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US Cellular: 5G & 4G Home Internet Review

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US Cellular: 5G & 4G Home Internet Review

US Cellular is one of the oldest internet and mobile service providers in the country that offers affordable internet plans and has solid rural midwestern coverage in the United States. The company also offers great deals on smartphones and smart devices. Continue reading our full US Cellular review to know everything about its internet plans and prices.


Affordable plans
A+ rated and accredited by the BBB
Pay as You Go Mobile data plan


Limited 5G network coverage
Data caps

Quick Stats

Customer Service
Internet Services
Wireless Home and Mobile
Mobile Service
Not Available
Online Billing
Not Available
Served Areas
Entire U.S

About US Cellular

US Cellular offers a range of 5G and 4G home internet, in addition to prepaid and postpaid mobile service plans. Its 4G network covers the entire US, while the 5G coverage is more limited to certain areas that you can check using its website. US Cellular earns above-average online ratings from several reviewing sites plus an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. While the company does not offer fiber internet, it connects its customers with the 5G network for home internet.

US Cellular 5G Home Internet Plans & Prices

25Gb: $50/month

This plan is best for:

  • Online shopping, social media, news, email
  • Light online video and music streaming

55Gb: $70/month

This plan is great for:

  • Streaming movies and tv shows
  • Video chatting
  • Online school and virtual learning
  • Connecting smart home devices

75Gb: $95/month

This plan is great for:

  • 2-3 family home
  • Connecting multiple smart home devices
  • Streaming apps on Smart TVs
  • Downloading large files
  • Casual online gaming
  • Binging Tv shows in SD quality

105Gb: $125/month

This plan is best for:

  • Streaming in full HD
  • Cloud computing
  • Daily online gaming
  • Transferring large files
  • Video-powered smart home devices
  • 3+ Primary users

150 GB: $155/month

This plan is best for:

  • All your streaming apps
  • Multiple device home or small business
  • Serious online gaming
  • Cloud computing for small businesses
  • Video conferencing
  • Downloading and uploading large files

US Cellular 4G Home Internet Plans & Prices

US Cellular offers two 4G home internet plans:

  • 25Gb: $55/month

  • Unlimited: $70/month

US Cellular Prepaid Mobile Plans & Prices

15Gb: $40/month

This plan offers:

  • Unlimited talk & text
  • Video streaming SD (480p)
  • $10 discount on lines 2-5

Unlimited: $40/month ( limited-time offer)

This plan offers:

  • Unlimited talk & text
  • Video streaming SD (480p)
  • 15 Gb hotspot access
  • $10 discount on lines 2-5

Unlimited Plus: $65/month

This plan offers:

  • Unlimited talk & text
  • Video streaming SD (480p)
  • 20 Gb hotspot access
  • Unlimited dailing to Mexico and Canada
  • Priority data to 25 Gb
  • Enhanced Redbox. Movie Night 1 rental/month
  • $10 discount on lines 2-5

Pay-As-You-Go Data: $0.03/Mb

US Cellular Unlimited Mobile Plans & Prices

Unlimited Data- Basic: $34.00/month

Unlimited Data- Everyday 2.0: $44.00/month

Unlimited Data- Even Better 2.0: $49.00/month

If you enroll in autopay and paperless billing, you can receive a $5 discount per month per line.

Customer Support

You can reach US Cellular through live chat on its website and shop online on it as well. You can also call by phone at 877-805-7745 or visit one of its local stores.

Last Words

US Cellular is hardly the best internet service provider in the country, but it can be a great option for consumers living in rural midwestern areas as it they can get great coverage. Its internet and mobile service plans are affordable.

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