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Global Expansion PEO: Choosing the Right Service

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Global Expansion PEO: Choosing the Right Service

Published: November 5th, 2023

Global Expansion is an established player in the domain of international Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs) and global Employer of Record (EOR) services. With a rich history and a commitment to facilitating global business expansion, the company serves as a comprehensive solution for organizations aiming to establish a robust presence in international markets. This review will cover the provider's history, pricing, industries served, and clients to help you make the best decision for your business.  


Extensive features
Customizable plans
Expert guidance
Live chat
Integrated technology


Lack of pricing transparency
No demo
No mobile app
No industry certifications
They’re not members of NAPEO


Quick Stats

Business Size
Customer Experience
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Expert HR Guidance
BBB Rating
Trustpilot Score
NAPEO Member
ESAC Accreditation
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An Overview

Global Expansion was founded in 1999 as a subsidiary of Equus Software to offer HR outsourcing solutions for businesses that wish to expand their services in more than one country. They have more than 15,000 clients worldwide; they have offices in the United Kingdom, the United States, Portugal, and the Philippines. They also know the regulations in 214 countries and territories.

The backbone of their services lies in an array of unique features aimed at simplifying the complexities of global expansion through both international PEO and EOR services. These features encompass recruitment support, international payroll administration, expert HR guidance, risk management, compliance, and benefits administration. Their integrated technology serves as a control center, streamlining HR, compliance, payroll, and employee management processes and providing real-time insights and reporting functionalities.

They don’t have industry-recognized accreditations like the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and Employer Service Assurance Corporation (ESAC), and they're not members of the National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO). However, they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) with an A+ rating on their BBB profile. 

Industries & Businesses

Global Expansion's global PEO-customized services, expert HR support, and strong compliance management are key to helping a wide range of industries go global. This lets companies of any size focus on their primary tasks while ensuring they stay compliant and run efficiently in many international markets. They provide tailor-made solutions to cater to specific industries, such as:

  • Technology: They assist the technology sector by providing agile and compliant global employment solutions. In an industry that constantly seeks innovation and rapid growth, they streamline international expansion processes, allowing tech companies to focus on product development and market penetration without being burdened by administrative complexities and compliance issues in multiple countries
  • Finance: Compliance with different financial regulations and employment laws is critical for the finance industry. This provider's expertise in navigating complex regulatory frameworks ensures that financial institutions can expand into new markets seamlessly while remaining compliant with local financial and employment regulations
  • Healthcare: This provider offers a structured approach to navigating complex international HR tasks and compliance issues in the healthcare sector. They assist in managing the workforce, ensuring adherence to specific healthcare regulations, and supporting the establishment of healthcare services in diverse regions 
  • Manufacturing: They facilitate expansion by managing the administrative and HR complexities involved in employing workers across various countries, allowing manufacturers to concentrate on their core production operations
  • Gaming: Due to its expansive reach, the gaming industry demands a global approach. This provider supports gaming companies by handling the complexities of employing workers in different countries. This allows gaming businesses to concentrate on developing and marketing their products without worrying about intricate HR and compliance matters
  • Industry 4.0: They provide services to businesses that are at the forefront of cutting-edge technologies in this field, which is characterized by automation and data exchange in manufacturing technologies. Their services help these businesses establish a global presence while ensuring compliance with diverse employment laws and regulations
  • Life sciences: They assist in managing global HR functions and compliance, allowing life science companies to focus on research and innovation without being bogged down by administrative and regulatory complexities
  • Natural resources: Companies in the natural resources industry often operate in multiple countries. This global PEO provider streamlines global workforce management and ensures compliance with diverse labor laws, supporting these companies in their expansion and operational activities across various regions
  • Non-profit and non-government sectors: Their global team provides vital support to non-profit and non-governmental organizations by assisting in the navigation of complex global employment regulations. This support enables these organizations to focus on their core missions and community initiatives without being burdened by HR and administrative complexities
  • Education: Expanding into international markets requires adherence to diverse educational and employment regulations for the education sector. This provider assists in managing global HR functions, allowing educational institutions to focus on providing quality education while ensuring compliance across borders 
  • Private equity and venture capital: Their services cater to private equity and venture capital firms, simplifying global expansion and managing employee-related complexities across multiple countries. This support by the team of experts allows investment firms to focus on their core financial operations
  • Professional services: Compliance with local labor laws is essential in the professional services industry. Global Expansion expertise in navigating global HR and compliance issues allows professional service companies to expand their services globally while ensuring compliance with regional employment regulations
  • Media and entertainment industries: For the media and entertainment industry, where rapid growth and global presence are critical, Global Expansion helps with the complexities of global workforce management. Their services support these companies in establishing a global footprint while ensuring compliance with various employment regulations

Features & Services

Distinguishing themselves through a wide range of services, Global Expansion offers comprehensive solutions covering HR expertise and payroll administration, global compliance, risk management, and employee benefits management. Their features include:

