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NexTraq: Fleet Tracking Full Review and Solutions

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NexTraq: Fleet Tracking Full Review and Solutions

NexTraq offers inclusive fleet management and tracking solutions in addition to being a valued GPS fleet and mobile workforce management partner to its customers. NexTraq provides tracking, reporting, routing, scheduling, and much more to manage your vehicles, drivers, and team. Continue reading our full NexTraq review to know everything it has to offer your business.


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About NexTraq

NexTraq has been in the fleet tracking business for over 21 years and has earned its accreditation from the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. It offers great solutions, feature-rich software, and a mobile application that allows you to manage your fleet on the go from anywhere.

NexTraq supports many industries such as services, utilities, agriculture, transportation, manufacturing, construction, food and beverage, and much more. NexTraq will offer your business a unique price depending on its size, needs, and requirements.

NexTraq Key Features and Solutions

Fleet Visibility and Productivity

NexTraq’s cloud-based fleet tracking software provides you with the data you need to decrease overtime and maximize revenue. You can easily locate any vehicle or asset from your desktop or mobile application. GPS tracking will allow you to maximize your productivity, decrease costs, and improve customer service as you will know where your vehicles are and their estimated arrival time.

Asset Tracking

NexTraq’s GPS asset trackers can function in urban and remote locations and endures in the harshest agriculture, mining, drilling, and industrial environments. It will let you know exactly where your equipment is and help you ensure you can maximize fleet resources, and help monitor unauthorized use.

Fuel Management

Fuel management tools will allow you to track, monitor, and analyze your fuel consumption with simplified reports and alerts. NexTraq will help you stop excessive idling as you cut down on unnecessary idle time and optimize your fleet’s time on the job.

Moreover, you can integrate your fuel cards with its software so you can log all your fuel purchases. This will help you control fraud as you assign a fuel card to a vehicle to track a driver’s purchases, time, and location. You will know where and when the fuel cards were used and how much your drivers spent on them.

Furthermore, NexTraq will help you simplify your IFTA reporting and regulatory compliance with easily accessible reports. You can easily and automatically track every mile your vehicles travel in each jurisdiction.

NexTraq fleet tracking system will send your drivers to the nearest gas stations and truck stops with geo-fencing and mapping features. Your drivers will also be provided with a bunch of tools to ensure their safety and driving behaviors.


NexTraq integrates with a variety of third-party back-office applications that can help streamline your back-office processes. You can integrate Fuel Cards, Maintenance software, Routing software, Data Aggregation tools, and much more.

Geo-fencing and Mapping

NexTraq’s geo-fencing technology is powered by Google Maps; it allows you to define a virtual boundary on certain locations and areas such as job sites, vendors, customer locations, and out-of-bounds locations. When one of your vehicles enters any of these locations, you will receive an alert.

There are many benefits for geo-fencing; for example, it can serve as a time-clock for drivers working at an hourly rate. It creates an accurate virtual time card that logs the time spent on a job, which further improves their payroll and billing accuracy.

Furthermore, geo-fencing will offer your assets extra protection against unauthorized use, which can result in liability issues, increased insurance premiums, damaged property, and increased downtime. Geo-fencing will simply give you peace of mind, knowing where your vehicles are at all times.

Mobile Workforce

Multi-Stop Routing

Multi-stop routing technology allows you to send your drivers optimized routes to an in-vehicle Garmin device or the NexTraq® Connect™ mobile app. You can communicate destinations and work ticket schedules to your drivers through NexTraq’s GPS fleet tracking system, and this will help drivers avoid traffic delays so they can efficiently navigate roadways.

Optimized fleet routing will also help you cut fuel costs and maximize driver time; in addition, it will also reduce your fleet’s wear and tear, so you prolong its lifespan and reduce its maintenance costs.


NexTraq® Dispatch™ tool provides you with a drag-and-drop Job Schedule Board that allows you to easily schedule jobs, dispatch them to your vehicles, and communicate with your team in the field. Dispatching tools will simplify job assigning and increase productivity by providing daily itineraries and routes to drivers.

Moreover, it will also improve your drivers’ safety by reducing driver distraction with voice-guided, turn-by-turn directions, and clear visibility with real-time updates on every job’s status.

NexTraq also offers its NexTraq™ Verify tool that streamlines customers’ signatures after receiving their deliveries. You drivers can also use the tool to take pictures to provide proof for confirmed deliveries, document job progress, diagnose problems, and enhance employee accountability.

Time and Attendance

NexTraq® Connect mobile application can be used as a time clock for your employees, allowing them to clock in and out and generate user attendance reports. User attendance reports will provide you with deeper insights over hours worked and costs and will eliminate the use of any manual time cards.

Consequently, it will also streamline your payroll processes, as your employees’ working hours are automatically calculated with top accuracy. Overall, time and attendance solutions allow you to:

  • Record start times, break times, and end-work times
  • Set up real-time alerts for late clock-ins or early clock-outs
  • Run attendance reports
  • Access historical attendance data

Driver Safety

NexTraq offers its own Dash Cameras that empower your drivers for safer driving habits. It provides you with HD video and real-time snapshots that help you expose staged accidents, protect against insurance fraud, reduce poor driving behavior.

NexTraq Dashcam’s top features include:

  • HD video with a wide-angle lens
  • Optional second camera for in-cab view
  • Multiple infrared LEDs for night-time recording
  • Real-time incident alerts with video and GPS location via email
  • Video and image requests for a specific date and time
  • Snapshots of what’s going on in real-time

Maintenance and ELD Compliance

NexTraq will help your fleet get ELD compliant with NexTraq® ELD application for tablets and smartphones. It provides you with reports on Hours of Service (HoS), Driver Vehicle Inspection Report (DVIR), and Record of Duty Status (RODS).

NexTraq Plans and Prices

NexTraq does not advertise any plans or prices for its fleet tracking software, as its prices are all quote-based. This means you will need to contact their team to get a unique price that suits your business’s needs, size, and requirements. You can request a free live demo to see its software in action, but no free trial is available.

Moreover, all new NexTraq customers get free installation for its fleet tracking system.

Customer Support

You can reach NexTraq’s team by submitting a ticket from their Contact Us page or by phone or email at 1-855-358-6178 and NexTraq offers a variety of resources on their website, which include White Papers, case studies, blogs, and a frequently asked questions section.

NexTraq will also help train your employees and drivers to use its fleet tracking system with live webinars.

Final Thoughts

NexTraq has been in business since 2000 and has been offering the most comprehensive fleet tracking and management solutions and hardware in the industry. It will provide you with all the tools you need to manage every aspect of your fleet operations, in addition to a mobile application that provides your employees with a communication platform and the ability to perform their fleet tracking tasks from anywhere.

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