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Smoker Minecraft

Smoker Minecraft Guide: How to Make a Smoker in Minecraft

Smoker Minecraft Guide: How to Make a Smoker in MinecraftSmoker Minecraft Guide: How to Make a Smoker in Minecraft


Minecraft player: If only there was a way to cook food faster...* Smoker Minecraft update 1.9 intensifies *. 

Up until update 1.9, a furnace was the only tool you could use to "smelt your food," but luckily, the developers responded to the pleas of many of the Minecraft community and added the Smoker.

In this article, we will show you the Smoker recipe Minecraft style and how to create a Smoker in Minecraft step-by-step.

Smoker Minecraft Facts

You must be wondering what does a Smoker do in Minecraft, right? A Smoker is a tool that was created to cut down the time needed to "smelt" or cook food in Minecraft.

The Minecraft Smoker introduction effectively cut down the waiting time players had to spend idle before going on their next adventure.

In addition, when a Smoker is active, it will effectively provide 13 units of light around its area, making it a very expensive, inefficient lamp.

Although a Smoker cuts down on the cooking time. However, it doesn't reduce fuel consumption (e.g., coal).

When cooking certain foods, the number of units you cook with a furnace using a certain fuel is the same as the number of units you cook with a Smoker. The only difference will be the speed.

A Lava Bucket is the most effective tool in Minecraft to use with Smokers and Furnaces, with a 100-items smelting potential.

Minecraft Smoker Recipe

A Smoker Minecraft recipe requires you to build a furnace first.

The ingredients for a furnace include eight cobble stones arranged as follows:

Once you have your furnace, you can now continue creating your Minecraft Smoker, using the furnace in the middle with the addition of four logs.

You might be wondering which type of logs should I use for the Smoker Minecraft recipe?

Well, you can use any type you like without any issues. It doesn't make any difference.

This is how to make a Smoker in Minecraft illustrated:

Congrats! You can now officially cook food and animals faster, contributing to digital animals extinction!

Minecraft Hosting

Instead of playing alone, why not share the experience with your friends, maybe cook them something with your new Minecraft Smoker?!

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What else will you get with all plans?

Manage your server from A to Z with an easy-to-use Multicraft panel that includes full root access to help you add or remove any mods or plugins as you wish.

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