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Infoflo CRM

InfoFlo CRM Review: Prices, Features, and Alternatives!

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InfoFlo CRM Review: Prices, Features, and Alternatives!

InfoFlo CRM is a feature-rich management system that comes with more than 20 built-in components. It also offers business owners lifetime free updates that monitor, maintain, and automatically tie all critical contact information to relevant contacts, which allows them to access all information with just a single click.

InfoFlo helps you manage your customer records and provides you with quick access to critical data and business insights. InfoFlo allows you to access your sales pipeline, to-do list, and contacts from anywhere you are. Moreover, you can sync your calendar events, Outlook contacts, categories, businesses, and emails in real-time.


Seamless integration with Outlook
Free trial


No reporting functionality in basic package


Quick Stats

Cloud-Based Software
Not Available
$30 per month
Free Trial Available:

About InfoFlo CRM

Developed in 2004, InfoFlo is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software that aims to help business owners to boost their sales, generate leads, and build their business. InfoFlo allows you to manage all of your client interactions in one simple, user-friendly interface. This interface ensures that you have access to all the important information you need at a glance.

Using InfoFlo, you can attach files, configure email, and create reminders. You can also view and filter tasks for all of your employees that belong to different departments. This way, you can assign tasks for each employee individually and keep your business processes organized and under control.

This isn’t all, InfoFlo helps you direct your customer records and information, and provides you with fast access to all crucial data and business insights. You can also access your sales pipeline, contacts, and to-do lists. If you find it necessary, you can sync all of your calendar events, Outlook contacts, categories, business processes, and emails in real-time.

InfoFlo Key Features

InfoFlo offers its users a lot of features that they can put into good use when they purchase the CRM software. Some of their key features include:

Custom fields

InfoFlo allows its users to add custom fields to their contacts, companies, and projects. InfoFlo makes it simple and easy to set up the interface of your business. Moreover, InfoFlo offers different types of custom fields like drop-down menus, checkboxes, text fields, date fields, and much more.

Contact management

InfoFlo offers its users a complete contact management solution that tracks, manages, and automatically links all critical contact information back to the related contact. This allows users to access all this information with a single click.

Task management

With InfoFlo, you can create, manage tasks, attach files, and set email and pop-up reminders. You can also share tasks, set the tasks’ priority levels, and tag by type or status. InfoFlo also allows you to see company-wide tasks and filter your list. Users can also archive a task once it is complete.

Sharing and collaboration

Another great feature that InfoFlo offers is allowing you to share and collaborate contacts, companies, and projects with either all users or specific ones, all with a single click. Your information will be instantly shared without any delay.


You can customize InfoFlo’s dashboard with more than 24 widgets available. You also get to display all relevant information, including recent sales, opportunities, and task charts. InfoFlo also enables you to find specific user activity by year, quarter, or month.

Leads and opportunities

You can get all of the details about the leads and deals you and your team are working on. You can also attach quotes, emails, notes, and tasks to a certain lead, and then you can create your own custom leads and opportunity stages.


You can completely manage your notes and track all of your personal and shared notes. Moreover, each note will include a timestamp and a digital signature. You can choose to either create a new note or add to an existing note.

Simple search

This feature enables you to search for emails, files, and calendar items by simply typing your query in the search box. InfoFlo will display relevant search results based on your question.


Because InfoFlo understands the importance of managing your relationship with your customers and contacts, it offers you a complete, straightforward view of all customer relationships. You can access all the information you need on InfoFlo’s unique dual-panel.

Document linking

You can drag and drop a document and link it to a contact, company, category, or shared project entity. The document will be automatically archived, making it quick and easy to retrieve files.


You can also use Bing Maps as they are fully integrated with InfoFlo. You can plot your customers and leads directly on an interactive map.

Email linking and editing

You can choose to instantly see all emails that are linked to a specific contact. At the same time, you can preview all incoming and outgoing emails from InfoFlo’s inbox view.

InfoFlo also provides you with a built-in email editor that is easy and simple to use. This editing feature enables you to add images, custom fonts, and other formatting styles you choose. If you have an Outlook account, you can add it to InfoFlo.

