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Splash into Efficiency: Best Water Park POS Systems

Splash into Efficiency: Best Water Park POS SystemsSplash into Efficiency: Best Water Park POS Systems
What is the best POS system for water parks?

Updated: March 17, 2024

Water parks are popular during the summer, with visitors spending hot days cooling off in the pools. With so many people maneuvering around your water park, crowds and lines are inevitable.

Fortunately, investing in a high-quality POS system ensures your park operates smoothly, reducing frustration and boosting the visitor experience.


Importance of Water Park POS Systems

Most water park POS systems provide an all-in-one solution to maintaining operations. This is important when running an attraction that is known to become crowded. Here are some ways POS systems can assist water parks:

  • Streamlined ticketing: A water park POS system allows visitors to purchase tickets through websites, applications, and self-serve kiosks. The days of waiting in line behind customers who need to address questions or concerns are over. Keeping the line moving makes it easier to enter and exit the park
  • Concession sales: Concession stands also cause long lines and crowds, making it difficult for visitors to navigate the park. With self-serve kiosks and cashless payments, ordering concessions takes just a few minutes
  • Membership management: Customers can manage their memberships and season passes through an application or website. Furthermore, employees can use the POS system to access customer information when necessary
  • Track inventory: Use a POS system to keep track of inventory in your water park, including snacks, prizes, and rentals. A reliable POS system provides a real-time report of how many products are left

The ease of navigation, accessible memberships, and stocked inventory create a positive customer experience, encouraging them to return and bring their friends. With regular visitors and word-of-mouth, you can generate more revenue across your water park.

Key Features of Water Park POS Systems

What are the key features of a water park POS provider?

When choosing a water park POS system, several key features must be considered to ensure you get the best for your business.

  • Advanced ticketing options: Visitors can reserve individual or group tickets for a specific day. Many parks offer discounts to customers who purchase tickets through the app or website.

Season pass integration is also an option, allowing repeat customers to buy and print their passes in advance instead of waiting at the gate. Moreover, POS systems offer advanced ticketing options that categorize customers by age, weight, height, ticket class, and rentals

  • Membership integration: Customers can enjoy the perks of water park memberships, from discounted snacks to unique event invitations. With a POS system, they can easily access their membership accounts through the website or app, making payments, updates, and upgrades as needed
  • Integrated payments solution: Many POS systems provide various payment options to customers looking for cashless solutions, including debit, credit, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, and gift cards. A reputable POS system only uses a secure payment gateway
  • Concession sales management: This is crucial for keeping track of concessions and ensuring everything is paid for before leaving the area. For example, RFID technology shows when an item leaves the gift shop without a purchase
  • Secured locker management: RFID technology does more than monitor concessions. When integrated with locker management technology, RFID secures storage areas for visitors. This provides peace of mind as visitors roam the park hands-free

Comparison of Top 3 Water Park POS Systems

How do I compare top water park POS providers?

Searching for the best water park POS system can be overwhelming. We wanted to make your search easier by compiling a list of our favorite water park POS systems.

1. Korona POS

We consider Korona POS the best water park POS system, complete with an all-in-one solution for managing operations and creating a fun, safe experience. Here are a few reasons why:

  • Pricing: With dynamic pricing, you can adjust your prices to fit memberships, discounts, promotions, and in-season and off-season times. The prices change in real time to reflect current needs
  • Scalability: The real-time reporting and scalable inventory system allow you to keep track of snacks, rentals, and prizes, restocking these items as needed. Paired with dynamic pricing, you can lower the prices of items that need to be sold immediately
  • User interface: The user interface is a breeze for you and your employees. Everything, from product names to prices, is easy to read and adjust, allowing sales to be made in just a few minutes. Furthermore, you can easily assign employee-specific access controls to reduce confusion
  • Crowd management: Keep the line moving with self-serve kiosks, handheld or wall-mounted ticket scanners, and connected turnstiles. Use the live visitor count and timed entry to limit capacity and ensure safety
  • Wristbands and cards: Durable, color-coded wristbands and cards offer simple recognition of specific ages, heights, weights, and entry levels for maximum safety. In addition, wristbands and cards can also be printed for membership tiers and equipment rentals
  • Advanced payment options: Nowadays, many customers prefer contactless payment solutions. Use Korona POS to offer debit, credit, and secure online payment options
  • Employee management: Manage your employees' tasks, payments, and other needs with one system. Assign specific controls to ensure employees only access their required information
  • Cloud-based software: Korona POS uses remote cloud-based software to ensure customer, employee, and park information is only accessible to the right people, boosting security and comfort

