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Otofonix Hearing Aids: Models Review, Prices, and Warranty

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Otofonix Hearing Aids: Models Review, Prices, and Warranty

Otofonix is a hearing aid manufacturer and provider, headquartered in Stafford, Texas. The company uses world-class components from European and US markets to manufacture high-quality hearing aids at affordable costs. Otofonix sells different hearing aid models and types; speaking to their experts will help you find the one that fits you best.


Several model options
Zero-interest monthly installment subscriptions
45-day money-back guarantee


No local stores
Does not support severe hearing loss

Quick Stats

Custom Fitting
FDA Approved
Free Hearing Aid Test
Free Trial
45 days
Loss and Damage Protection
Between $248 to $795
Types of Hearing Disabilities it Serves
Mild and moderate
2 Years

About Otofonix

A retired board-certified otolaryngologist co-founded Otofonix. With over 25 years of experience, the company has delivered high-quality technology with its durable hearing aids. The company's main mission is to provide comfortable and discreet hearing aids with wide accessibility in mind to reach all individuals with any hearing loss level.

Otofonix is rated A by the Better Business Bureau; however, it is yet to be accredited by them. Overall, Otofonix earns high ratings from several consumer review websites ranging from 3.7 to 4/5 stars.

Otofonix Hearing Aid Products

Otofonix Sona

The Otofonix Sona hearing aids are aimed at adults, as its self-fitting and fully customizable to your hearing loss severity. The Sona hearing aid's features include the following:

  • Advanced Background Noise Reduction

Dual directional microphones provide industry-leading noise cancellations associated with the Sona hearing aids. It allows you to enjoy conversations effortlessly no matter your environment.

  • Easy Customization

After your initial free hearing test from Otofonix, its mobile application will allow your hearing aids to be ready for use straight out of the box. The mobile application is also user-friendly and has all the customizations you need to adjust individual frequencies.

  • Invisible Design

The Sona hearing aids are designed to be discreet and nearly invisible, and they are also lightweight, so you will forget you are even wearing them.

  • Pre-Configured Programs

The Sona hearing aids come with 4 pre-configured programs and 10 volume levels to provide optimal listening in various environments.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity

You can connect your Sona hearing aids to any Bluetooth-enabled device, which allows you to enjoy TV and music streaming.

The Groove

The Otofonix Groove hearing aids are quite similar to the Sona hearing aids, packing almost the same features except for their rechargeable batteries. They come with:

  • Advanced Background Noise Reduction
  • Easy Customization
  • Bluetooth Connectivity
  • Nearly Invisible Design
  • Rechargeable Batteries
  • 4 Pre-Configured Programs

The Helix

The Otofonix Helix hearing aids are the company's latest and most powerful model that comes with superior noise cancellation. The Helix hearing aids are packed with adaptive directional microphones that enhance your focus during conversations and selectively reduce or eliminate background noises. Its main features include:

  • 4 Listening Programs
  • 10 Volume Levels
  • Advanced Background Noise Reduction
  • Distraction-Free Conversations
  • Discreet Design

The Elite

The Elite hearing aid model is packed with extra features such as memory recall, allowing you to save your preferred settings. Additionally, digital noise cancelation filters out environmental and background noises such as road noises.

This model is most suited for the elderly with mild to moderate hearing loss that regularly engages in outdoor activities. The memory recall feature also makes it a perfect option for seniors who tend to forget their preferred settings.

Moreover, this model was thoroughly tested by leaders in the hearing field, such as ENT physicians and audiologists. Their reports conclude that sound quality and output are exceedingly clear and accurate. A refurbished model of the Elite hearing aid is also available for purchase.

The Encore

The Otofonix Encore hearing aid model is aimed toward adults with moderate hearing loss and who have trouble with one-on-one conversations. It uses a telecoil feature program with 10 volume levels. In addition, it comes with lifetime access to the company's award-winning customer care.

Its main features include the following:

  • 3 Programs
  • Telecoil Feature Program
  • Discreet Design
  • Advanced Background Noise Reduction
  • Distraction-Free Conversations
  • Earhook Kit ( to increase output volume)

The Apex

The Apex model is Otofonix's most affordable hearing aid. This model offers a personalized experience as it comes with 3 programs and 8 volume levels to help you hear better in any environment. This model is also designed to help amplify soft voices like children and women and was proven for its rich and accurate sound output by ENT physicians and audiologists.

Otofonix also offers a refurbished design for the Apex model.

Otofonix Hearing Aid Prices

Otofinix offers one of the most affordable hearing aid prices in the industry with no compromise on quality or features. Otofonix currently offers discounts up to 60% on its hearing aid models; we will present you with their prices before and after the discounts.

The company offers a 45-day money-back guarantee on all its models with free no-contact shipping on orders above $75. Furthermore, Otofonix allows you to pay for its hearing aids in interest-free monthly installments for 4 months, thanks to its partnership with shopPay.

The table below summarizes all the hearing aids models' prices.








Apex Refurbished

Elite Refurbished

Original Price









Discounted Price









Monthly Payment











Otofonix also sells accessories for its hearing aid models, and their prices are as follows:

  • Ear Domes
    • Open Ear Domes/Tips: $20.00 (pack of 6)
    • Closed Ear Domes/Tips: $20.00 (pack of 6)
    • Magic Ear Domes: $20.00 (pack of 6)
  • Batteries
    • Sona (Size 13) Mercury Free Batteries: $34.99 (10 pack – 60 count)
    • Mercury Free Batteries (Size 312): $34.99 (10 pack – 60 count)
  • The Apex/Elite
    • Thin Ear Sound Tubes: $15.95
    • Sound Tube with ZipTip: $22.95
  • The Encore
    • Thin Ear Sound Tubes: $15.95
    • Power Kit (Ear Hook): $19.95
    • Sound Tube with ZipTip: $22.95
  • The Helix
    • Rechargeable Hearing Aid Charger Base: $20.00
    • Thin Ear Sound Tubes: $15.95
    • Power Kit (Ear Hook): $19.95
    • Sound Tube with ZipTip: $22.95
  • The Sona
    • Thin Ear Sound Tubes: $15.95
  • The Groove
    • Thin Ear Sound Tubes: $15.95
    • Power Kit (Ear Hook): $19.95
    • Rechargeable Hearing Aid Charger Base: $20.00

Otofonix Warranty

Otofonix offers two warranty protection plans that cover costs of accidental damages and malfunction or manufacturer defects.

  • 1-Year Protection Plan: $79.00, or $19.75 per month for 4 months.
  • 2-Year Protection Plan: $118.00 or $29.50 per month for 4 months.

Customer Support

You can reach Otofonix's team through live chat on their website or by phone or email at (704) 380-0508 and [email protected]. You can also request a call back from their website, and their team will get back to you in 24 hours. You can also find articles, guides, videos, and a Frequently Asked Questions section on their website to help you with any question or inquiry.

Last Words

Otofonix manufactures and sells FDA-approved hearing aids at affordable prices compared to its competitors. It does not compromise on its product's quality and technology. Otofonix is highly rated and recommended on the market as it offers seven models that can be suitable for anyone with mild to moderate hearing loss severity.

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