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Best Putlocker Alternatives

Best Putlocker Alternatives 2024

Best Putlocker Alternatives [y]Best Putlocker Alternatives [y]


When it comes to the best free movie streaming sites, Putlocker is one of the best, providing countless media free of charge.

This was why many governments started hunting Putlocker internationally, preventing users from viewing its content as it was redeemed as a source of piracy. Of course, not all content on Putlocker is piracy; some of the media have no copyright issues and are therefore legal to view. 

Today we will share with you our best Putlocker alternatives streaming sites list for you to enjoy.

We do not endorse illegal streaming. Not all acts of streaming are illegal, and streaming websites can be used to view media without copyright issues.
When visiting streaming websites, it is recommended to use a premium VPN service to avoid governmental blocking and ISP logging.

1. Crackle: The Best Putlocker Alternative

Crackle is a top contender for the best free movie streaming sites platform for watching movies and TV Shows. Hence is a perfect substitute for Putlocker. They have thousands of titles (and counting) and make a great alternative to the free streaming website's big names.

Furthermore, Crackle is owned by Sony Pictures and is entirely legal and open, with zero pop-up ads! However, Crackle is not available in all countries.

Crackle functions only in 21 countries, including the USA, Canada, Australia, and 18 other Latin American countries. It showcases its content in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

Getting access to Crackle from other countries won't work unless you have a VPN service to redirect you to the allowed countries. Gain access to servers abroad with our #1 VPN product NordVPN.


Link: Visit Crackle

2. PopcornFlix

Created by Screen Media Ventures, PopcornFlix is another legal and safe website offering a vast collection of movies and TV shows. The service is ad-supported, meaning they earn their money using ads. It ranks second in our best Putlocker alternatives list for a good reason.

PopcornFlix displays some of the latest movies and TV shows, along with webisodes and feature-length films. The company was purchased in 2017 by Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment, which is the company that initially created Crackel before Sony purchased it. 

Link: Visit PopcornFlix 

3. TubiTV

Based in San Francisco, California, and owned by the Fox Corporation, TubiTV ranked third in our best Putlocker alternatives list is yet another popular streaming application for you to watch thousands of free movies and TV shows from anywhere.

Since its arrival in April 2014, Tubi has been a big hit in the streaming world. This is primarily due to its content library and device compatibility. This again is another 100% legal, free and safe website for viewing movies and shows.

Link: Visit TubiTV 

4. 123movies

Operating from Vietnam 123movies is one of the best and largest available streaming libraries. It contains thousands of movies, TV shows, and anime shows. The fourth place in our the best Putlocker alternative sites was considered the most popular illegal streaming site. 

In terms of browsing, the interface is similar to the one in Putlocker and is easy to use, with a filter at the main page to pick the genre, country, TV -  series, and TOP IMDb options, and as a plus, it has a night mode.

As a free website, its primary source of revenue would be ads, as every now and then, some ads will pop-up as you watch. Buffering-wise, it doesn't have many issues and is instead dependent on your bandwidth.
But since this is a free website, ads pop up every time you click on the page. However, streaming is generally buffer-free (which also depends on your bandwidth and other factors).

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Link: Visit 123movies

5. Yes!Movies

Yes!Movies have an updated collection of all the latest movies and TV series, including those released recently. It has a similar filtering system to Putlocker with a genre, country filter, and the option to list items based on moive/T-series and a top IMDb option.

While Yes!Movies has an extensive database of content. It lacks speed in terms of video buffering, making it slower than its counterpart 123movies.

Link: Visit Yes!Movies

6. Flixtor

Flixtor provides users with movies and TV shows as well, for them to enjoy, with a similar interface and filters to the previously mentioned websites. However, if you plan to use Flixtor, you should watch out as your ISP could mark you even if you download legal content. Hence using a VPN is recommended.

