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ActivTrak: Workforce Productivity Management Software Review

ActivTrak: Workforce Productivity Management Software ReviewActivTrak: Workforce Productivity Management Software Review


About ActivTrak

ActivTrak is a workforce productivity and analytics software company that offers team help in understanding how people work either in the office or remotely. ActivTrak is an award-winning workforce solution that can be configured in minutes to provide clear visibility and analysis.

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ActivTrak started out as an employee monitoring tool that evolved into a privacy-conscious productivity platform as it began to believe that productivity is not correlated with surveillance but rather with data and insights from the digital user activity in today's modern workplace.

ActivTrak is a market-leading workforce management solution provider. It earns overwhelmingly high customer praise, reviews, and ratings of 8.4/10 stars from Trustradius, 4.6/5 stars from Getapp, and 4.5/5 stars from G2. The company is also rated A by the Better Business Bureau.

ActivTrak Features & Solutions

Workforce Optimization

Workforce optimization allows you to assess, measure, and optimize productivity across your organization. The platform allows you to correlate your employees' working habits to productivity trends to identify areas where support is needed and measure progress in an objective way.

Workforce optimization features include:

Productivity Insights

Productivity insights provide you with data on patterns that fuel success and growth opportunities. You get to:

  • View high-level productivity metrics for teams and individuals.
  • Understand how employees' time is divided between work, collaborative activities, and multitasking to identify and correct imbalances.
  • See which sites and apps are accessed the most to assess their alignment with core responsibilities and identify distraction sources.
  • Compare productivity levels and work habits of in-office, remote and hybrid employees.
  • Assess workload balance within teams to know who is underutilized to allocate work accordingly.

Benchmarks & Goals

Benchmarks allow you to set and track goals to motivate and measure improvement. You can encourage maximizing productivity habits and set progress measuring guideposts by:

  • Referencing benchmarks for productivity, focus, and collaboration; to understand what is typical for your team.
  • Establishing and communicating goals to set clear expectations to ensure alignment regarding roles and responsibilities.
  • Seeing how individual team members' productivity, focus, and collaboration change over periods of time.
  • Evaluating progress regularly toward goals to measure improvement and flag areas where teams need support.

Productivity Coaching

Productivity coaching allows your managers and team leaders to engage in your employees' productivity and well-being. Productivity coaching allows you to:

Enable employees to optimize their schedules and self-identify areas for improvement by providing visibility into their personal work habits.

Deliver targeted enablement with the help of its virtual productivity coach that surfaces team members that showcase signs of burnout, disengagement, or lack of focus, plus advice on how to support them in the best way possible.

Share regular progress updates and foster collaboration with leaders and stakeholders by creating automated email subscriptions.

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ActivTrak allows you to contextualize your workforce activity data with integrations with your existing business software and applications. Integrations include:

  • CRM software
  • Business intelligence tools
  • Microsoft Teams

Employee Productivity Monitoring

The employee productivity monitoring software provides you with insights into your employee's productivity patterns while ensuring privacy and security compliance. ActivTrak will analyze your employee work activity data and provide you with crystal-clear visibility on productivity trends, working hours, and behaviors while defending against potential security threats.

Employee Productivity Monitoring features include:

Employee Activity Reporting

Activity reporting provides you with near real-time visibility into your employee activity data and allows you to:

  • See activity status to see whether team members are online and active, what they are working on, or if they are passive.
  • Compare remote and in-office teams' work habits to help pinpoint variations in productivity and time spent on certain tasks.
  • Filter reports regularly by day, week, and month to assess longer-term productivity trends
  • Categorize apps and sites by business functions or departments to report how much time is being spent on each activity.

Time Tracking

Time tracking tools allow you to capture time spent online to validate employee-reported hours. You can:

  • Report on employees' working hours and duration without manually clocking in and out.
  • Review productive and unproductive time for teams and individual employees.
  • Create private, flexible monitoring schedules aligned to working hours to ensure activity data is collected during company hours.

