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Zoo Ticketing Point of Sale System

Zoo Ticketing Point of Sale SystemZoo Ticketing Point of Sale System

Ticketing Point of Sale System

If you own a zoo, you would not want its operations to be confined with its limitations; on the contrary, you would want a seamless operation workflow and a ticketing point of sale system that will centralize your sales and data and provide your customer a pleasant overall experience.

Not all point of sale systems on the market have an integrated ticketing system, but we will help you find the best one that does as we explain the best features a cloud-based ticketing system should have.

For starters, your ticketing system should be cloud-based, so all of your data and business information are safely backed up on the cloud and accessible from any device. Furthermore, a solid ticketing point-of-sale system should allow you to customize your tickets to whatever criteria you set. For example, you should be able to create time-based tickets if your zoo requires it or create group passes and memberships for schools, touristic groups, or individuals.

Zoo ticketing and point of sale systems should provide your guests with an online ecommerce portal to purchase tickets from and have them quickly verified or printed at will-call at the entrance. A swift check-in process cuts down long queues so your customers won't waste any valuable recreational time waiting.

Moreover, your zoo's gift shops or retail stores should not have their own point of sale systems but should also be managed by the central ticketing and point of sale system. All your inventory should be manageable and counted from one place, and the system will automatically update the count as a purchase is made.

Most ticketing point of sale systems nowadays also pack marketing and customer relationship management tools that will help you expand your guest's reach and raise your zoo's awareness. Marketing tools allow you to create email or text campaigns to send to your target groups and offer them special discounts or one-time ticket vouchers.

As for the back of house operations, a zoo ticketing point of sale system should also allow your accounting and payroll integrations so your employee's payrolls and overtime are automatically calculated and their shifts clearly scheduled.

Now that you are familiar with the features a zoo ticketing point of sale system should have, here are your best options that pack those features and more!

Best Zoo Ticketing Point of Sale Systems


Korona ticketing point of sale system is simply one of the best in the market for it provides all the features we explained above and lots more. Korona can provide you with great and valuable insights and analytics of your zoo's operations, tickets, and merchandise sales, so you know what your customers like to purchase and their preferred visiting times.

Furthermore, the Korona ticketing system helps you understand who your customers are and helps you set up and automate marketing text and email campaigns to keep them in the loop and offer them irresistible discounts or vouchers.

Korona also offers you an e-commerce portal that allows you to expand your revenue with online-purchased tickets. In addition, customers can have their online tickets swiftly verified at the entrance, so they do not have to wait in long queue lines and waste their time.

Korona's ticketing point of sale system allows ticket customizations, in addition to the creation of group passes and memberships. Moreover, for a more civil and orderly entry manner, Korona provides turnstile integrations which also add extra security and professionalism.

You can get the Korona ticketing point of sale system with its Enterprise plan. However, its pricing is quote-based, so you will need to contact their team to get your best price.

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2. Aluvii

Aluvii is our second pick for the best zoo ticketing point of sale system. Its system is quite easy to use and set up, plus it packs great features that will promise your zoo's success. Aluvii will streamline all your zoo back of house operations with its integrated HR and accounting tools, so you have reports of your staff performances and schedules at the palm of your hands and their payroll automatically calculated without breaking a sweat.

Aluvii will help you impress your customers with customizable electronic tickets that they can have verified with a simple barcode scan. Your employees can also go beyond the counter and verify tickets with Aluvii's mobile point of sale application and quicken the check-in process for your guests.

Aluvii also offers self-service kiosks that your customers can use to buy their tickets and have them printed in seconds, and you can also advertise tickets bundled with merchandise from your gift stores.

Speaking of stores, all your inventory will be managed from a central place, including any other snack bar or quick-stop items. The inventory count will automatically be updated as a guest makes a purchase or when your item reorders are delivered.

You can try out Aluvii's ticketing point of sale system with a free demo version or go straight to purchase its system. Unfortunately, Aluvii's pricing is not advertised on the website. You need to contact them to get a quote for your business.

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3. Roller

Roller offers a dedicated zoo ticketing point of sale system that is cloud-based, feature-rich, and easy to use. One of Roller's top features is its timed sessions where it allows you to manage your animal encounters with ease. In addition, its capacity management tools will give you clear visibility of the number of bookings, so you never overbook your zoo's sessions.

Roller's ticketing point of sale system also allows for ticket and pass customization. You can also sell tickets bundled with merchandise to entice your guests to visit again and purchase more. You can also offer them a variety of customized gift cards with complete end-to-end digital delivery that they can use to get a special item or ticket discount.

Roller has specialized customer support that will help you with your system transition with the least disruption to your operations. You can try a demo version of Roller's software before committing to it, or start straight by purchasing its best plan for $500/month, billed $6,000/year.

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