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Priority Gold Review: Protecting Investments With Free Storage

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Priority Gold Review: Protecting Investments With Free Storage
Priority Gold Review

Published: April 30, 2024

As long-standing precious metal experts, By preserving your wealth during times of risk and stress, Priority Gold offers these two combined protection measures: important portfolio diversification and protection during times of high financial and geopolitical risks. Their staff, equipped with the required industry knowledge, will guide you through choosing Gold, Silver, and precious metals IRAs designed to protect your wealth.

Discover their inventory, services, and customer feedback to identify the quality of their offerings. Then, you can make an appropriate choice about getting physical gold or gold IRAs.


Free precious metals storage
Spot price and chart


Lack of transparency
Only sell gold and silver


Quick Stats

BBB Rating
Trustpilot Score
4.4 out of 5
Money-Back Guarantee
$275 first year and $225 annually
Minimum Investment
$10,000 in cash and $20,000 in IRA
Customer Experience

Company at a Glance

The establishment of Priority Gold began in 2001, and it became a corporate entity in 2015. While all of their offices are registered in Beverly Hills, they have subsidiaries in Canada and TX, where their headquarters are located. Their relationships with clients earned them the reputability of one of the three most trustworthy precious metals dealers in the United States. 

They are anchored on the fact that these metals are known to deliver economic benefits and are proudly associated with the republic and family values. They are very proud of their professionally knowledgeable team of experienced precious metals investors who always rack their brains regarding the IRA gold business.

The organization's workforce made outstanding efforts, and, as a result, they have often been awarded as the best employees. They had a 5-star rating from Trust Link, the BBB rated them an A+, and they earned an AAA rating from the BCA. Alongside Larry Kudlow and Lou Dobbs, they possess the necessary support. Also, they are very content about joining the Tropicana Field location.

The Features Offered by the Company

Priority Gold provides many services, such as common sense guidance for anyone looking for a financial hedge or a time-tested diversification tool to help protect their portfolio. They also offer the following:

  • Informational and educational guides: These resources aid prospective customers in evaluating the advantages and disadvantages of investing in precious metals. By following these detailed guides, you can learn everything you need to know to open a precious metals IRA and fully embrace the advantages of portfolio diversification
  • Buy-back commitment: As part of their buy-back agreement, this company guarantees customers that they will repurchase their precious metals at a fair price. This allows precious metals holders to easily liquidate their metals in case of a portfolio shift or liquidity crisis. Investors can, therefore, rest comfortably
  • Secure storage solutions: Those interested in storing precious metals in a controlled setting can use their secure storage options. To guarantee the safe and legal storage of the metals, they collaborate with IRS-approved depositories
  • Gold, silver, and precious metals IRAs: They offer precious metals, including IRS-approved gold and silver. These metals have traditionally maintained their value and provided protection against economic instability and inflation
  • IRS-approved precious metals: They only deal in the sale of precious metals that the Internal Revenue Service has audited and certified as pure and unadulterated. You can ensure that the precious metals you intend to contribute to your IRA will be adequate to qualify
  • Rollover and fund an IRA: Their service makes acquiring gold or silver or rolling over precious metals into an IRA easy. They collaborate with depositories and custodians to guarantee the safe and legal movement of money and metals

Their custodian and depository services

By forming partnerships with reputable custodians and depositories—like Strata and Delaware Depository—they are able to provide dependable depository and custodial services. Thanks to these services, your precious metals will be safely kept, and your IRA funds will be handled in accordance with IRS requirements.


Even though they do not share pricing on their website, we contacted them and received information on some of their fees. Their Gold IRA fees include the following:

  • $50 one-time custodian application fee
  • $125 yearly custodian fee
  • $100 annual depository fee

Their minimum investment is $10,000 for cash purchases and $20,000 for an IRA.

They state that they do not mark up or keep any portion of these fees. However, not advertising their fees on their website might concern some investors. That's why, before you make a purchase, ask all the necessary questions to the sales representative who contacts you and consult a financial advisor on these matters.

Advantages & Disadvantages 

  • Free precious metals storage: Customers can save money on storage expenses by taking advantage of their free precious metals storage
  • Price match guarantee: Customers can be certain that they will get the greatest deal on precious metals from this business since they have a price match guarantee.
  • Spot price and chart: They provide their customers with spot prices and charts showing the possible returns on investment for precious metals based on the current market price. Use such charts to see how gold has performed in relation to other markets, such as the US dollar, the S&P 500, oil, and the Dow Jones


  • Lack of transparency: The lack of transparency regarding fees, management team, and storage might be a concern for some investors who are looking for more information about the company as they are comparing different providers
  • Only sell gold and silver: They offer gold and silver coins, as well as a silver 10 oz bar, which may limit the investment options available to investors

Customer Reviews

On numerous websites, including the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Trustpilot (4.4 stars), and TrustLink (5.0 stars), they have received rave ratings from satisfied customers. 

Customers have raved about the company, praising their professionalism and the quality of their customer service. Many people have found the customer service staff informative and helpful throughout the process of acquiring precious metals.

Customers were also pleased by the personalized assistance they received, which included employees who took the time to explain all the available coin and bullion choices and weigh the pros and cons of each. This provider's staff has received praise for their commitment, helpful advice, and assistance in handling customer inquiries, problems, and concerns throughout the buying process.

Additionally, clients have complimented Priority Gold on their honesty and openness, highlighting the reliability of their transactions made with the company.

Several customers have mentioned being overcharged, citing markups far higher than market rates. Also, the promised bonuses for account transfers, such as extra silver, were not given in some cases.

Other customers have complained about being unable to reach Priority Gold by email or phone when they need help or clarification. This slow response has resulted in some frustration and skepticism regarding the company's dependability and customer service response time.

There have also been complaints about the lack of clarity around pricing structures, as some buyers have found discrepancies between the amounts they paid and the actual market value. Despite efforts to address these issues, some have found it difficult to acquire clear information and suitable solutions.

Concerns about price transparency and customer communication continue despite Priority Gold's best efforts to resolve customer complaints and guarantee a great experience. Therefore, you should be careful and do your homework, particularly if this is your first time buying gold or considering a gold IRA.

Customer Service

To get in touch with them, you can call them at 888-506-6439 or email them at


Priority Gold provides numerous services and products, such as keen precious metals insights and sensible advice, a buy-back program, safe storage options, gold and silver purchase options, precious metals IRAs, IRS-approved precious metals, and transfer and fund IRA services. They also offer free storage on qualifying precious metals purchases and a price match promise, which can help customers save money and ensure they get the best deal possible on their precious metals.

For a more complete picture of this business, we suggest perusing the current and past customer evaluations. If you're unsure about Priority Gold and whether they’re the best option for your needs, check out our in-depth comparisons, informative blog articles, and reviews of other gold IRA providers. 

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