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How To Change Name On Tinder

How To Change Name On Tinder

How To Change Name On TinderHow To Change Name On Tinder


Do you want to know how to change name on Tinder? Keep reading.

Tinder has become one of the most popular online dating applications used around the world. It is accessible to anyone with a phone making it user-friendly and easy to,unless you make a mistake registering your name or age.

Say you are swiping right when you bump into an ex you were trying to avoid, or you made a typo and want your proper name on display.

Either way, you will soon realize that Tinder does not allow you to change your name or age.

Not to worry, there is a way around it. In this article, I will explain how to change name on Tinder.

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Tinder Guidelines

Officially, Tinder protects its users from fake accounts and bots by banning account holders from changing their name and age once the account is created. Unfortunately, if you happened to sign up without Facebook, the only way to get your name set is to create a new Tinder account and delete your current one.

The downside of this would be that all your recent matches, likes, and messages would get deleted and cannot be moved into your new account. In addition, the algorithm Tinder customized for your preferences would also go away, and you will need to start fresh.

If you are planning to start over, then here are the steps to change your name on Tinder:

1-Open the app on your phone

2-Go to your profile

3-Press on settings

4-Scroll to the end of the menu and select Delete Account

This move does not affect your Tinder subscription, and if you have already purchased one, you should be able to restore it on your new account.


How to Change Name on Tinder Using Facebook

If you have opened your account via Facebook, you are in luck; there is a way around the ''no-name-change policy;'' changing your name directly through Facebook.

This is because the two are accounts are linked together, and with your approval, all your basic information is brought in, like your name, age, and date of birth.

If you are willing to change your name on the other platform, open your Facebook account and follow these quick steps.

1-On the top right of the page, select the downward-facing arrow

2-Slick on Settings & Privacy

3-Select settings

4-Next to your name, click on the word edit

5-Type in your new name

6-Click on review change

7-Save changes


The moment you save the changes through Facebook, your Tinder account should update automatically as well. If you do not see an instant change in your name, then there are a couple of different scenarios of why this happened.

1- It often takes a few days for Tinder to change the name after changing it on Facebook

2-Some have to log out of their account and log back in to reset the name

3-There have been reports of this method not working for some people


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Now that you have learned how to change name on Tinder, you are good to go back into the dating world. If you entered your name incorrectly while signing up on Tinder, you would have to go back to the steps stated above.

In applications like Tinder, being transparent and having your real name on there is important; it will get you more matches, and you will be able to make the connections you are looking for.

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