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Home Chef Full Review: Fresh and Tasty

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Home Chef Full Review: Fresh and Tasty

Whenever you’re short on time and don’t feel like cooking or grocery shopping, you can check the internet for a food delivery service to send you food to your doorstep, but what if it wasn’t as tasty as you expect?

Here comes our part. We can help you pick a good food delivery service with multiple choices to choose from, allowing you to cook your meal as you wish. To help you make up your mind, we’ll introduce you to Home Chef as one of the market’s top healthy meal kit services. Who knows, you might be their next customer.


A refund or credit in case of defective product
Fresh and tasty servings
Excellent commitment to delivery time and date
More than 30 recipes per week
Detailed tips and cooking instructions


No refund for orders that cost $100 or more
Limited options for people with dietary preferences
Organic ingredient not available with all meals

Quick Stats

Available Recipes Per Week
Customer Support
Via email, and phone
Dietary Preferences
Not Available
Free Delivery on the First Order
Not Available
Free Trial
Minimum Number of Servings Per Week
Money-Back Guarantee
Shipping Fees
Starting Price Per Serving

Home Chef has been offering its food delivery services for 8 years and expanded its delivery to cover 97% of the US. By far, the company has delivered around 10 million meals that meet everyone's preferences and eating habits.

In short, Home Chef aims to save people's time and reduce food waste by offering pre-portioned meals that match customers' needs. Like many other meal kit services, Home Chef offers three meal plans categorized due to their preparation time.

If you wish to cancel your order for any reason, Home Chef doesn't impose long commitments on its customers; that's why it clearly states that customers are free to skip or cancel their order at any time.

Besides a delicious meal and enjoyable cooking experience, what does Home Chef have to offer? Let's find out.

Plans and Pricing


Home Chef offers many meal options besides changing its recipes on a weekly basis, which means you'll never run out of options or get fed up with the limited recipes every time. Home Chef is also a good option for people with different tastes offering six main meal categories: Meal kits, 15-minutes, Oven-Ready, Grill-Ready, Culinary Collection, and Entree Salads.

In other words, it can be a good choice if you wish to spend some quality time with your family instead of wasting your precious time preparing a meal. Other options are available if you wish to pick fresh ingredients and cook them with your favorite flavors to get the taste you have in mind following Home Chef's recipes and steps.

What about the number of servings and prices? Here we come to the best part.

  • Home Chef Meal kits: Want a meal that takes about 30 minutes of preparation? This category is your best choice. It allows enjoying the whole cooking experience, minus the wasted effort and time in grocery shopping, chopping, and cleaning ingredients.

    Your meal is of your choice with all its ingredients ready and fresh to cook according to what you prefer and love.
  • 15-Minute meals: If you don't want to waste much time preparing a meal, Home Chef offers easy and fast food recipes that can be ready in 15 minutes.
  • Oven-ready: Preparing a meal can put the whole kitchen in a mess; that's why Home Chef offers meals that need no preparation and are ready to enjoy with some heating, nothing more. This option might not allow you to feel like a chef, but you'll definitely enjoy having an easy and tasty meal.
  • Grill-Ready: Another ready and quick food option that will save you a lot of effort and time; you don't even have to unwrap it from the bag since it comes with a grill-safe bag to heat it with.
  • Culinary Collection: Choose your meal from a collection of premium meals for your special occasions.
  • Entree Salads: Home Chef offers a wide selection of fresh salads with your choice of dressings, flavors, and ingredients.

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Prices are offered according to Home Chef's pre-portioned meal kits and Easy and Fresh meals.

You can choose between 2, 4, and 6 people, and a minimum of 2 servings per week, which you can increase to 6 servings per week. Let's compare prices to the number of people and servings.

  2 servings per week 3 servings per week 4 servings per week 5 servings per week 6 servings per week
2-People $35.96
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)
4-People $71.92
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)
6-People $107.88
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)
(Price includes shipping fees)

Having a weekly plan doesn't mean that you're on a long commitment and can't adjust your order. Whenever you want to skip, cancel, or change your meals, you'll be able to.

If you receive a defective order, you can ask for a refund, but it's up to Home Chef to decide to give a full refund or credit for the next purchases within 30-day of the communication date.

The same duration is applied when you choose to cancel or skip an order. However, you can't get a refund when the order is more than $100.

Payment Methods

Your payment method won’t be a problem when choosing Home Chef. It accepts multiple payment options, including:

  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover
  • PayPal


Taste Matters (Customers Recommendations)

Many good and promising reviews were posted about how good Home Chef's meals taste and that you can keep the meal for days before preparing it with the same taste and freshness. So, even if you don't know how to cook, the detailed steps can help you make a delicious dish that will make you feel like a chef.

Some other reviews were about the packaging and how it preserves the taste without being affected by the temperature, delivery conditions, or even being cooked after days of receiving the delivery.

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How Easy Is It to Prepare?

