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Signs For a New Car
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How To Know If It's Time for a New Car

How To Know If It's Time for a New CarHow To Know If It's Time for a New Car

It is no secret that cars should be driven with the utmost care, as their value depreciates with use. At a certain point, you are unlikely to get a good appraisal value when you want to sell your car. This is why it is recommended that you upgrade your car to match today's technological advancements and safety standards.

There are countless signs that tell you when it is time to get a new car. In this blog, we will discuss those signs and present you with our top three car dealerships that can aid you in purchasing your new car and financing it.

Signs That Show It is Time for a New Car

#1: Degraded performance with changing weather conditions

Your car's performance and reliability should not be impacted by the weather. If your car does not start when it's cold outside, takes too much time to heat up, or overheats when the weather is hot, it is definitely time to get a new car.

If that happens, your battery could be at the end of its lifespan, or your car's radiator or engine fan might need replacement. Repairing or replacing these parts could be quite costly, frankly, not worth the trouble.

#2: You experience occasional breakdowns

One of the most prominent signs of needing a new car is suffering from occasional breakdowns. Breakdowns include parts failure that prevents your car from working. If you experience breakdowns every couple of months, it is time for a new car.

#3: Your family is growing

As your family grows or your life changes, you will definitely need a new car to match your lifestyle. For example, if you have a new baby, your safest option is getting a bigger family car with easily installed baby seats and enough room for future kids.

#4: Your fuel expenses are increasing

The older your car is, the less fuel-efficient it becomes. Newer car models are always more fuel-efficient than their predecessors. If you are spending too much on fuel for your car, you can also consider getting a hybrid or a fully-electric car.

#5: Your car's insurance costs are rising

Your car's insurance premiums are just as important a factor to consider as its other costs. Older cars are more expensive to insure, as they are less equipped with safety features and could be more prone to theft.

These are just some of the warning signs you should look out for that tell you it's time for a new car. If your safety is being compromised in your old car, and its repair cost is getting more and more expensive, then you should not think twice about upgrading and getting a new car.

Best Car Dealerships Recommendations

1. Carvana

For our first and top recommendation, we present you with Carvana. It is a nationwide trusted online dealership that delivers to your doorstep. Carvana offers over 25,000 certified pre-owned cars that you can shop through.

Carvana will also finance your new car with prequalification that does not affect your credit score, and your financing offer will stay valid for 45 days.

Read our full Carvana dealership review to know everything it has to offer.

2. DriveTime

DriveTime is our second dealership recommendation. It is one of the most highly rated and trusted in the U.S, earning an A+ rating and accreditation from the Better Business Bureau.

DriveTime offers you over 11,000 cars to shop from within its 130 dealerships spread across the country. You can also get an instant cash offer for trading your old vehicle. Here are some of the benefits you get when buying your new car with DriveTime:

  • Money-back guarantee
  • Basic warranty
  • DriveCare program
  • Powertrain coverage
  • GAP coverage
Read our full DriveTime dealership review to know everything it can offer you.

3. CarMax

CarMax is our third dealership recommendation. It is by far one of the largest car dealerships in the U.S and has been operating since 1993. CarMax has its own financing division and can also arrange loans with third-party lenders like Ally Auto, Chase Bank, and Capital One.

CarMax offers over 50,000 pre-owned vehicles to shop from, and you get a 7-day test drive or money-back guarantee if you decide the car you got is not good for you.

Read our full CarMax dealership review to know everything it has to offer.

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