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Free Minecraft Server Hosting

Best Free Minecraft Server Hosting (Totally Free)

Best Free Minecraft Server Hosting (Totally Free)Best Free Minecraft Server Hosting (Totally Free)


Minecraft is one of the classic games that took the world by storm. The game requires a server to be played, the servers can be advanced for large communities, or you can go for a free Minecraft server hosting for a few friends to have fun together. 

The sandbox award-winning game allows players to enjoy exploring a large map with vast terrain and can find and extract materials, craft equipment, and items, and construct buildings. 

Based on the game mode, gamers can combat computer-controlled NPCs, in addition to cooperating with or competing against different gamers within the same server. 

Game modes consist of a survival mode, wherein gamers should accumulate sources to construct the arena and keep health, and an innovative mode, wherein gamers have limitless sources.

Here is this article; we will mention the minimum requirements for a Minecraft server to be functional, introduce to you our top 5 list of best free Minecraft Hosting server providers, and explain why a company would provide free products.

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Minimum Minecraft Server Hosting Requirements

Video game hosting, by its nature, requires more resources relative to web applications. Usually, the high graphics, controls, and sounds make a game resource-hungry and typically require a dedicated server to function well. Thankfully, Minecraft doesn’t require a huge amount of resources, and you can host it on web hosting servers with some basic specifications.
Still, that is taking into account the Pure Vanilla setups of Minecraft.
Let’s look at likely requirements for plain Vanilla Minecraft hosting in numbers;

Specifications Minimum required specifications (up to 10 friends) Recommended specifications
CPU Core 1 CPU Core 2 CPU Cores


Best Free Minecraft Server Hosting

Table of content:
1. Aternos
2. Minehut
3. Server Pro
4. Servaromate

When it comes to the best free Minecraft server hosting, a few things are to be taken into consideration. To start with, as a free product, they will always be inferior to premium products, the specifications are typically lower, there are restrictions on the uptime of the servers, and the maximum number of plugins possible to use.

Our best free Minecraft server hosting recommendations include:

1. Aternos

Aternos is one of the most popular providers of free Minecraft server hosting. Their logo is “Minecraft servers – Free – Forever”,  a logo you would see as soon as you open their webpage, showing how dedicated they are to providing Minecraft servers.

Aternos provides users with features and functions that can assist new players and old veterans who want more customization to their game, including a full console log system and the ability to install different software such as Vanilla, Snapshot, Paper/Bukkit, Spigot/Bukket, and many more.

In addition, premium plugins from Songoda are available for users to further customize your game.
Free Minecraft Resources:

  • RAM: Not mentioned
  • SSD Storage: Not mentioned
  • Max Players: 8-20 Players
  • 2 Core Processor
  • Fully Customizable
  • DDOS Protected
  • Automatic Backups
  • Modpacks & Plugins
  • Custom Worlds
  • Excellent Support

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2. Minehut

Minehut is a great choice when it comes to free servers, it’s rather fast, and simple and you have the option to choose either a no queue free server with a limit of 500k monthly users or unlimited monthly users with a queue waiting time.

In addition, the lack of counsel feedback is another issue, as, without the logs, a user won’t have any idea about what’s happening in their servers, or if you install a plugin and it doesn’t work, the lack of logs means that you can’t pinpoint the issue.

None the less their servers are good for new users and ones who don’t want to spend money. Of course, no matter what, a free server is going to be inferior in every way to a paid one.

Free Minecraft resources:

  • Max Players:10
  • RAM:1 GB
  • Max Plugins:12
  • Ad-Free Panel: No
  • Backup Slots:1
  • Online 24/7: No

3. Server Pro

Server Pro is another great choice for new starters providing free Minecraft hosting. It allows users to choose what server version they want, including modded, Bukkit, forged, spigot, paper, and more. Server pro provides users with full file access, along with FTP access, so you can add custom plugins.

The downside to Server pro is the one-hour time limit on your gameplay, as you are only allowed to play for only 1 hour with your friends, although this can be renewed. However, if for some reason you had to leave, then this turns into 1-2 hours of waiting in the queue, which can be bothersome.

Free Minecraft Resources:

  • RAM: 512 MB RAM
  • Storage: 5GB SSD Storage
  • Max Players: 12 Players
  • Max Plugins: 10 Plugins
  • Almost Instant Activation

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4. Servaromate

However, it does tell you that you get 2GB RAM, and the server is a private server. But, to give you an idea about the specification, we are going to give you a few specification ideas.

We cannot promise you when it comes to the reliability and performance of the servers.

Free Minecraft Resources:

  • RAM: 1GB RAM (DDR3)
  • Storage: 5GB SSD Storage
  • Max Players: 8-12 Players
  • Max Plugins: 10 Plugins
  • 2 Core Processor
  • Almost Instant Activation
  • A private server

Recommended Premium Services

With all said and done, a free Minecraft hosting server has a lot of restrictions and can hinder your fun experience with your friends. If the community is a bit big, another issue will pop up, and the wait time is yet another issue that can be a huge nuisance to users.


Hostinger is one of the leading hosting services with a headquarter based in Lithuania and over 29 million users. It offers a considerable number of hosting services, including shared, VPS, cloud, and dedicated hosting.

Can I host Minecraft with Hostinger?

Sure, you can. Hostinger hosts Minecraft on blazingly fast cloud-based VPS servers and offers five different plans to allow players to choose the best upon their needs. The price starts at $8.95 for the Alex plan and goes up to $29.95 for the Enderman plan. The plans vary in their price, data storage, and number of CPUs. 

The table below helps you to make up your mind:

Plans Alex Villager Creeper Herobrine Enderman
Price $8.95 $12.95 $15.95 $23.95 $29.95
CPUs 2 3 4 6 8


What else will you get with all plans?

Manage your server with an easy-to-use Multicraft panel that consists of complete root access to help you add or remove any mods or plugins as you wish. The Multicraft panel also allows you to set up a MySQL database in a few seconds. If you want to set it up manually, you can get it done with Ubuntu 18, Centos 7, or Debian 9 OS.

Additionally, all Hostinger's Minecraft plans include advanced automated hardware protection against cyberattacks, including DDoS attacks that overwhelm your bandwidth with a fluid of traffic to slow down your connection and prevent your website from functioning correctly. Speaking of speed, Hostinger relies on SSD drives, which ensure that your server functions well at high speed. 

If you want to cancel your purchase, and we doubt you will, you can get your money back due to their 30-day money-back guarantee policy.

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For more information, read our Hostinger full review.


Bottom Line

Hosting a Minecraft server is a fun way to spend your time with your friends. You can go for free Minecraft server hosting and enjoy your time. If the need arises for more resources and better access, you can switch you free Minecraft server hosting and go for a paid service such as Hostinger Minecraft server hosting.

Go have fun with your friends, mine some materials, craft some tools, and compete or collaborate with as many friends as you want. The more players, the more exciting your game will get.

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