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Best POS For Restaurants
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Best POS For Restaurants

Best POS For RestaurantsBest POS For Restaurants

Running a restaurant is no easy feat, but using one of the best POS for restaurants can make running it a piece of cake, just like the dessert on your menu. A restaurant POS will maximize your business's efficiency like never before and give you detailed real-time reports and analytics on every aspect of it, so you can make smarter business decisions and watch your restaurant grow.

However, it is not always all about your restaurant's operations that a point-of-sale system works with; the best POS for restaurants also focuses on customer engagement and building great relationships with them to keep them coming back for seconds and organically spreading the word about your mouth-watering dishes.

A great restaurant keeps its customer satisfied in every way. Customer satisfaction, however, does not end with loyalty programs or rewards; it is beneficial to have a point-of-sale system that can allow customers to make an order themselves with kiosks or have a server by their table to order. This cuts down the queue line at the register and helps the kitchen get their order simultaneously.

It is also vital to research the point-of-sale system you are interested in and its features, plans, and hardware, so you do not end up overpaying for unnecessary devices or features you will not be using. Here are the best POS for restaurants:

  1. TouchBistro POS
  2. Toast POS
  3. Square POS

Best POS for Restaurants

1. TouchBistro POS

TouchBistro POS is specifically designed to manage restaurants and provide them with business solutions that help streamline workflow and operations. TouchBistro POS is an industry-leading point-of-sale system that has won several awards, such as the 2020 Best Restaurant ICX award and Best POS Systems for Restaurants 2019. Even Gordon Ramsey himself uses TouchBistro in his restaurants!

TouchBistro POS supports many restaurant types such as fine-dining, quick-service restaurants, food trucks, coffee shops, bakeries, and many more! TouchBistro offers great features that fit each restaurant types' needs to help it grow and expand its reach.

One of TouchBistro POS's top features is its powerful floor plan and table management software that simplifies designing a floor plan for you, so you can easily manage and assign servers to tables while offering your customers that sweet experience they will want to sink their teeth again.

You also get the features found in most leading point-of-sale systems such as inventory, menu, and employee management, all of which work hand in hand to seamlessly manage your restaurant and every aspect of it.

TouchBistro POS pricing starts at $69 per month, with extra products available for customer engagement, such as:

  • Reservations – starting at $229 per month
  • Online ordering – starting at $50 per month
  • Gift Cards – starting at $25 per month.
  • Loyalty – starting at $99 per month.
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2. Toast POS

Toast POS is our second best POS for restaurants; it will be the toast to your restaurant's butter. Toast POS also supports several restaurant types and offers customizations to each type that fits its needs. What makes Toast POS one of the best POS for restaurants is its wide range of third-party integrations partners that span over 70; such integrations are online ordering, scheduling, inventory, and reservation platforms.

Another great feature provided by Toast POS is its multi-location management, which allows you to manage and keep track of your franchise-level restaurants from one place. Toast POS is cloud-based, which means all your data is stored on a cloud-based server that you can access anytime from anywhere.

Moreover, digital menus and online ordering are also offered to provide your customers with a no-contact experience. You can send your customers digital receipts to save paper and printing costs.

Toast POS has three payment plans:

  1. Pay-as-You-Go – starting from $0/month.
  2. Essentials- starting from $165/month.
  3. Growth- starting from $272/month.
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3. Square POS

Square POS is another great POS that your restaurant will be in safe hands with. It's an all-inclusive POS system that supports quick service, full service, fast-casual, bars & breweries, and ghost kitchens businesses.

Square POS integrates with various third-party applications and industry-leading partners that provide you with extra features and functionalities, which include but are not limited to:

  • Delivery and Order Management
  • Items and Inventory
  • Accounting & Tax

Square POS also offers your traditional restaurant management features like inventory management, table management, staff management. Kitchen reports and sales reports will provide you with in-depth analysis so you can crunch the numbers and make better decisions for your restaurant.

Square POS offers three subscription plans:

  1. Free plan: The free plan charges you 2.6% +10 cents at every in-person payment and 2.9% + 30 cents at every online payment. However, custom processing rates will apply if you process more than $250k per year.
  2. Plus plan: Costs $60 per month per location, with 2.5% +10 cents for each in-person payment and 2.9% +30 cents for each online payment.
  3. Premium plan; has custom pricing; you will need to contact the sales department for your quote, depending on how large your business is and its needs.
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