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Avast Cleanup Review

Avast Cleanup Review: What Does It Really Do?

Avast Cleanup Review: What Does It Really Do?Avast Cleanup Review: What Does It Really Do?


 Are you looking for a PC cleaner that is trustworthy and worth your money? Continue reading our Avast Cleanup Review to know all about it and judge yourself!

Avast has built up quite a reputation for protecting its users from malware and cyber threats with its antivirus security software. However, reputation is not the only measure that keeps Avast ahead; numbers and test results do.

Avast scores top results in AV-Tests in its ability to detect malware. In addition, a 6/6 in device performance means Avast Antivirus will not slow down your device’s performance, keeping it running smoothly. Avast also scores three out of three stars in AV-Comparatives regarding real-world protection, malware detection, and device performance. Finally, according to SE Labs, Avast scores a 100% in their Total Accuracy Rating.

The services Avast offers do not end at antivirus security and malware detection; it also provides a secure VPN, a driver updater, a battery saver, and a cleanup service.

In this blog, we will focus on Avast Cleanup and the features it holds.


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Avast Cleanup Review

Avast Cleanup promises to tune and optimize your PC’s performance in several ways, and they have recently published their test’s data to prove its worth. Named as the most comprehensive PC optimizer and tuneup toolkit, Avast Cleanup does more than remove junk files from your PC. It offers a variety of other features that enhance your device’s booting speed and battery consumption.

Avast Cleanup premium features

Disk Cleaner

The disk cleaner, as its name suggests, deletes leftover files from Windows and uninstalled programs. These files are inoperative and can hold a large space on your HDD.

Registry Cleaner

Removes hidden junk from the Windows registry and fixes problems. So many Windows issues stem from registry problems, Avast Cleanup registry cleaner makes sure they are working fine.

Disk Defrag and Optimize

If your hard drive is acting up and accessing data on it has become a slow task, disk defragmentation is the best solution. Disk defragmentation means the rearrangement of data in your disk drive for faster and easier data access. You can think of it as rearranging your room.

Disk Doctor

Checks, fixes, and prevents errors on your hard disk.

Bloatware removal

Removes any 3rd-party applications, ads, and toolbars that you never wanted.

Browser cleaner

Removes leftover browsing cookies and traces from any browser that you are using.

Tuning Dashboard and Action Center

Provides a brief overview of your PC’s overall health and the actions needed to be taken if your PC requires it.

Automatic Maintenance

Regularly cleans and tunes your PC for you; it performs all the features mentioned above in one click. Thus, it saves you time, saves you effort, and keeps your PC clean and at top performance.

Avast Cleanup Compatibility

Avast Cleanup is available for Windows, Mac, and Android users as well. The Android application is also free to download from the google play store.

Avast Cleanup Prices

Avast Cleanup offers two plans, one for 1 PC and another for 10 devices. Find their summary below:

Avast Cleanup also offers a 30-day trial on its services with no credit card details required. There is also a 30-day money-back guarantee on all its plans in case you decide it is not good enough for you.


Avast Cleanup Review Summary

Avast Cleanup is a handy optimizing tool with a multitude of features that keep your PC running at its best. Do we recommend it? Yes, despite it being a little pricey, it comes from a well-trust company and performs greatly. If you would like a cheaper alternative, we recommend CC Cleaner, and it has similarly great features at a lower cost.

If you are also interested in their antivirus, read our full Avast antivirus review.

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