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isolved HCM Payroll: Review, Products, and Features

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isolved HCM Payroll: Review, Products, and Features

isolved, formally known as AmCheck, is a payroll and HR platform provider that enables businesses to customize and scale their payroll solutions, employee performance and engagement, learning management, and workforce reports and insights. Continue reading our full review to know everything isolved has to offer.


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isolved provides your employees with a performance and productivity boost. It will help you retain and develop top talent and reward innovation and success as you scale your business. The Better Business Bureau rates isolved with an A- rating, as online customer reviews have praised its solid platform and great features.

isolved dubs its isolved People Cloud as the employee experience platform for future work. It promises to deliver a positive employee experience, in addition to strategic workforce engagement, collaboration, and compliance.

isolved Products and Features

HR & Payroll

isolved payroll provides your business with easy data access from anywhere and anytime; it can automate your payroll runs and end of your tax-filing for multiple states and multiple locations. Moreover, isolved can automatically handle your garnishments and deductions and uses the court's language to ensure accuracy.

You can pay your employees with direct deposits and pay cards, and you can allow them to access their pay stubs online, which saves you time and money. isolved will also alert you to any potential errors before processing your payroll runs.

isolved's human resources platform will provide you with streamlined functions and help your future-proof your business. isolved will help you turn your HR department into a strategy center that focuses on building culture and improving organizational efficiencies.

The HR platform provides you with training services where you can track mandated training requirements and analyze an employee's performance in training. You can also create a list of disciplinary offenses based on your company's policy or industry standard and track these events per employee.

Your employees also get some self-service features that allow them access to accrual and PTO data anytime, in addition to the ability to retrieve any document or certification regarding their employment anytime. As for you, the business owner, you can keep track of all your employees' job histories with easily accessible records, track their certifications, and swiftly manage their salaries, benefits status, and history.

Workforce Management

Workforce management tools will help you simplify processes associated with time tracking, expenses, and benefits. For example, time and labor management allows you to track and monitor your employees' meals, breaks, and overtime, and isolved will automatically calculate and manage compensation time and pay rates.

The time tracking software is packed with geo-fencing, which only allows your employees to punch in when they are on-site, preventing friend-punching fraud. You can also build shifts and schedules set permission rules for employees depending on their roles or positions or otherwise. In addition, you can also send instant scheduling alerts and set up coverage and shift requests. All these abilities will ultimately help you efficiently and easily track your employees' time.

Furthermore, workforce management tools include the isolved benefits enrollment platform, where isolved can work with your broker to ensure your employees have all the information they need to manage their benefit plans. isolved also makes enrollment easy and organized, and it allows you to quickly make changes to benefit plans and have a clear benefit-cost comparison.

isolved offers an extensive network of their preferred brokers for you to choose from, so you can work with the best.

Talent Management

Talent management tools allow your employees to engage with each other, to learn, share, perform, and grow. It will help you reduce turnovers and promote peer-to-peer collaboration and feedback. Talent management also packs a learning management system that allows your employees to get the training they need for compliance, misconduct, and more.

Lastly, talent recruitment will help you manage your whole hiring process, from job postings and seeking to hiring, onboarding, and beyond.

isolved Plans and Prices

isolved does not advertise any plans or prices for its platform and services, so you will need to contact their sales team to get your price that suits your business best. A free demo version is available upon request to help you get started and be familiar with their platform.

Customer Support

You can reach their customer support team through their message ticketing system on their Contact Us page or by live chat or phone at 800.733.8839. You can also request a demo version of their platform to try out its service before committing to a subscription.

Final Thoughts

isolved provides one of the most robust payroll and HR solutions platforms that businesses can easily utilize. It is also packed with team, talent, time management, and workforce features that provide your employees a great experience that will boost their performance and productivity, all while helping you stay compliant with federal, state, and local laws.

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