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Find Your Solution Today with Express Global Employment PEO

Published: November 7th, 2023

Are you a business person who wants to grow your company worldwide? If so, you must know how complicated global work is. That's where Express Global Employment (EGE) comes in. They are a global Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and Employer of Record (EOR) provider that can make the process easier for you. 

This review will discuss EGE and how it can help your business. We'll also discuss essential parts of this international PEO so you understand why EGE might be the best company for all your foreign job needs.


24/7 HR support
Customizable plans
Live chat
Integrated technology


Lack of transparency
No demo
No industry certifications
They’re not members of NAPEO

Quick Stats

Business Size
Customer Experience
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BBB Rating
Trustpilot Score
ESAC Accreditation
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An Overview

Express Global Employment by Acumen International was founded in 2001 in London, UK, and has since become a leading international Professional Employer Organization (PEO) and global Employer of Record (EOR) service provider. They also have a Global Shared Service Center in Kyiv, Ukraine. They offer comprehensive workforce solutions and innovative express global employment services to businesses worldwide. 

Focusing on simplifying the complexities of international employment, they help companies expand their global footprint without a company setup, hire talent worldwide, and efficiently manage human resources, payroll, and compliance matters. They work in 190 countries and become legal employers in countries on the client's behalf where they don't have their own business entities.

Founded on a mission to simplify global expansion and international employment, Acumen International's compliant global PEO service provider has become a trusted partner for organizations seeking to navigate the intricacies of global workforce employment.

They’re not a National Association of Professional Employer Organizations (NAPEO) member, nor are they accredited by the Employer Service Assurance Corporation (ESAC) or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). They don’t have a page on the Better Business Bureau (BBB) either. 

Industries & Businesses

EGE caters to a wide range of industries and businesses of any size globally. Whether you’re a tech startup looking to hire software developers in a foreign country, a small and medium-sized enterprise (SME), a multinational corporation seeking to establish a presence in a new market, or a non-profit organization expanding its humanitarian efforts internationally, EGE can assist you.

Their international clients span IT and telecommunications, FMCG, oil and gas, construction, agriculture, medicine and healthcare, automotive, finance, and more. Their flexibility in serving a diverse range of businesses showcases their adaptability and expertise in global employment.

Features & Services  

Their global PEO services include preparing mandatory documents for local citizens, employee registration, compliant employee onboarding and offboarding, local payroll solutions, global employee benefits provision, an all-in-one software, a global payroll calculator, immigration support, work permit support for expatriate employees, global talent acquisition and retention, mitigating compliance risk, and much more. 

They go the extra step by offering some features as extras. These features include car leasing, office or showroom rent, equipment provision, secretarial services, business trips, business expenses, and medical insurance. 

How They Operate

EGE’s operations are designed to simplify international employment for their clients by allowing end employers and service companies to meet and work together under the following steps:

  1. You select the foreign employees and share your project details in the request form, and then they help you recruit foreign talent if needed.
  2. They prepare a customized in-country employment cost analysis for you based on the candidates' information you have and your needs. 
  3. You sign the Single Service Agreement that allows you to onboard any headcount in any number of countries.
  4. They draft and approve the employment agreement with you, having it signed by the employee under local rules and legislation to mitigate the employment risks for you.
  5. They onboard your candidate in compliance with local labor laws within the days after signing the agreement.
  6. They do monthly payroll and tax filings on your behalf with a single invoice by local law. You have employees working for you from almost any country in the world.
  7. They offer 24/7 local support for you and your employees and commit to certain countries, especially if you need an interim solution to get established there.

Cost of Services

The cost of working with EGE can vary significantly based on factors such as the country of employment, the number of employees, the specific services required, and other individualized needs. This provider offers customized quotes for accurate pricing tailored to each client's unique situation.

Typically, clients can expect setup fees and ongoing service charges. These costs can vary but often provide substantial savings compared to establishing and maintaining a legal entity in a foreign country, which can involve significant legal, administrative, and overhead expenses.