InfoFlo will import all of your emails directly from Outlook and from additional email accounts. Once imported, all information will be automatically linked and archived.

Calendar and calendar editor

InfoFlo has a friendly calendar interface that you have full control of. You can schedule events and meetings and automatically link them to the appropriate contact.

InfoFlo also includes a built-in calendar editor that is easy and simple to use. Their calendar editor has similar functions to the ones found in the Outlook calendar editor.

Data import and manual backup

You can import all of your contacts, companies, categories, projects, and tasks directly from a CSV or an Excel file.

InfoFlo also allows you to do a complete backup of your InfoFlo database with our easy-to-use built-in backup tool.

InfoFlo Plans and Prices

InfoFlo offers a free trial along with two packages for you to choose from. Both packages are designed to fit your business needs. These packages are:

1. On-Premise | $99, a one-time cost

This plan includes the following features:

  • Dashboard
  • Contact Management
  • Unlimited Custom Fields
  • Task Management
  • Sharing & Collaboration
  • Leads & Opportunities
  • Notes
  • Simple Search
  • Relationship
  • Document Linking
  • Maps
  • Email Linking
  • Calendar
  • Data Import
  • Manual Backup
  • Add Email Account
  • Email Editor
  • Calendar Editor

You can also choose to include add-ons (billed $79 each) like:

  •  Email Marketing
  •  Advanced Permissions
  •  Advanced Tasks, and many more
  • Advanced Search

2. Cloud

This package has two plans that you can choose from. These plans include:

Cloud Starter - $30/month

This plan includes all the basic features in addition to your choice of 3 add-ons. The basic features include:

  • Dashboard
  • Contact Management
  • Unlimited Custom Fields
  • Document Linking
  • Task Management
  • Custom Fields
  • Contact Management
  • Task Management
  • Sharing & Collaboration
  • Dashboard
  • Leads & Opportunities
  • Notes
  • Simple Search
  • Relationship
  • Document Linking
  • Maps
  • Email Linking
  • Calendar
  • Data Import
  • Manual Backup
  • Add Email Account
  • Email Editor
  • Calendar Editor

Cloud Advanced - 1435/month

This plan is identical to the basic cloud plan in features, but you get to choose five add-ons instead of three.

You can choose to start your 30-day free trial before making any commitments so you can try InfoFlo for yourself and see if it supports your business needs.

Customization and Integrations

InfoFlo CRM software allows you to integrate with a number of add-ons and applications. Each add-on you choose to add to your package will cost you $79 per month. Here is the list of possible integrations that InfoFlo supports:

  • Invoicing
  • List management
  • Email marketing + analytics
  • Outlook sync
  • QuickBooks Online sync
  • Call recording
  • Document auto naming

These integrations, once licensed, expand the functionality and efficiency of the CRM.

Customer Support

InfoFlo offers various customer support options. You can contact their support team via phone, email, live chat, ticket, or in the office. If you choose to contact them by phone, you can contact them at +1 (646) 465-7676 or on their toll-free number +1 (855) 463-6356.

They are also available for support via their email [email protected]. If you choose to visit their office, they are located at 230 Sheppard Ave West, Toronto, Ontario M2N 1N1.

InfoFlo also has a knowledge base on their website, along with a website tour and social media accounts. You can easily download their application on your Android or iOS device and start your free trial.

InfoFlo Alternatives

Infoflo is a great choice for a CRM software if you plan to commit to one. However, if for some reason or another, you decide that InfoFlo is not the CRM software for your business, we have reviewed and rated other efficient CRM system providers that you can learn more about through our comprehensive reviews. Here are the best InfoFlo alternatives:

Bottom Line

InfoFlo is a great choice for you to manage and direct your business. You can find leads, enhance customer relationships, and boost your sales by using InfoFlo. They have an intuitive, user-friendly, and simple interface which you can manage and customize to your liking.

Their packages are affordable and rich in features, and the best thing about it is that you can try out their services and products for 30-days free of charge. InfoFlo is an affordable, easy-to-use, and feature-rich CRM system that will help you boost your sales and manage your business.

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