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Best Python Hosting Providers

Best Python Hosting ProvidersBest Python Hosting Providers

Many users are hosting their websites and running their blogs and businesses online nowadays, and with the profit it brings, it is no wonder that there are so many. However, as the competition grows, the need for better website sites and better user experience arises, and the need for adding custom code relative to the premade template codes provided by the affiliate website builders. In this article, we will show you the best Python hosting providers, so you can grow your website with your own skills.

Why Python?

Python is one of the most used programming languages due to its relative ease when learning and how effective it is. Nevertheless, When often asking which programming language is the best? The typical answer is there is no "best" programming language. However, when asking which programming language is recommended to begin with, many would answer Python.

In fact, many of the world-famous websites were built using Python. These include Google, Instagram, Spotify, Netflix, Uber, and many more. This comes as no surprise, as Python is very flexible in its use and can be used in web development, deep learning, and AI technology.

Another advantage you can find with Python is that it's one of the open-source programming languages, which means you'll find a lot of data and pre-existing templates when working on your projects.

Furthermore, with the gradual growth and spread of the internet of things (IoT), Python stands to gain further as Python is often used in programming them.

According to StackOverflow, Python is the programming language most in-demand, meaning if you don't have coding skills and want to base your website on Python, then you'll find many software engineers who code using Python. According to other statistics, Python's second most common use is web development (following machine data analysis).

In addition, Python can be combined with Django as a framework for web application development suitable for frontend and backend development.

All in all, this makes Python a great choice to customize your website's code.

Best Python Hosting Providers

Choosing a hosting provider is often hard, as there are many choices to be made concerning price, storage, uptime, and ping. Another factor is its programming language compatibility, of course.

Here we will list which Python hosting providers have the best overall specs so you won't have to go through a long search.

The best Python hosting providers list includes:

1. DreamHost

To top our list of recommended Python hosting providers is DreamHost.

So what is special about DreamHost?

DreamHost is a dream as it provides users with the required kit; DreamHost provides you with 99.99% uptime keeping your website out there welcoming visitors traffic. In addition, your blog becomes more desirable with unlimited bandwidth, and high speed as less page loading speed means less bounce rate.

According to Google, the more a page's load time is, the higher the bounce rate is (the chance that a person leaves without viewing your page), with the gold standard load time being less than 2 seconds.

Furthermore, you get unlimited SSD storage with their plan, which makes page loading even faster. A free SSL certificate comes preinstalled to your website as well! The DreamHost user interface is simple and easy even for new beginners, so you won't be lost! You can check with the other 600,000 users happily using DreamHost.

In addition to being compatible with Python, Dreamhost is also compatible with:

  • Php 5.0
  • Php 7.0
  • Perl 5
  • Ruby on rails
  • JavaScript

Furthermore, if your website is built using WordPress, then DreamHost might be the perfect choice for you as it is one of the three officially recommended hosting providers by WordPress.

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2. BlueHost Python Hosting

Next on our list is BlueHost, and let me tell you, this one is a fan favorite!

BlueHost provides users with many similar properties as DreamHost; It is often regarded as one of the best hosting providers in general, including WordPress hosting. With BlueHost, you can at any time upgrade your plan and cover whatever gap between the resources you have and the traffic/number of visitors.

BlueHost provides 99.98% uptime, high speed and bandwidth, unlimited SSD storage, and an SSL certificate as well. It might even have the edge over DreamHost in terms of speed. However, when considering the price you pay, you'll find BlueHost to be more expensive.

In addition to supporting Python, BlueHost supports these programming languages as well: 

  • Php
  • JavaScript 
  • Perl
  • Python
  • Ruby on rails

BlueHost is still considered by many the number 1 choice for WordPress Hosting, and to help with the prices, you can use our promo code discount!

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3. HostGator Python Hosting

Did you know that the parent company for HostGator and BlueHost is one and the same?

That's right! They are both owned by Endurance International Group!

That is part of why many specs are similar, with HostGator being a bit more favorable towards general shared hosting. At the same time, BlueHost has a slight edge at WordPress Hosting, especially when it comes to prices per value. Nevertheless, HostGator is still a great choice.

HostGator provides its users with a Free domain, an SSL certificate, a 99.99% uptime, and high speed!

HostGator can be used by programmers as well. Hostgator supports Python in addition to:

  • Perl 5
  • Php 5
  • Php 7
  • Rubi on Rails

However, HostGator has limits on storage and the number of websites, in addition to the price difference. However, if you still feel like HostGator is a better pick for you, then you can grab our promo code discount link below!

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