The Advantages & Disadvantages


  • Live chat: Including a live chat feature is a significant advantage for clients using EGE's global PEO. This real-time communication channel ensures immediate access to assistance and support. It offers prompt responses to queries or concerns, aiding clients in resolving issues efficiently, thereby contributing to a smoother and faster resolution of operational challenges during the expansion process
  • Customizable plans: The availability of customizable plans is a pivotal advantage for businesses seeking tailored solutions. This provider's flexibility in offering programs tailored to specific client needs allows for a more personalized approach. This adaptability ensures that companies can choose services and features that precisely align with their unique requirements, offering the autonomy to select and pay for only what they need
  • 24/7 HR support: EGE offers round-the-clock HR support, ensuring clients have assistance and guidance whenever required. This constant support helps resolve issues promptly and provides a smooth workflow, irrespective of time zones or global locations
  • Integrated software: Their user-friendly, integrated software simplifies the management of international employees. This platform allows for easy access to payroll reports, compliance status, and employee data, enhancing operational efficiency and transparency without needing more partners


  • No demo: Not having a demo restricts potential clients from experiencing or understanding the platform's functionalities and interface before committing. This lack of a trial period may lead to uncertainty, as clients cannot test the services to ensure they align with their needs or understand the usability and effectiveness of the platform beforehand
  • No industry-recognized certifications: The need for certifications like those from ESAC and the IRS might raise concerns for some clients. Their absence may lead to questions about the level of expertise or adherence to industry benchmarks, potentially influencing client confidence in the company's capabilities
  • Not members of NAPEO: Their non-membership in NAPEO could be considered a disadvantage. Membership in industry-specific associations often represents dedication to industry standards, best practices, and ongoing professional development. The absence of such membership might suggest a potential misalignment with established industry benchmarks or guidelines
  • Lack of transparency: The lack of transparency in specific processes, policies, and prices might deter some potential clients. Businesses often prefer clear and open communication regarding fees, services, and the full scope of operations. The absence of transparency may lead to misunderstandings or uncertainty about the complete range of services provided, impacting client trust and decision-making

What Customers Are Saying About Them

Although they have been around for quite some time, there are not many documented reviews about them on reputable platforms like TrustPilot or the BBB; however, the few reviews that do exist on G2 give them an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars, with most of the praise going to their EOR services.


EGE's online platform is user-friendly, making it easy for clients to access and manage their international workforce and personal information. The intuitive interface simplifies tasks such as viewing payroll reports, monitoring compliance status, and accessing employee data. Users appreciate the platform's transparency, which helps them stay on top of their international operations.

Guidance and support

Customers often praise EGE for their exceptional guidance and support. The dedicated team of experts assists clients in navigating the complexities of international employment, from understanding local regulations to resolving HR issues. They provide personalized guidance, ensuring clients feel supported and informed.

Even though there aren’t a lot of negative reviews addressing their global PEO services online, that doesn't indicate the quality of their PEO services; it might just mean that their client companies are not inclined to write about them. Choosing the right provider for your business can be risky; to safeguard your business, we recommend contacting their current and former clients, asking all the necessary questions to their sales representatives, and reading the contract carefully before signing. 

Customer Support

You can contact their US office by phone at +1 (646) 444-8171, through their email at [email protected], or by filling out a form on their website. They also provide resources like blog pages for better insight into their operations. 


In summary, Express Global Employment by Acumen International is a valuable resource for businesses looking to expand into new global markets, hire international talent, and manage their international workforce efficiently. With a strong track record of simplifying the complexities of global employment, they offer comprehensive global EOR and PEO services, expert guidance, and user-friendly platforms to support their clients.

The advantages of working with EGE include easier global expansion, cost savings, risk mitigation, operational efficiency, and access to a global talent pool. While service costs are involved, the benefits often offset these, making their services compelling for businesses seeking international growth.

EGE might be a reliable and beneficial partner if your business aims for hassle-free global expansion and efficient international workforce management. As with any business decision, it's essential to assess your unique needs and weigh the costs against the benefits to determine if working with a global PEO is the right choice for your company's international growth ambitions.

We recommend you research alternative providers from our PEO company reviews, blog, and comparison pages if you still need clarification on this provider.

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