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Isolved HCM Payroll: The Path to Effortless HR Management

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Isolved HCM Payroll: The Path to Effortless HR Management
Discover if isolved HCM's payroll solutions suit your organizational needs

Updated: May 29th, 2024. 

Isolved is an industry-leading provider of HCM solutions. The company was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in Charlotte, North Carolina. Isolved provides products and services that could revolutionize HR and payroll processes, from robust software to comprehensive features. Their innovative solutions are designed to meet the diverse needs of large and small businesses across various industries.

This review will examine what makes isolved such an attractive HCM choice. After evaluating their features, pricing, customer support options, and user experience, discover how this provider can impact your company's HR practices.


Multi-state compliance
Garnishment management
Employee self-service portal


Lack of mobile application
Features as paid extras


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Isolved HCM at a Glance

Focusing on streamlining human resources, benefits, and payroll procedures for businesses, isolved has grown from their inception in 1986 to become a leading provider of human capital management (HCM) solutions. Serving almost 7 million employees and 177,000 enterprises nationally, isolved has become an industry leader by focusing on innovation and client satisfaction.

With the purchase of Sage Payroll in 2019, isolved HCM expanded their service offerings to include complete payroll solutions. Payroll and tax compliance are made easier and more efficient using isolved payroll features. To help customers make more informed decisions, the payroll platform provides comprehensive reports, including expense trends and financial patterns. On top of that, they allow HR professionals to concentrate on their strengths while employees use self-service solutions to handle their data.

Sapient Insights Group ranked isolved first in vendor satisfaction and user experience in 2023 and 2024, demonstrating the company's strong reputation in the market. Furthermore, the company was recognized as a leader in Nelson Hall's NEAT Evaluation for their payroll services and honored as a champion in SoftwareReview's 2023 Talent Management Emotional Footprint Report. These certifications highlight isolved's dedication to delivering high-quality solutions and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Features & Services

Payroll processing

Isolved HCM provides comprehensive online payroll software to improve productivity and precision. This solution streamlines the administration of direct deposits, pay cards, and on-demand payments, guaranteeing that employees receive their earnings promptly and accurately, regardless of their job classification, geographical location, or individual preferences. By optimizing these procedures, isolved HCM diminishes administrative tasks and mitigates the likelihood of mistakes, enhancing the efficiency and dependability of payroll processing.

Employee self-service

They provide extensive self-service features, allowing employees convenient access to their personal information, pay stubs, W-2 forms, vacation balances, and various payment methods such as direct deposit, pay cards, and instant pay. This tool improves the employee experience by providing ease and flexibility, enabling employees to autonomously and securely manage their financial information anywhere and anytime, promoting increased employee satisfaction and engagement.

Automated tax and compliance

Isolved HCM greatly diminishes the administrative burden of tax management with their automated tax and compliance capabilities. The system manages the complete tax process, including precise tax calculations, timely filings, and payments, while guaranteeing adherence to federal, state, and local regulations such as the ACA or FMLA. Furthermore, they assist in identifying and acquiring applicable payroll tax credits, decreasing the overall tax burden. This automated process reduces the likelihood of mistakes and fines, giving you a sense of security and enabling you to concentrate on more important responsibilities.

In addition, you can access their W-2 production solution for a separate price. This solution automates the creation of W-2 forms using your employees' previous payroll data and records.

Payroll reports

They also offer comprehensive payroll and compliance reports that provide significant insights into multiple aspects of payroll management. The reports include cash needs, past paycheck information, W-2, and tax deposit notifications. By utilizing this data, businesses can improve operational effectiveness, pinpoint cost-reducing possibilities, and make well-informed decisions. The extensive reporting functionalities of isolved HCM provide enhanced financial planning and oversight, enhancing the firm's overall well-being and effectiveness.

Pricing & Plans

When considering isolved's payroll, customers are offered two primary products—payroll software and W2 production. These products are quote-based and tailored to each customer's specifications; therefore, their prices are not disclosed publicly.

On the other hand, isolved is upfront about their pricing structure, which is based on per employee, per month. By using this pricing strategy, companies can modify their payroll system to meet their specific requirements, paying only for the necessary goods and services.