Let's tell you first about the meals and how to order. Once you get to the meals section, you'll need to pick your preferences from various categories and dietary options, type your email, and head off to the plans.

As we mentioned above, there are many options for the number of meals per week, the number of people and delivery options, all you need is to pick your meal and complete the delivery information.

Home Chef has two main categories: Meal Kits and Fresh and Easy. If you prefer to cook your meal your way with Home Chef's assistance, we recommend the meal kits to enjoy a cooking experience and get a tasty meal by following the instructions. Not much hard work to do; ingredients are fresh, chopped, and ready to prepare.

Things can get even easier with the Fresh and Easy meals. It won't take more than a few minutes to prepare what saves time and effort to enjoy the rest of the day outside the kitchen.


Packaging and Delivery Options


Reading hundreds of reviews helped us to know what people think about Home Chef's service and if it is worth trying or not. Many customers find that Home Chef is a great food delivery service in terms of price, taste, and packaging.

Every element is carefully and separately packaged to keep its taste and texture. Home Chef is one of the meal kit providers that care about the environment; it uses recyclable or reusable packaging that keeps the food fresh and safe.

You will notice that all ingredients come in one big cardboard box, each packaged in plastic wrappers all in one big plastic bag. However, Home Chef claims to use recyclable plastic, besides using an insulating liner made of recyclable cotton and denim. The temperature and freshness are also maintained using two cooling packs that can be reused.

Delivery options include ordering via the Home Chef application or grabbing a meal from a nearby store. Delivery days are from Monday through Friday, and you'll receive an email on your scheduled day with a tracking number that allows you to track the shipment.

If you're not at home, the delivery driver should leave the package at your doorstep with no signature required, and it will stay safe and fresh for 48 hours.

If you choose to grab a Home Chef's meal from a store, all you need is to enter your location and find a nearby store that provides Home Chef's kits. Let's list out a number of stores where you'll definitely find Home Chef on its shelves: Kroger, Food4Less, Bakers, Copps, City Market, Metro Market, Ralphs, and many others that you can find on the website.


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Customer Support

Reach out to Home Chef's customer support via the free toll number from Monday to Friday between 9 am to 6 pm CST and on Saturday between 10 am to 2 pm CST, or leave any comments, suggestions, or questions in a request form.

In addition, home Chef specializes an email address to receive emails regarding press, partnerships, help, and other general issues. The support team is responsive, collaborative, and ready to assist in every possible way.


Other Features

That's not all; we still have much to say about Home Chef regarding its mobile application, meals, and discounts. So let's find out more about it.

Mobile application

Home Chef's application is a comprehensive platform where you can customize weekly plans, get recipes, tips, and post a review and your feedback on your order, all in one place. The application also allows reviewing previous orders and requested meals.


Add-ons and side menus

You can add side dishes and add-ons to your order, including breakfast, desserts, extra proteins, meat, seafood, and more. Breakfast options are about 70 different tempting recipes and 3 options for desserts, including chocolate chip cookies, Cinnamon apple galette, and a wide range of selections for smoothies.

Gifts and discounts

Send a gift to your foodie friend with Home Chef. Gift cards start at $65, which includes 3 meals for 2 people, and you can choose to raise the amount of your gift to $125 for two weeks of Home Chef! That's 6 meals for 2 people or $250 that allows you to gift 4 weeks of Home Chef. That's 12 meals for 2 people.

If you're a student, Home Chef offers you a 55% discount and up to a value of $35 student discount; all it requires is to register and verify your student status.


Main categories

You might not find special categories for people following certain diets or with specific dietary preferences. Still, Home Chef allows customizing your meal as you wish, which can be a great solution to pick what you want to have in your dish. After planning your weekly schedule, pick your meal out of the following categories:

  • Vegetarian: If you're not a meat lover and prefer a plate full of vegetables, nuts, or grains, Home Chef offers at least three different vegetarian dishes per week that are also customized to your taste.
  • Carb conscious and calorie-conscious: Instead of having many carbohydrates in your dish, you'll have larger amounts of proteins and veggies, which means fewer calories and lighter meals, like feta and herb-crusted salmon roasted chicken, balsamic pear salad, and a lot of other options.
  • Milk-free: If you're excluding milk only from your diet, Home Chef has many options that have cream, butter, or cheese for those who are avoiding lactose from their diet.


Other categories are also available like soy-free, wheat-free, seafood, pork, lamb, beef, steak, nuts-free, salad, salmon, shrimp, and pasta, but there aren't any tailored meals for people with diabetes, kids, or vegans. However, you can build your own meal or customize it to what fits your diet.

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You can definitely save time and effort with Home Chef without compromising healthiness. It has a lot of options that can be customized to what you want and need. Meals come with step-by-step instructions to cook with ease and a list of its nutritional components with the exact amount of each, including fibers, carbs, calories, fat, and more.

You won't even face any problem skipping or canceling any of your orders. What we didn't like is the lack of dietary preferences and the shipping cost, which is slightly more expensive than other food delivery services.


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