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Top Picks: POS System for iPhone, iPad, & Mac Devices

Top Picks: POS System for iPhone, iPad, & Mac DevicesTop Picks: POS System for iPhone, iPad, & Mac Devices
Which POS software works best with Apple products?

Updated: January 17th, 2024

Buying a point-of-sale system for your business, whether it's a retail store, restaurant, or anything else, doesn't necessarily require purchasing new equipment. Instead, many POS systems let you convert your existing hardware into a fully functional point-of-sale system. How? After you purchase a subscription, just download the point-of-sale software that is compatible with your device. Continue reading our article to learn about the best POS for Apple devices.

A strong point-of-sale system combines hardware and software to provide exceptional business solutions. Hardware includes things like terminals, card readers, cash drawers, printers, routers, barcode scanners, etc. There are also self-service kiosks where customers can buy other things independently. These peripheral devices usually come at an extra cost, depending on your business's needs. Therefore, if you have a range of Apple devices like an iPhone or Mac, this article will include point-of-sale systems that fully integrate with them, so you don’t have to pay extra for the basic hardware.

POS System Compatibility With Apple Devices

How are POS systems compatible with Apple devices?

Before we get into our best selections, it's important to understand how POS solutions work with Apple devices. Whether you have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, assessing features, data management, privacy standards, and advanced functionality for iOS and Mac compatibility is critical.

iPhone compatibility:

Mobile POS systems prioritize efficient inventory management and secure payment processing for businesses relying on iPhones. These systems often have features like gift cards, loyalty programs, and easy tools tailored for small businesses. Additionally, seamless integration with online stores and support for contactless payments contribute to an enhanced customer experience.

iPad compatibility:

Dedicated POS software optimized for iPad usage is a hallmark of iPad-compatible systems. These solutions provide advanced features like robust inventory management and streamlined payment methods. Businesses leveraging iPad POS systems can also benefit from features like gift cards, loyalty programs, and flexible monthly fee options. iPad-compatible point-of-sale systems are flexible because they can work with advanced devices and accept contactless payments.

Mac compatibility:

POS systems compatible with Mac devices often extend their integration capabilities to iPad POS systems. This seamless integration ensures consistency in data management, allowing businesses to efficiently track inventory, process payments, and manage customer relationships. With support for online store integration, Mac-compatible POS systems offer comprehensive solutions. They also facilitate credit card payments seamlessly and often include robust customer relationship management (CRM) features.

The Future of POS Systems on Apple Devices

How will AI enhance POS systems on Apple devices?

Seamless integration with emerging technologies is the future of point-of-sale systems on Apple devices. Artificial intelligence and machine learning will enhance data analytics and customer engagement, while the evolution of contactless payments and mobile point-of-sale systems will shape the industry. Ongoing advancements in the app's privacy practices will redefine data security, offering continuous performance improvements through software updates and enhancements. This transition signifies a promising era for businesses leveraging POS systems on their Apple devices as they adapt to and benefit from these progressive changes.

How can a POS system improve your business operations?

A POS system can streamline your inventory management, process payments efficiently, and support gift cards and loyalty programs, thus enhancing your business operations. You can also access robust reporting features to gain insights for informed decision-making. Additionally, seamless integration with your online store can help you manage all-inclusive sales.

Best POS Systems for Apple Devices

What are the best POS systems for Apple devices?

1. TouchBistro POS: TouchBistro is one of the industry's top point-of-sale systems, providing the finest options for your restaurant. It’s designed to handle various restaurant styles, including fine dining, fast service, pubs and lounges, coffee shops, and food trucks. This service provides features tailored to each restaurant type, ensuring you have the tools and capabilities needed to grow your business.

TouchBistro integrates best with the following Apple devices:

  • iPad: This is specific to iPad 9.7" (2018, 6th generation), iPad Mini 5 (2019), and the iPad Air (2019, 3rd generation)
  • Mac Mini

TouchBistro also provides you with the hardware setup that suits your restaurant's size, venue type, and needs. The two hardware packages are:

  • Common hardware setups for small venues: It includes an iPad, router, kitchen printer, and cash drawer
  • Common hardware setup for large venues: It includes several iPads, a router, a Mac mini server, a kitchen printer, a receipt printer, a monitor, a keyboard, and a mouse

 2. Square POS: Square is our second selection for the finest iPhone, iPad, and Mac POS systems. Square POS is a robust, all-in-one point-of-sale system that also works with Apple devices, notably the current generation of iPads. This provider suggests utilizing iPads from 2019 to 2021, including the iPad Air (2019), iPad Pro, and iPad Mini. SquareUP's hardware kits are compatible with these iPad devices:

  • Square Standard Kit
  • Square Stand Restaurant Station
  • Square Stand Restaurant Station with Square Terminal
  • Rest Stand for iPad Mini Kit
  • Rest Stand for iPad Mini 2 Kit
  • Infinite Peripherals Mobile Kit for Square Reader

They also support restaurant businesses, retail shops, and appointment-type businesses. Their robust hardware offers great features to help your business run seamlessly and automate your workflow. You can start with Square POS for free, and you’ll only be charged for every processed transaction.

3. Revel POS: This provider is also one of the best POS providers for iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. It’s a hybrid point-of-sale system that can process payments and continue its workflow without an internet connection. So when the internet connection is severed, your data will be stored on your local server and automatically uploaded to the cloud server when the connection returns. They also support many business types, such as restaurants, retail shops, quick-service restaurants, coffee shops, and pizza places. Its hardware is also compatible with Apple products, such as:

  • iPad
  • iPad Pro
  • iPad Mini

Revel offers iPad stands for your point-of-sale terminals; they come in two shapes: L stands and C stands. The former provides real counter appeal; it's sturdy at an ergonomic height and comes in black and white, with or without a customer-facing display; the C stand is more suitable to keep your POS at a low profile; it’s super sleek and works best for service stations and back bars.

What aspects should I consider while picking a POS system for my Apple devices?

Several factors should be addressed when selecting a POS system for your Apple devices to guarantee that it meets your company's needs and goals. Some significant factors to consider are:

  • Easy to use: Look for a simple system for your staff to use that enables automatic updates. This decreases the training time and minimizes mistakes during transactions
  • Integrations: Consider how effectively the system interfaces with your company's existing tools and software. Seamless connections increase productivity and lower the chance of data inconsistencies
  • Scalability: Select a system that can expand alongside your business. Scalability is vital, especially if you aim to expand
  • Customer service: Assess the amount of customer assistance the company provides; a responsive support team may be crucial in quickly addressing difficulties
  • Security: To secure your company's and customers' data, ensure the system satisfies the highest security requirements. Consider features such as end-to-end encryption and safe payment processing


Selecting the best point-of-sale system for your Apple devices may significantly improve your business operations. Whether you value flawless customer experiences, effective inventory management, or multichannel sales, there’s a great point of sale system for you. Take the time to examine your business's needs, consider your budget, and compare the assistance and services provided by other suppliers.

Investing in a trustworthy POS system expedites your sales operations, enhances accuracy, and obtains vital insights into your company's success. Embrace the future of technology and enhance your business with the ideal POS system for your iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

Read our point-of-sale provider reviews, in-depth blog posts, and insightful comparisons to make an informed choice about the provider you want to work with. 

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