  • Recruitment: Their PEO offers a comprehensive recruitment service that assists businesses in acquiring international talent across different countries. Leveraging their local expertise and network, they streamline the hiring process by understanding the specific job requirements, sourcing candidates, conducting interviews, offering compliant employment contracts, and managing the entire recruitment lifecycle
  • Global payroll administration: Their international PEO services take the burden off businesses by offering a centralized payroll administration system. They handle payroll processing, ensuring timely and accurate employee payments, tax compliance, and adherence to local regulations. This minimizes errors, ensures compliance, and provides a streamlined process for managing payroll across diverse regions
  • Expert HR support: Their HR services provide specialist support, offering guidance on a range of human resource-related matters in different countries. This includes assisting with onboarding procedures, employee relations, performance management, training, and termination processes. Their localized HR consultants allow businesses to navigate cultural differences and employment regulations, ensuring a consistent and compliant HR approach globally
  • Risk management and compliance: Global Expansion's HR team adeptly handles the intricate web of international labor laws and compliance requirements, ensuring businesses operate within legal frameworks. Their expertise minimizes the risks associated with global workforce management, thereby facilitating smoother operations in diverse regions
  • Streamlined global expansion: Businesses benefit from quicker market entry and reduced administrative burdens, allowing for expedited establishment in new territories and foreign countries. This can be achieved through their software platform, which protects international employee data
  • Benefits administration:  Managing employee benefits in different countries can be intricate due to varying regulations and cultural expectations. This provider takes care of benefits administration by offering a standardized and compliant benefits package across multiple countries. They handle benefits enrollment, administration, and compliance, ensuring that employees receive the necessary benefits as per local requirements, such as health insurance, retirement plans, and other perks

How they operate

The operational approach of Global Expansion involves establishing an employer relationship with client businesses. This arrangement effectively transfers the legal responsibilities and administrative burdens associated with hiring and managing employees in foreign territories to the Global Expansion PEO. Without the burden of complicated international employment regulations, this setup enables businesses to concentrate on their core operations and protect their company culture.

Cost of Service

The cost structure of their PEO services is variable and dependent on factors such as the number of employees, countries involved, and specific services required. The company offers customized solutions tailored to the individual needs and budgets of businesses seeking their assistance. Since they don't provide a detailed explanation of their prices, we recommend contacting them for a quote on your specific requirements and asking them all the appropriate PEO questions.

The Impact on Industries


  • Integrated technology: They leverage an integrated technological framework, providing businesses with a cohesive platform streamlining various aspects of international expansion. This technology seamlessly connects different facets of the expansion process, encompassing HR, global payroll, compliance, and employee management
  • Live chat: The live chat feature is a critical component of their customer support infrastructure. This real-time communication tool allows businesses to connect with support representatives instantly, seeking immediate assistance and clarification on queries or issues they encounter during their expansion journey 24/7
  • Expert guidance: Their services include a cornerstone of expert advice, distinguishing them from traditional PEO providers. Their team comprises experienced professionals well-versed in HR, compliance, and international regulations
  • Extensive features: This provider's offering extends beyond basic PEO functionalities, providing a range of extensive features that cater to the multifaceted needs of businesses operating globally
  • Customizable plans: Their services are customizable, allowing businesses to tailor solutions according to their unique requirements, industry-specific demands, and budget constraints 


  • Lack of mobile app: One notable downside is the absence of a dedicated mobile application. In today's fast-paced and mobile-centric world, having an application can offer convenience and accessibility for both businesses and employees. A mobile app would allow on-the-go access to essential HR, payroll, and compliance information. This absence may hinder immediate access to crucial data, limiting the agility of businesses operating in diverse time zones or locations
  • Lack of transparency: Businesses often prefer clear and transparent communication regarding fees, services, and the intricacies of international expansion. This lack of clarity could lead to misunderstandings or uncertainty about the full scope of services and prices, impacting trust and decision-making for businesses seeking comprehensive support
  • Lack of certifications: Their absence of specific industry-recognized certifications, such as the IRS and ESAC accreditation, might raise concerns for some businesses. Certifications in international compliance, HR standards, or industry-specific qualifications can assure a company's expertise and commitment to adhering to stringent standards. The absence of these certifications may lead some clients to question the level of expertise and depth of knowledge the company possesses
  • They're not members of NAPEO: The fact that this provider is not a member of NAPEO may be considered a disadvantage by some clients. Membership in industry-specific associations often indicates a company's commitment to upholding industry standards and best practices and a dedication to ongoing professional development
  • No demo: Offering a demo or trial allows potential clients to experience the platform's functionalities, user interface, and understand how the services align with their specific needs before making a commitment. The lack of a demo might create uncertainty for businesses considering their services, as they are unable to test the platform or services beforehand

What Customers Are Saying

Global Expansion PEO has garnered praise from clients for its user-friendly interface, enabling seamless navigation and utilization of services on G2 with a 4.8 out of 5 rating. Even though most of the reviews on that platform are about the provider's EOR services, there were a few documented reviews on the international PEO services. Customers praised the guidance provided throughout the expansion process, which was highly appreciated, with clients receiving personalized support tailored to their specific needs and concerns.

Is it worth it?

The convenience, compliance management, and support offered by this provider often outweigh the costs associated with their services. The access to specialized expertise in global HR matters and the seamless expansion processes have proven invaluable for numerous companies.

Even though there are not a lot of negative reviews documented on them, that doesn't necessarily mean there aren't any. It may mean customers aren’t motivated to write about them. We recommend contacting current or previous customers to ask about their experiences for better insight into this company before signing any papers.

Customer Support

To contact them, you can call them at +1 303 500 7040 or fill out a form on their website. They also provide resources for those seeking international expansion services, such as a blog.


Global Expansion is a reputable and reliable partner for businesses venturing into international expansion by offering different HR outsourcing solutions: international PEO and EOR. Their comprehensive services, industry-specific expertise, and robust support make them an invaluable asset for companies navigating the complexities of international expansion.

While the costs should be carefully considered, the advantages of compliance management, support, and streamlined operations often make the investment worthwhile. The overwhelmingly positive feedback regarding their usability and support underscores the trust and reliability they have built with their clients. Companies considering their services should evaluate how their offerings align with their expansion goals and budget to make an informed decision.

Choosing the right PEO partner to expand your business is a necessary process. As usual, we recommend researching alternative PEO companies based on our PEO reviews, comparisons, and blog pages before making a decision.

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