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Sunbasket Full Review: Your Food to Your Doorstep!

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Sunbasket Full Review: Your Food to Your Doorstep!

Do you feel exhausted from thinking about what to cook today?

Meal kit services came to save both your time and effort. Sunbasket, as one of the best meal kit services out there, earned great popularity offering a wide range of dishes from different cuisines.

Sunbasket knows how important it is to eat healthily; that’s why it guarantees 100% organic ingredients delivered at the highest standards to maintain freshness and yumminess. If your meal isn’t as expected, Sunbasket will give your money back within seven days of your order.


7-Day money-back guarantee
A wide variety of dietary preferences
Eco-friendly packaging
100% Organic ingredients


No free trial (free meal) for the first order
Prices are slightly higher than other services

Quick Stats

Available recipes per week
Customer support
Via chat, email, and phone
Dietary preferences
Not Available
Free Delivery On The First Order
Not Available
Free trial
Minimum Number of Servings Per Week
Money-back guarantee
Shipping fees
Starting price per serving

Sunbasket offers meals that satisfy almost every customer’s taste; it offers meals with dietary preferences, like gluten-free, diabetes-friendly, dairy-free, and more that we’ll mention here.

Besides being environmentally friendly with its recyclable or compostable packaging, prices are just in the range, and servings are impressively customizable.

Curious about more? Let’s find out what Sunbasket has for your tummy.

Plans and Pricing

Options are limitless with Sunbasket; it has two main types of meals categorized according to the time of preparation: Ready in as little as 3 minutes and ready in 15-40 minutes. A third option is to customize your meals to fit your lifestyle and dietary requirements.

  • Ready in as little as 3 minutes: Are you short on time and want a meal to cook in a few minutes? Sunbasket offers meals that are healthy, tasty, and need some heat to be ready. The only shortcoming is that if you want to prepare your meal according to your taste, this option might not be the best for you. It comes with little to do with it and no recipes to follow. Just heat and eat.

  • Ready in 15-40 minutes: A good option when you’re not short on time to cook a tempting and delicious dish for you and your family following recipe instructions and detailed steps. Speaking of family, Sunbasket has meals that are suitable for your family members, and they’re kid-friendly too. In addition, 15-40 minutes meals give some room for creativity; you can play with flavors and tastes or follow instructions to cook your meal like professionals.

Is Sunbasket affordable?

Compared to other meal kit providers, it offers plans at a slightly higher price. Still, it came as no surprise that it provides 100% organic meals, a wide range of possibilities for different nutrition habits, and eco-friendly services.

Sunbasket allows picking from 15 different meals per week, besides mixing and matching ingredients from other recipes.

The price starts at $8.99 per serving for the Heat and Eat meals, which take 3-4 minutes to prepare. For meals that take 15-40 minutes of preparation, the price starts at $10.99 per serving, and it might be pricier due to adding extra food elements, like dressing, soup, or bread.

The minimum servings per order for the Heat and Eat meals is four and up to eight servings. The 15-40 minutes meals are available for a minimum of 2 people and up to 4 people with four servings maximum.

Heat and Eat prices

Number of Servings per Week Price Per Serving
4 $11.99
5 $11.99
6 $9.99
7 $9.99
8 $8.99

The prices above don't include $7.99 shipping fees and any other taxes.

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15-40 minute meals

The following preferences help Sunbasket filter meals that match your choices:


If you follow any of these diets, it's suggested to check the one/ones you follow, which helps Sunbasket filter the most suitable meals for your diet, including the following options: Paleo, Gluten-Free, Vegetarian, Pescatarian, Mediterranean, and Diabetes-Friendly.

The table below has prices for 2 people and 4 people servings, with the different number of servings across the week:

  2 Dinners per person 3 Dinners per person 4 Dinners per person
2 People $13.99 per serving $11.99 per serving $10.99 per serving
4 People $10.99 per serving $10.99 per serving $10.99 per serving


Payment Methods

Your payment method won’t be a problem with Sunbasket; It accepts multiple payment options, including:

  • Mastercard
  • Visa
  • Discover
  • American Express
  • PayPal

Taste Matters (Customers Recommendations)

Since Sunbasket is widely used by people and delivered to people, we found that the most transparent way to judge Sunbasket's taste is by reviewing what customers say about it. Healthy meals are inviting, but if they don’t taste good, healthy won’t be enough.

In a nutshell, people think that Sunbasket delivers more than it promises in terms of taste. Most SunBasket’s customers are satisfied with what they ordered and praise its dedication to providing fresh, healthy, organic, and mouthwatering meals.

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How Easy Is It to Prepare?

Sunbasket offers easy Heat and Eat meals which require 3-4 minutes only to prepare, they might not be as fresh as 15-40 minute meals, but they are a great option for people who are short on time and don’t want to spend most of the day in the kitchen preparing a meal.

Speaking of effort, Sunabasket’s meal kits with 15-40 minutes of preparation don’t require much effort either; there is a step-by-step recipe with detailed instructions explaining how to prepare Sunbasket's meals professionally.

Packaging and Delivery Options



As we said earlier, Sunbasket is a great eco-friendly food delivery service that cares much about how its services impact the environment and if they can serve it in any possible way. Besides being 100% organic, it uses recyclable or compostable packaging, bearing in mind using material that won’t harm the environment, like replacing plastic with paper bags.

