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Keto Meal Kits

Keto Meal Kits: Best Vendors for Your Keto Diet

Keto Meal Kits: Best Vendors for Your Keto DietKeto Meal Kits: Best Vendors for Your Keto Diet


What is a Keto diet? And what exactly does the word "Keto" mean? And how does a diet based on consuming fats and protein work if fats are so full of calories? So many questions pop to mind when considering this miraculous diet and how effective it's been for many. Today in this article, we will answer your questions and introduce you to the best Keto meal kits providers.

What Is a Keto Diet?

Basically, a Keto diet is a diet based on proteins, fats, and vegetables. The diet considerably limits how much carbohydrates and sugars you can consume.

In general, the body is usually in a state where it prefers to consume the easier to break down complex sugars stored in the liver (Glycogen) when the body is starved. But, at the same time, eating carbs and sugars can build up this storage quickly.

It is only after consuming the glycogen that the body starts utilizing other sources of energy such as fats. And this is how the Keto diet works. The Keto diet turns the main source of your body's energy from carbohydrates into fats, thus consuming stored fats when the body needs backup energy instead of sugars stored in the liver.

Consuming proteins and lipids (fats) can cause faster satiety than something like carbs and sugars. This is because the consumption of fats and protein increases the human body's production of the hormone "Leptin" more than carbs and sugars, which functions to induce satiety.

When the body starts burning fats, it does so by utilizing something called beta-oxidation, which involves breaking down fats into smaller molecules, which result in the production of three products (acetoacetate, beta-hydroxybutyrate, and acetone). All three of these are called Ketone bodies.

Ketone bodies can be used as fuel for the body and the brain because the Keto diet excels at producing ketone bodies in a process called "ketosis" it got the name Keto diet.

Best Keto Meal Kits

A Keto diet's main challenge is finding and preparing keto-friendly meals, as finding the ingredients can be quite challenging. At the same time, many have issues with recipes to prepare proper meals even if they can get the ingredients.

Keto meal kits provide the ultimate solution, as they provide you with the proper ingredients, recipes, and time that would otherwise be wasted on shopping. All for reasonable prices complimented with trial meals to try out the service to see if it's to your taste.

Our top picks for keto meal kits include:

1. Home Chef

Home Chef provides Keto diets under the name of "carb concise meals." The selection of choices, while not the largest, is more than enough, with around 11 different keto-friendly dishes available to choose from. As a result, home Chef is our top pick for keto meal kits.

Prices are offered according to Home Chef's pre-portioned meal kits and Easy and Fresh meals.

You can choose between 2, 4, and 6 people, and a minimum of 2 servings per week, which you can increase to 6 servings per week. But, first, let's compare prices to the number of people and servings.

Number of people
2 servings per week 3 servings per week 4 servings per week 5 servings per week 6 servings per week
2-People $35.96
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)
4-People $71.92
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)
6-People $107.88
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)

Having a weekly plan doesn't mean that you're on a long commitment and can't adjust your order. Whenever you want to skip, cancel, or change your meals, you'll be able to.

If you receive a defective order, you can ask for a refund, but it's up to Home Chef to decide to give a full refund or a credit card for the next purchases within 30-day of the communication date.

The same duration is applied when you choose to cancel or skip an order. However, you can't get a refund when the order is more than $100.

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2. Green Chef

Green Chef focuses on lean meats, nutritious grains, and plenty of veggies, whereas other meal kit providers focus on burgers, pasta, and sandwiches. Green Chef reduces the temptation if you're managing your weight, cholesterol, or carbohydrates. Thus making it stand out among the keto meal kits.

After choosing your meal you can click on the desired meal to see detailed information, such as cook time, nutritional information, and ingredients. Next, click "recipe card" to see the complete recipe, including all instructions, and download and print it.

The options are unlimited with Green Chef; it offers 3 major types of meals and allows you to customize your box size based on the number of people and meals each week; you may select from boxes for two, four, or six people.



  • Keto + Paleo: Low-carb, gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, and soy-free. With meat and fish, main courses served with vegetables.

Green Chef costs vary depending on the diet plan you select and the number of recipes sent every delivery. Depending on your choice, each dish serves two to four people. Options include:

Plan Keto + Paleo
Dinner for 2

$12.99 for 3 meals per week

$12.49 for 4 meals per week

Dinner for 4

$12.49 for 2 meals per week

$11.99 for 3 meals per week

$11.49 for 4 meals per week 

Dinner for 6

$11.49 for 3 meals per week

$11.49 for 4 meals per week

Its plans are significantly more expensive than those offered by other meal kit companies. Even so, it should come as no surprise that it offers organic meals, a broad choice of options for various nutrition plans, and environmentally friendly services.

Those are not the total costs; you’ll need to add $8.99 shipping fees and other taxes.

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3. Factor 75

Factor 75 is another option you can go for, regarding keto meal kits. It provides multiple options for those who want to limit carbs in their meals yet enjoy a tasty meal.

Factor 75 price varies according to the number of meals per week; the more meals you order, the less you pay for a serving. You can choose from 5 different plans: (4 meals, 6 meals, 8 meals, 12 meals, and 18 meals).

Compare Factor 75 plans:

Number of meals Price per serving
4 Meals per week $15 per meal
6 Meals per week $12.83 per meal
8 Meals per week

$12.38 per meal

12 Meals per week

$11.50 per meal

18 Meals per week

$11 per meal

Having a weekly schedule doesn't necessarily mean that you can't skip or cancel at any time; you can access your account and cancel or skip orders as you wish, and because there's no specific time to expect your delivery, you don't have to be at home when your order arrives, and there's no signature needed then.

All Factor 75 meals are ready and precooked. You can heat your meal if you want to, other than that, no cooking or any other effort is required.

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