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Drupal Hosting Providers: A Scaling CMS for Your Site

Drupal Hosting Providers: A Scaling CMS for Your SiteDrupal Hosting Providers: A Scaling CMS for Your Site

Starting your blog website can be challenging, and with the increased diversity of choices on how to start your blog means making a choice even harder; what if you made the wrong choice? When thinking about a blog website, you'll often find that WordPress is the most recommended CMS for the task. But what about other CMS? How does Drupal compare? And what are the best Drupal hosting providers?

Introduction to Drupal

Drupal is an open-source content management system (CMS), created and released in Jan 2001. It is based on Php and is free to use. Originally Drupal was made for students of the University of Antwerp, but it soon evolved and became a world-famous CMS due to its effectiveness.

Today, Drupal is the third most commonly used CMS. In addition, Drupal provides the back-end framework for 13% of the top 10,000 websites in the world, at the very least. These websites range from personal blogs to corporate, political, and governmental sites.

Drupal is considered to be extremely flexible, as the platform can serve as a platform for a website, forum, blog, and many more possibilities. A part of Drupal's flexibility lies in its ability to work with many different databases.

Drupal can easily be expanded by adding to your Drupal's core files, meaning it is very customizable in terms of functionality and design/themes.

Drupal provides more than 1,300 different free templates to be used as themes for your website. In addition, it allows for more than 16,500 different apps and extensions to be downloaded.

The high customizability of Drupal comes at a price, as it is considered to have a steeper learning curve compared to other CMS such as WordPress and Joomla.

For websites that are composed of a large team with different roles, Drupal is considered one of the best CMSs as it allows for a high degree of customizability when it comes to assigning roles to different individuals.

Best Drupal Hosting Providers

Finally, we come to the part where we discuss which hosting service is compatible with Drupal and at the same time provide the best features you can ask for.

We at Several, who proudly use Drupal as our CMS, have gone through in-depth research to find out which hosting provider would be best for Drupal hosting. And thus, we provide you with our list of the best Drupal hosting providers:

1. BlueHost Drupal hosting

To top our list is BlueHost, and let me tell you, BlueHost is a fan favorite!

BlueHost is often regarded as one of the best hosting providers in general, including both WordPress and Drupal hosting. In fact, you can find BlueHost on the recommended list of hosting providers on both Drupal's website and WordPress as well; thus making it a top-tier choice. 

With BlueHost, you can at any time upgrade your plan and cover whatever gap between the resources you have and the traffic/number of visitors.

BlueHost provides 99.98% uptime, high speed and bandwidth, unlimited SSD storage, and an SSL certificate as well. It has the edge in terms of speed over other hosting providers. However, when considering the price you pay, you'll find BlueHost to be slightly more expensive.

According to Google, the more a page's load time is, the higher the bounce rate is (the chance that a person leaves without viewing your page), with the gold standard load time being less than 2 seconds.

BlueHost is considered by many the number 1 choice for Drupal hosting, and to help with the prices, you can use our promo code discount!

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2. A2 Hosting Drupal hosting

A2 Hosting is one of the fastest providers of Drupal hosting; only a few can compete with its lightning-fast speed, and as mentioned previously, speed is of the essence with websites to attract visitors!

Not only is A2 Hosting environment friendly, but they also provide great plans for your Drupal hosting, with no limit on storage, including SSD and NVME storage types, and for a reasonable price! In fact, A2 hosting is another hosting provider that is officially recommended by Drupal for hosting.

The downside relative to the previously mentioned BlueHost is A2 Hosting's slightly worse uptime with 99.92% uptime, which is not bad by any standards. However, when competing for perfection, even the most minor of details matter.

Do you find yourself sold on A2 Hosting? Then, grab our promo code discount link below!

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3. HostGator Drupal hosting

Did you know that the parent company for HostGator and BlueHost is one and the same?

That's right! They are both owned by Endurance International Group!

That is part of why many specs are similar, with HostGator being a bit more favorable towards general shared hosting. At the same time, BlueHost has a slight edge at Drupal Hosting, especially when it comes to prices per value. Nevertheless, HostGator is still a great choice.

HostGator provides its users with a Free domain, an SSL certificate, a 99.99% uptime, and high speed!

However, HostGator has limits on storage and the number of websites, in addition to the price difference. However, if you still feel like HostGator is a better pick for you, then you can grab our promo code discount link below!

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