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Top Reasons to Have Your Car Repaired/Serviced at a Dealership

Top Reasons to Have Your Car Repaired/Serviced at a DealershipTop Reasons to Have Your Car Repaired/Serviced at a Dealership

Many car owners fail to realize the advantages of having their cars repaired or serviced at a dealership rather than at an independent repair shop. While yes, it could be more expensive to repair your car at a dealership, but in the long run, your maintenance expenses will be lower as your car will receive quality repairs that will have your repair shop visit decrease.

We will list you some advantages and top reasons why it's best to repair your car at a dealership to help with any confusion you may have regarding the matter.

Top Reasons to Have Your Car Repaired/Serviced at a Dealership

#1: Excellent auto services

At dealerships, you get to enjoy excellent and professional customer service, as they only employ the best automotive professionals to tend to their client's cars. There are no reasons why certified dealerships should not be trusted to repair or service your car.

#2: It's a one-stop auto solution

At dealerships, you can also find certified technicians, mechanics, and equipment that can cater to a range of services, including basic manufacturer recommendations. Such services can include oil changes, extensive repairings like broken transmissions, steering, brakes, and many others. So would you not want to visit a local repair shop that could scam you when a one-stop auto solution dealership is there to provide your car with all the care it needs?

#3: It honors your manufacturer's warranty

Servicing or repairing your car at a dealership will ensure your manufacturer's warranty is honored, so you might not have to pay a single penny. However, at repair shops, you could be charged a lot for simple repairs, and your manufacturer's warranty might get void.

#4: Accessories and Upgrades

New car upgrades and accessories are always being made and released, so if you missed out on some cool new features, a certified dealership could provide you with authentic accessories and proper installation from its AS-certified mechanics.

#5: You get a verified service history

Dealerships can benefit you with verified service history as your car's service history is recorded. This allows mechanics to follow up on maintenance according to schedule. Regular maintenance increases your car's lifespan and performance and lowers its maintenance costs in the long run.

#6 Discounts

If you purchased your car at a dealership, you might receive special discounts and promotions such as free oil changes and car washes. This means you could save up a lot on such services rather than pay for them at a local repair shop.

Best Car Dealership Recommendations

1. Carvana

Our top car dealership recommendation is Carvana. It was launched in 2012 with complete online shopping services. Carvana provides you with several benefits such as:

  • Pre-qualification with a soft credit check.
  • Customer service is available seven days a week.
  • Borrowers can change their payment due date via the Carvana app.
  • The minimum loan amount is lower than other lenders.
  • Application process 100% online, including document upload.

Carvana offers over 25,000 vehicles to shop from in its extensive inventory, and each vehicle receives a 150-point inspection that comes with a free Carfax vehicle history report.

Read our full Carvana dealership review to know more about its offerings.

2. DriveTime

For our second recommendation, we present you with DriveTime. DriveTime is one of the most trusted dealerships in the U.S, as it offers industry-leading auto loan applications with great benefits. Such benefits include:

  • 5-day money-back guarantee
  • 30-day, 1,500-mile warranty
  • 99% approval odds
  • GAP Coverage
  • Powertrain Coverage
  • DriveCare Program

You can shop from over 11,000 vehicles from its 130 dealership locations across the U.S.

Read our full DriveTime dealership review to know everything it has to offer.

3. CarMax

Our last recommendation is CarMax. The dealership is considered one of the largest retailers of used cars in the United States, as it offers an extensive inventory of over 55,000 cars. CarMax offers several benefits such as:

  • No haggling buying experience
  • You can finance any car they sell
  • There's a 5-day money-back guarantee
  • Each car comes with a complimentary 30-day warranty
  • Wide variety of makes, models, and model years
Read our full Carmax dealership review to know everything it has to offer.

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