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Augusta Precious Metals: Preparing Your Retirement

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Augusta Precious Metals: Preparing Your Retirement
Augusta can help you invest in gold and silver, preparing you to have a more secure retirement.

Published: April 30th, 2024

Augusta Precious Metals (APM) is a silver and gold IRA company. Founded in 2012 and based in Casper, Wyoming, they specialize in educating and empowering Americans on diversifying a portion of their retirement savings with gold and silver – and why thousands of investors have moved to these assets in unpredictable times. Can this time-tested asset add something powerful to your portfolio?

In this review, we will examine APM's background, services, cost methodology, and customer experience to discuss how they may serve you. We want to help retirement savers decide if Augusta’s products might provide a potential solution for their long-term diversification goals.


A+ BBB rating
100% satisfaction guarantee
7-day money-back guarantee
Educational resources
Free gold coin with new accounts


$50,000 minimum investment
Does not handle custodial services in-house


Quick Stats

BBB Rating
Trustpilot Score
4.6 out of 5
Money-Back Guarantee
7 days
$50 for setup plus $100 each for administration and storage, annually
Minimum Investment
Customer Experience

Augusta Precious Metals at a Glance

Augusta Precious Metals is a well-known company in the precious metals industry, specializing in gold and silver IRAs. They are often recognized for having Joe Montana as their customer and paid ambassador, as well as for their potential to help customers diversify their wealth through investments in precious metals. They state that they place a lot of emphasis on ethics, customer experience, and transparent pricing. As a customer, you receive assistance from APM’s team of gold IRA professionals to open a gold IRA account, simplifying complex concepts and providing educational resources. They aim to help customers throughout the US who are looking to diversify their retirement portfolios with precious metals, and they say they will help you do the majority of the necessary paperwork while leaving all important decisions to you. Their services may appeal to you especially if you're concerned about inflation and market volatility, and if you want to add an asset known for its traditional stability to your otherwise diverse retirement funds.

APM is highly regarded for their commitment to customer education, efficient services, and transparent fee structures. They can provide you with a range of educational resources, secure storage solutions, and a straightforward pricing model with no hidden costs. Additionally, they have dedicated representatives who offer you ongoing assistance with your accounts rather than just facilitating a one-time transaction. APM's focus on customer satisfaction, attentive service, and positive testimonials highlights their dedication to providing a trustworthy and valuable Gold IRA experience.

They take the security of your precious metals seriously. To help you safeguard your physical assets, they partner with highly reputable, IRS-compliant depositories like the Delaware Depository. These facilities provide secure storage and comprehensive insurance protection for your gold and silver holdings. Additionally, all shipments of precious metals are insured for their market value, ensuring your metals are protected even during transit. To further minimize risk, APM utilizes discreet packaging during shipping, making the contents less identifiable.

Augusta Precious Metals boasts a strong track record of integrity and customer satisfaction. This is reflected in their A+ rating and accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB), as well as their AAA rating— the highest achievable— from the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA). Their commitment to excellence has also garnered them recognition as a member of the Numismatic Consumer Alliance (NCA) and features in prominent publications, including being awarded "Best Overall Gold IRA Company" by Money magazine and "Most Transparent Pricing" by Investopedia for multiple years. This combination of credentials and industry recognition underscores APM's reputation as a reliable and trustworthy partner in precious metals investing.

The Products & Features Offered by Augusta Precious Metals

This gold IRA company aims to aid you in many ways, be it through their physical product or associated services. Their products are as follows:

  • Gold and silver IRAs: APM may help you roll over an existing IRA to a tax-advantaged gold and silver IRA— a retirement account where your holdings consist of the physical precious metals of gold, silver, platinum, and palladium, rather than traditional stocks or bonds. These provide a way to diversify a portion of your retirement savings and take advantage of gold’s traditional ability to hedge against market volatility
  • Gold and silver bullion: You can purchase gold and silver bars of various weights and purities. These are ideal for direct ownership
  • Premium gold and silver coins: They offer a selection of IRA-eligible coins of US, Canadian, or British currency, among others. These coins often have historical, as well as numismatic or collectible, value, potentially adding to their appeal to you as an investor

They also generally offer the following perks:

  • Educational opportunities: APM strives to set themselves apart by providing in-depth educational resources to help you understand IRS regulations and the potential risks involved in precious metals investing, among other things. You can participate in one-on-one web conferences with economic analysts, and access extensive online resources like guides, webinars, and market updates. Augusta is committed to education but does not provide personalized financial advice. They encourage you to seek out specific advice tailored to your situation before purchasing precious metals
  • Customer support: You would receive lifetime support from their dedicated representatives who assist with everything from IRA setup and rollovers to assembling your precious metals portfolio
  • Simplified investment process: APM helps you choose IRS-approved precious metals, ensuring they meet the criteria for inclusion in retirement accounts. They also offer a buyback program to facilitate easy liquidation when it's time to sell
  • Secure storage: APM partners with reputable, IRS-compliant depositories to safeguard customers’ precious metals. They also provide insurance for these holdings during storage and transit, for some much-needed peace of mind
  • Transparency: The company prioritizes transparency and quality customer support throughout the process. You would have access to clear pricing structures and upfront disclosure of all fees, empowering you to make informed financial decisions with the assistance of qualified gold and silver professionals to make informed financial decisions, with the help of independent financial advisors, without worrying about hidden costs. This, along with their educational resources, is to ensure customers have the basic information to help them make smart choices. On top of that, should you decide to sell your holdings in the future, their buyback program provides a straightforward exit strategy, giving you flexibility and control over your investment

Their custodial and depository services

While APM may help you select a custodian for your gold IRA, they don't act as the custodians themselves. Instead, they partner with reputable custodians, as well as depositories, to ensure your precious metals investments are secure and compliant.