What can you do with the packaging? Sunbasket packaging is made out of cooling ice packs of 98% water, 2% non-GMO cotton that can be drained without harming the environment, and a liner made out of low-density polyethylene and denim that can be recycled in your curbside recycling bin. Soup and dressing containers can also be reused at home.

What about the packaging quality and ability to preserve the freshness of ingredients? Sunbasket is known for its organic and fresh meals, but how the packaging keeps everything tastes good?

Besides using eco-friendly packaging, Sunbasket guarantees that your food will arrive fresh since all the ingredients are bundled using paper bags and kept fresh using denim insulations, ice pack coolers, and boxes that keep all ingredients fresh and tasty.

When the weather’s warm, they use extra-thick insulation made of 100% reclaimed denim to keep your food safe, cool, and fresh. The ice packs are also both reusable and recyclable.

Sunbasket allows contactless delivery to maintain safety and receive orders without direct contact. It takes $7.99 shipping fees, and based on customers' opinions, Sunbasket's delivery is never late to its customers.

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Customer Support

Whenever you have a question, query, or would like to know more about Sunbaket, you can reach out via live chat, email, or phone. Its customer support is cooperative and responsive; the agents are also kind and always ready to solve problems.

In a nutshell. Sunbasket offers support via:

  • Email
  • Phone
  • Chat
  • FAQs

There are also many enjoyable and helpful articles and posts in the (Tips and Techniques) section, which help you cook according to your taste.



Other Features

There are some other issues to discuss regarding Sunbasket's features like discounts, offers, the mobile application, and add-ons. So let's find out more about it.

Mobile application

View all Sunbasket's meals on your mobile using the Sunbasket mobile application, and make your orders according to your taste and favorite flavors. The application shows all the available meals with the two options discussed earlier (Heat and Eat meals and 15-40 minute meals).

You can also mix recipes, add more meat, veggies, or plan for a weekly schedule to save time. The application also allows making a payment using all payment methods stated above.


Add-ons and side dishes

Besides Sunbasket's meals for your dinner, it offers a wide selection of side dishes and add-ons like breakfast, desserts, and salads. All the add-ons offered by Sunbasket are available at a reasonable price.

For instance, breakfast options include eggs, oatmeal and granola, bread and spread, grab-and-go bars, juice, smoothies, and coffee.

You can also prepare for a movie night or a small afternoon snack with Sunbasket. The options are really tempting, such as crackers, nuts, cheese, bars and bites, jerky and savory, and veggies and dips.

Besides many other options from different kinds of salads, pasta, and extra meats or veggies, If you like a vegetarian dish of Sunbasket's, but you're not vegetarian, you can add meat to the dish and customize it as you want.

Choosing an add-on will add an extra cost to your order. Still, prices are reasonable, and the options deserve a try.

Gifts and discounts

Do you know someone who loves food? Choose Sunbasket to be the perfect gift for them. Fill in your first and last name and the first and last name of the one you're sending the gift to, plus the email and date of delivery. With any side notes or personal message, then choose the gift, its cost, and address.

Sunbasket's pre-planned gifts start at $100 that covers 1 week of Sunbasket for 2 people (3 recipes per week), or choose to customize your gift for a price that starts at $60, which covers any options you choose and can be customized as you wish.

If you're a new customer, create your account and get 90% off, plus 4 gifts. Gifts offered by Sunbasket are subject to some terms and conditions, including not transferring or selling them to a third party.

Also, they may not be combined with other promotional offers, bearing in mind that Sunbasket is not responsible for stolen or lost gifts.


Main categories

If you're following a certain diet, Sunbasket knows how to satisfies every customer's taste by offering a wide variety of dietary preferences, including:

  • Paleo: Or in other words (Paleolithic diet/ Caveman diet), it avoids any processed foods and mainly includes food kinds that were gathered or hunted by people who lived in the Paleolithic era, such as grains, fish, lean meat, vegetables, fruit, eggs, seeds, and nuts.

    Sunbasket has a large number of meals with many varieties, like dairy-free, Mediterranean, soy-free, and many other options.
  • Gluten-free: It's a diet that excludes gluten, and it is tailored to people with gluten sensitivity or celiac disease. High-gluten food includes wheat, bread, pasta, ice cream, cereals, and more.
  • Vegetarian: As the title suggests, vegetarian meals don't include meat, including seafood, beef, chicken, lamb, and any other kind of meat. Sunbasket didn't forget to include meals for the vegetarians out there.
  • Mediterranean: Generally, the Mediterranean diet contains fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, beans, cereals, and small amounts of meat or dairy products. One more time, Sunbasket proves to be a meal kit service that has many food varieties.
  • Pescatarian: When you choose to be vegetarian but can't pass eating your favorite seafood, then you're a Pescatarian. People who follow this diet choose vegetarian dishes to include vegetables, nuts, grains, cereals, and seafood as well. That's what makes the difference between a vegetarian and a pescatarian dish.
  • Diabetes-friendly: Sunbasket also considers people with dietary preferences by offering high fiber and low in sugar and sodium meals.

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Sunbasket is a great option for customers with different preferences and tastes. It is not only an organic and eco-friendly food delivery service but also tasty, healthy, and fresh. If you're following a diet or want to mix and match ingredients from different recipes, you can definitely do that and add as many add-on items as you wish.

Sunbasket is dedicated to helping its customers and guarantees a full refund in case of any defects.


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