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Link: Visit Flixtor 

7. Vumoo

A populated homepage with thumbnails of the latest movies and TV series, Vumoo provides an integrated media player to play the video on your web browser.

Vumoo gives you the latest titles that have been recently released on some of the popular OTT (Over-the-Top) platforms like Netflix, HBO, and Hulu.

Vumoo provides users with a good range of resolution configurations in its movies. However, it suffers in terms of speed and buffering relative to some other free streaming services.

Link: Visit Vumoo

8. FMovies

Launched in 2016, Fmovies is a huge favorite streaming website for many users. You can find the latest movies and TV shows which are released faster than some of its competitors and therefore is a good alternative to Putlocker.

It also features content categorized according to genre, country, and top IMDb ranked movies, similar to Putlocker.

In the event you want them to add a specific movie or show, you can send them a request to find and add it to their library.

Fmovies will automatically redirect you to its active site regardless if the mirror you clicked is inactive.

Link: Visit FMovies

9. Yidio

Founded in 2008 Yidio, is a video aggregator, meaning it gathers content from other subscription-based streaming services and displays it on its website for users to watch the media they want from a single interface.

The ratings on Yidio movie reviews are based on the Rotten Tomatoes scoring system. However, Yidio has a few issues to address, including the limited number of films with free access to watch relative to other streaming services.

The high amount of indirect links, the occasional low video quality, and the long advertisement time starting mid videos can be off-putting.

Link: Visit Yidio

Importance of a VPN with Free Streaming Sites

Because of the ongoing tug of war. Streaming websites are constantly taken down, with the sites opening more and more mirrors. This leads to the risk of fake phishing sites emerging, which could result in your private info getting stolen.

Additionally, even if you view legal media only on a marked streaming website, your local ISP (Internet service provider) could mark you for accessing it in the first place.

Another issue is the restriction on the access of websites to certain geo-locations (e.g., Crackle). Hence our top VPN recommendations when viewing the best free movie streaming sites:

1. NordVPN


NordVPN is based in Panama (Not a 5/9/14-Eyes Alliance) with a strict no-logs policy. It has over 5400 servers spread over 59 countries worldwide. NordVPN provides a high-end encryption level (AES 256-bit military-grade encryption).

Pricewise NordVPN is relatively lower than ExpressVPN, giving it an edge in this section.

Avoid ISP Logging With NordVPN!

2. ExpressVPN


ExpressVPN is based in the British Virgin Islands (not a 5/9/14-Eyes Alliance member) with a strict no-logs policy. It has over 3000 servers spread over 160 locations in 94 countries. ExpressVPN has a high encryption level (AES 256-bit military-grade encryption) and has a kill switch.

ExpressVPN is one of the fastest, if not the fastest VPN out there. Making it very suitable for streaming. On the downside, its price is on the higher end of the VPN price spectrum.

Stream Fast With ExpressVPN!

3. CyberGhost


CyberGhost is based in Romania (not a 5/9/14-Eyes Alliance member) provides a no-logs policy, has over 6000 servers spread over 90 countries and provides 256-bit encryption. However, In the speed department, it falls short in comparison to the top two.

In terms of obfuscation, CyberGhost doesn’t work as well, rendering it less useful in high geo-censorship regions. Pricewise CyberGhost is more cost-efficient.

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4. Private Internet Access



Private Internet Access is based in the USA (a member of the 5-Eye alliance). It claims a no activity-log policy, has over 26,000 servers in 77 countries which means it has the widest variety of servers. It provides 256-bit encryption and has a kill switch.

Price-wise, Private Internet Access is rather good. Its only downfall is the 5/9/14 Eyes alliance localization. Nevertheless, they claim a no activity-log policy.

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5. Surfshark



Surfshark is based in the British Virgin Islands (not a 5/9/14-Eyes Alliance member) with a no-logs policy. Has over 3200 servers spread over 65+ countries. It provides 256-bit encryption, kill switch and many of its servers are optimized for streaming.

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