Augusta’s preferred custodian for customers is Equity Trust, while their preferred depository is the Delaware Depository. However, APM works with other custodians and depositories if needed. These depositories specialize in the secure storage of precious metals, are fully insured, and adhere to strict IRS regulations for gold IRAs. 

Augusta Precious Metals Costs

APM prides itself on having a straightforward fee structure. They charge a one-time $50 fee to set up an account and then have annual fees of $100 for IRA administration, as handled by a custodian, and another $100 for secure storage of precious metals at the depository. However, to attract new clients, Augusta may waive those setup, custodian, and storage fees for up to 10 years. It’s important to confirm whether this offer applies to your accounts or if it's a limited-time promotion. That said, they do cover shipping costs and provide insurance for your precious metals during transit.

Please keep in mind that Augusta requires a minimum investment of $50,000 if you are a VIP. They look for customers who have at least $100,000 saved up for retirement, because they don’t recommend rolling over every dollar they have saved.

Remember, too, that the price of the precious metals themselves will fluctuate, as they show in their metal price chart, and there's typically a modest markup involved.

The Advantages of Investing With Augusta Precious Metals

  • Strong reputation: They boast an A+ BBB rating, positive online reviews, and awards recognizing their integrity and customer service
  • Educational focus: APM prioritizes educating individuals interested in gold and silver IRAs. They aim to inform you about common pitfalls and expose deceptive tactics and "silver scams." To that end, APM offers webinars, one-on-one education sessions, and resources to empower their customers
  • Customer-centric approach: Dedicated representatives provide account lifetime support, working with customers through the entire process and remaining as a resource on an ongoing basis. They will assist with 95% of the gold IRA paperwork, but you maintain control by choosing which metals to purchase
  • Transparent pricing: Their clear fee structures and upfront information may go a long way to promoting your financial awareness as a customer
  • Security and protection: They have pre-existing partnerships with reputable depositories, which, along with their included insurance coverage and discreet shipping practices, prioritize the safety of your investments
  • Flexibility: They afford you the choice of precious metal products, as well as the option for a straightforward buyback when you want to liquidate
  • Promotional offers: Most new customers can have fees waived for up to 10 years and get a free gold coin as an incentive for a new account

Why You Might Not Choose Them

  • High minimum investment: Their $50,000 minimum requirement might be a barrier to entry for some investors
  • Outsourced custodians: While APM assists you in selecting a custodian, they don't offer custodial service in-house, adding another layer to the process

The Customer Experience at Augusta Precious Metals

APM has a stellar reputation among their clients. They receive very high online customer review scores, such as 4.8 out of 5 on Google reviews and 4.6 out of 5 on Trustpilot. They even receive a near-perfect 4.95 out of 5 review rating on the BBB, where they haven’t received any complaints.

Customers appreciate the transparency, education, professionalism, and lack of pressure from the APM team. They commend the company for its informative presentations, patience in addressing questions, and commitment to assisting customers throughout the entire process and the lifetime of their accounts. APM's approach is seen as refreshing compared to other companies in the industry, with many customers feeling well-informed and comfortable with their decision to work with APM. However, while rare, a few negative reviews do exist with concerns about pricing and treatment by the sales team, but these are outliers in the sea of positive feedback.

In response to the feedback, the CEO, Isaac Nuriani, expresses gratitude for the positive reviews and reassures customers of the company's commitment to providing transparent, informative, and pressure-free service. He acknowledges the concerns raised in critical reviews and emphasizes the company's dedication to resolving any issues and ensuring customer satisfaction. The CEO's responses reflect a proactive approach to addressing customer feedback and maintaining the company's reputation for excellence in customer service and transparency.

Customer Support at Augusta Precious Metals

There are several ways to contact APM. You can fill out a form on their website to have them contact you, or you can call them at 855-909-0082. They also list a couple of physical addresses for in-person and mail correspondence.

They also have many informational resources online, such as a free gold IRA guide, video library, FAQs page, inflation calculator, web conferences, and more.

Final Thoughts

Augusta Precious Metals presents a compelling option for investors seeking a reputable gold IRA company with a strong emphasis on education, transparency, and customer support. If you're concerned about market volatility or inflation, and want to add assets long appreciated for their traditional stability to your retirement portfolio, APM's precious metals offerings are worth serious consideration and thorough review with your own qualified financial advisor. Their commitment to helping customers through the process, and their focus on long-term service, could make them particularly appealing if you desire an attentive approach.

However, it's important to consider a few factors before investing with APM. Their high minimum investment requirement might exclude those with more modest investments, and their lack of in-house custodians might be limiting for some. Ultimately, the best way to decide is to contact Augusta Precious Metals directly.

You should always carefully compare multiple gold IRA companies before making this important investment decision, and be sure to speak with your investment advisor to determine whether a precious metals IRA is right for your situation. You can read more about top companies on our ever-expanding gold IRA reviews page. Additionally, we are always updating our blog page with many useful articles to help educate you about the ins and outs of this subject. We want to arm you with enough knowledge to make the best investment decisions for your future!

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