Benefits & Drawbacks


  • Direct deposit: A major advantage of isolved is the ability to send employees' paychecks electronically, straight to their bank accounts, safely and promptly. This function guarantees constant and dependable payment delivery, which improves employee satisfaction, streamlines payroll procedures, and decreases the need for physical checks
  • Employee self-service portal: Isolved provides a robust employee self-service portal, allowing employees to access personal data, pay stubs, PTO balances, and open enrollment options. This portal empowers employees to manage their information independently, reducing their administrative workload
  • Garnishment management: Isolved automates wage garnishments, ensuring compliance and accuracy. This feature simplifies a complex process, freeing up time for HR professionals to focus on other critical tasks
  • Multi-state compliance: Isolved’s payroll system supports multi-state compliance, automatically updating tax rates and regulations. This feature is essential for businesses with a geographically dispersed workforce, ensuring compliance with varying state laws
  • Free demo: Potential customers can benefit from a free demo of the isolved platform, which allows them to explore its features and functionalities before making a commitment


  • Lack of mobile app: One major drawback is the absence of a dedicated mobile app. While the web interface is robust, the lack of a mobile app can limit accessibility for users who need to manage payroll and HR tasks
  • Features as paid extras: Certain advanced isolved HR features, such as employee benefits administration, workforce management, learning management system, and talent acquisition, are available only as paid extras. This can increase the overall cost for businesses needing these additional capabilities
  • Lack of price transparency: Isolved’s pricing structure lacks transparency, making it difficult for potential customers to understand the full cost upfront. This can complicate decision-making and deter some businesses from choosing the platform

Customer Experience

On the Better Business Bureau (BBB), isolved received an A- rating but are not accredited. In addition, they have received a 4.3 out of 5 on G2 and a 7.0 out of 5 on TrustRadius.

Positive feedback

Customers have praised isolved's prompt and committed customer service regarding time-sensitive issues. The straightforward features that simplify HR and payroll operations are frequently mentioned in user reviews as an example of the platform's ease of use. Many customers have stated how easy it is to process payroll, mentioning how you can import and export data quickly and get detailed payroll and summary reports. Users highly regard the user-friendly system for simplifying administrative tasks by facilitating personnel information management, time off requests, and punch tracking.

Furthermore, many customers have mentioned the tax features of isolved as helpful since they offer useful dashboards, reporting tools, and the ability to reduce errors. Integration with other HR activities, such as benefits management and electronic onboarding, has also been reported as time-saving and cost-effective for customers. The platform's notable features include compliance support, multi-state processing capabilities, and readily available and expert customer service agents.

Critical feedback

Customers have voiced dissatisfaction with isolved's service interruptions and access difficulties, especially during payday, which has caused employees to experience substantial disruptions. Some customers have complained about having trouble canceling subscriptions and getting charged incorrectly, even after requesting cancellation.

Additionally, the platform's limited customization possibilities and the difficulty in discovering essential information make navigating and obtaining particular reports tough. Users have also expressed dissatisfaction with the wage garnishment input restrictions and the inability to fix issues after payroll runs. Some customers have had problems with more complicated issues, such as a lack of follow-up on feature requests or inconsistent account management, even though customer service is usually helpful. Although there are significant restrictions in terms of scalability and accessibility, consumers still appreciate isolved's attempts to resolve their concerns and offer thorough answers.

Customer Support Options

You can reach their customer service team through their message ticketing system, live chat, or phone at (800) 733-8839. You can also request a demo version of their platform to try their services before committing to a subscription.

Moreover, isolved offers a wealth of educational resources, including a blog, a university, and a content library.

Final Assessment

Among the many HCM solution providers, Isolved stands out for their all-encompassing solutions to improve HR, benefits, and payroll operations. With their beginnings in 1986 and current headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina, isolved has been a trusted option for big and small businesses looking to streamline their HR processes while staying compliant. Isolved can vastly improve your business's HR procedures with features including automatic payroll, a self-service portal for employees, and powerful reporting capabilities.

Customer reviews reflect a mixed experience, with many praising the platform's ease of use, efficient payroll processing, and responsive customer service. However, some users have encountered challenges, such as service interruptions and difficulties with report customization. Despite these issues, isolved's efforts to address customer concerns and their impressive range of features make them a strong contender in the HCM market.

If you feel like isolved HCM’s payroll does not suit your business, we recommend looking at our reviews of payroll software companies and comparing each to determine where they stand. Furthermore, we encourage you to visit our blog page for valuable insights into the industry.

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