Korona POS has a 4 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot and an A+ rating on the BBB.

2. Aluvii POS

Designed with your water park's future in mind, it is no wonder Aluvii POS has taken the second spot on our list of the best water park POS systems. With Aluvii, you can enjoy the following:

  • Pricing: Set up different ticket prices and quantities for special events and on-season or off-season as needed
  • Ticketing: Provide eTickets, online reservations, and group tickets. Use custom templates, bulk printing, and reporting to enhance your ticketing system
  • Scalability: Access your inventory in real-time without stepping into the store, allowing you to restock and adjust prices as needed
  • User interface: The easy user interface allows you to adjust times, prices, and capacity, manage inventory and events, and check reports from your dashboard
  • Cloud-based system: Access information from a web browser on any device with the cloud-based system
  • E-commerce: Sell products and memberships online, provide voucher codes, and allow customers to access their purchase history
  • RFID technology: RFID technology integration provides access to cashless payments through wristbands and cards
  • Security: Hosted in a secure Microsoft data center to protect all sensitive data, from customers' saved payment methods to your park's sales reporting

Aluvii POS has an almost 5-star rating on Trustpilot and is currently not rated on the BBB.

3. Roller POS

Roller POS is one of our favorite water park POS systems because the features make it easy to grow your business. A few benefits of working with this company include:

  • Pricing: Adjust prices, discounts, and membership benefits to fit the current season, from busy summer days to holiday-themed events
  • Scalability: Access inventory and sales to determine what needs to be restocked or pulled altogether. Adjust prices in real-time to reflect the current inventory, such as sales on low-stock items
  • User interface: A user-friendly interface allows you to manage multiple spaces, view lists and forms, and set specific times for events and reservations
  • One convenient platform: Gone are the days of switching between programs and platforms for business management. Manage every aspect of your water park, from reservations to concessions, from one platform
  • Ticket management: Use the ticketing system to manage walk-ins and reservations. Provide online concession ordering, colored wristbands, and season passes to your customers
  • Online reservations: Customers can book specific dates and times through your website or application. Offer discounts to customers who book reservations online
  • Payment processing software: Use the POS system to accept a range of payment processors, including debit, credit, PayPal, Apple Pay, AfterPay, and Klarna
  • Cloud-based platform: The cloud-based platform allows you to access your dashboard through any device, from your tablet to your laptop

Roller POS is currently not rated on Trustpilot or the BBB.

Final Thoughts

A good water park POS system offers a variety of features to make running your park easier, including advanced ticketing, concession sales management, membership management, RFID technology, and different payment processors.

Using a high-quality POS system allows you to manage every aspect of your water park from one convenient platform. You can view inventory in real time, offer membership discounts, and reduce lines and crowds with scannable equipment and self-serve kiosks. When you take steps to improve the customer experience, such as ease of entering and exiting the park, they are likely to tell their friends about your park.

Consider the user interface and security features of your platform. The last thing you want is a dashboard that is difficult to navigate or a hosting that does not protect your customers' sensitive information.

When choosing a water park POS system, it’s essential to take your time and evaluate each platform on your list. This way, you can ensure the POS system meets your needs and contributes to the overall success of your park.

Whether you need software and hardware information or clever life hacks, we offer a wide range of reviews, comparison pages, and blog posts on our website.

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