unique feature allows businesses to experience the full spectrum of services and benefits that PrestigePEO offers. The trial period empowers enterprises to make informed decisions and ensures they are entirely comfortable with the services they plan to commit to for an extended period. You can request a demo by filling out a form on their website.

Diverse industry coverage

PrestigePEO's versatility shines through its extensive industry coverage, serving various sectors, including financial services, healthcare, marketing, communications, media, nonprofits, retail, and wholesale. This adaptability showcases their ability to tailor their services to meet the specific needs and challenges of each industry. It positions PrestigePEO as a dependable partner with the experience and expertise to navigate the unique requirements of various businesses.

PrestigePEO client program

In a commitment to providing comprehensive support and value to their clients, Prestige offers the PrestigePEO Client Program. This exclusive program opens the door to special discounts and promotions from PrestigePEO's partner network. By participating in this program, businesses can access cost savings on a wide range of products and services, further solidifying PrestigePEO as a partner dedicated to enhancing financial benefits and overall value.


While PrestigePEO offers a range of advantages, it's equally important to weigh these against the associated disadvantages. Making an informed decision about partnering with a PEO requires careful consideration of your business's unique needs and priorities. 

Dependency on third-party apps

PrestigePEO's reliance on third-party applications can pose significant disadvantages. While these apps offer specialized features, they often lack the seamless integration that an all-in-one HR platform provides. Forcing businesses to juggle multiple apps to access PrestigePEO’s services can be very inconvenient. For instance, companies would need one app, ClearCompany, for performance management and another, Kronos, for tracking time and attendance. Managing numerous applications can be highly time-consuming and confusing, ultimately resulting in a more exhausting and complex HR management process.


PrestigePEO does not offer transparent pricing on their website. This lack of upfront pricing information can make it challenging for businesses to compare costs with other Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs). The absence of clear pricing transparency can be frustrating for businesses seeking a comprehensive understanding of their expenses and a breakdown of costs. Making cost-effective and informed decisions becomes more complicated without this transparency.

Changes restricted to specific times of the year

Spontaneous changes to employee benefits and other HR administration services with PrestigePEO are restricted to specific, predetermined periods during the year. This limited flexibility can be a drawback for businesses. Waiting until the designated timeframe to make changes can be inconvenient, especially if a business needs to implement modifications outside the prescribed schedule. The lack of year-round flexibility in service adjustments may not align with the dynamic needs of some businesses.

Can Your Business Benefit From PrestigePEO?

Based on the information available, there are several ways your business can benefit from partnering with PrestigePEO:

Affordable employee benefits: As your PEO partner, Prestige empowers you to provide robust employee benefit plans without the financial burden. Through this collaboration, your business can offer employees an extensive range of top-tier medical, dental, vision, life, disability, and supplemental insurance plans from leading service providers.

Expert HR support: PrestigePEO offers valuable HR support and guidance, including HR consulting, compliance, and risk management. This ensures your business remains compliant with evolving regulations and can focus on growth while PrestigePEO handles HR requirements.

Industry-specific services: PrestigePEO tailors their services to cater to businesses in diverse industries, such as financial services, fintech, healthcare, and more. This industry-specific approach ensures your business receives personalized support aligned with your sector's unique needs.

Mobile app: PrestigePEO offers a convenient mobile app that provides easy access to HR-related information and services, such as HR team contacts, pay stubs, and benefits eligibility. The app's availability 24/7 ensures immediate assistance for your business and employees.

Exclusive discounts & promotions: The Prestige Client Program opens the door to exclusive deals and promotions from Prestige's partner network. This program is designed to help businesses save money on various products and services.

PrestigePEO Reviews

PrestigePEO has very few reviews, with only one on G2 and one on Yelp. Here's what those reviews say:

The one customer review on G2 highlighted that PrestigePEO's software is easy to use and keeps all documents in one place. However, they also noted that the software has information for all benefit tiers, which might confuse users who only need info for their specific tier.

The sole review on Yelp mentioned that the person received a notice of losing their health coverage with just a five-week notice period, leaving them with limited time to find new coverage. They were also frustrated because their attempts to contact the company via calls and emails went unanswered.

Since there are very few reviews, it's important to remember that they represent only a small number of experiences with PrestigePEO. To make an informed decision about the company, it's a good idea to do more research and look into them carefully.

How Do I Contact PrestigePEO?

To contact PrestigePEO, you have several convenient options. You can contact their sales team at (866) 540-1154 or their support team at (866) 981-0583. Alternatively, you can email them or fax your documents to (516) 692-8507. For online correspondence, Prestige provides a website form for easy submission of inquiries or requests. Additionally, you can connect with them through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube, where you can leave comments or send private messages.


PrestigePEO is an experienced Professional Employer Organization (PEO) that provides a comprehensive suite of services to simplify HR management and reduce business costs. While they offer advantages such as top-tier employee benefits, affordability, and industry-specific services, they also have drawbacks like reliance on third-party apps and non-transparent pricing. Limited client reviews highlight user-friendly software and occasional responsiveness concerns. PrestigePEO is a reputable choice for businesses seeking streamlined HR and employee benefits solutions across diverse industries.

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