Compliance & Risk Management

ActivTrak allows you to manage your remote workforce's IT security and compliance risks with custom alerts and employee activity logs. You can:

  • Get instant notifications about potentially risky activities with pre-defined and custom alarms that trigger alerts via Slack or MS Teams.
  • Enforce security and compliance policies with reminder notifications when employees are performing non-compliant actions.
  • Set actionable alerts when vulnerabilities are introduced like external hard drives, unapproved software, and risky websites.

Employee Engagement & Experience Software

ActivTrak allows you to improve your employee engagement and well-being by providing data-driven workforce insights that complement engagement surveys and OKRs and enabling managers and employees to play an active role in improving engagement, satisfaction, and well-being.

ActivTrak can help you:

  • Address burnout and disengagement proactively by exposing early signs
  • Empower employees to optimize their schedules and work habits
  • Assess and optimize workload balance across teams
  • Set team goals to drive engagement and alignment
  • Combine data from multiple sources for a universal view of engagement and experience

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Workplace Efficiency

ActivTrak can help you measure your organization's digital change impact by providing visibility into technology usage, productivity, and employee engagement. Workplace efficiency solution features include:

Technology Usage & Adoption

Technology usage and adoption tools allow you to gain insights into technology usage across your company to enlighten on future investments and identify cost-saving opportunities. You also get to:

  • See which apps are heavily used to determine future investments.
  • Identify cost-saving opportunities that stem from underutilized tools and excess software licenses
  • Reduce silos and standardize workflows by identifying redundant apps or tools with overlapping functionality.
  • Compare websites and application usage across remote and in-office teams to understand how workflows vary and which technologies enable remote and hybrid work.

Work Patterns & Trends

You can guide workplace strategy with insights into employee productivity and well-being by assessing the impact of remote and hybrid models on employee work habits. You can:

  • Compare productivity and focus trends across remote, hybrid, and in-office teams to gauge the feasibility of a flexible work model.
  • Draw correlations between work environment and well-being by analyzing employee utilization levels and other predictors of burnout.
  • Identify employees who struggle with remote work so you can understand the root causes and quickly offer support.
  • Analyze time spend in video conferences and messaging applications to ensure remote employees have all the resources they need to collaborate and feel like a part of the team.

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ActivTrak Plans and Prices

ActivTrak offers four subscription plans for its workforce productivity management and optimization software. You also get to enjoy its Premium plan free for 14 days without any credit card information. Its plans are:

Free: $0/month

This plan's features include:

  • Activity Dashboard
  • Top Applications Report
  • Top Websites Report
  • Top Users Report
  • Top Categories Report
  • Productivity Report
  • Automated Classification of Websites & Apps Activity
  • Activity Alarms
  • Email Notification
  • Email support

Advanced: $9/user/month, billed annually

This plan's features include everything in the free plan, plus:

  • Team Productivity Pulse
  • Working Hours Report
  • Productivity classification by groups
  • Notifications via Slack or MS Teams
  • USB Device & File Transfer Detection
  • Alarm-triggered screenshots
  • Remote Install
  • Chat, phone, and email support
  • Diagnostics / Health Check
  • Onboarding & enablement resources

Premium: $15/user/month, billed annually

This plan includes everything in the Advanced plan, in addition to:

  • Team productivity goal setting & tracking
  • Team & individual productivity benchmarks
  • Virtual Coach recommendations
  • Email subscriptions and sharing
  • Personal insights dashboard for employees
  • Organization health dashboard
  • Work efficiency & focus
  • Inefficiency and distraction analysis
  • Workload balance & burnout risk
  • Technology usage and adoption
  • Chat, phone, and email support
  • Diagnostics / Health Check
  • Comprehensive Productivity Lab recommendations
  • Onboarding & enablement resources
  • Learning Hub in product

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Enterprise: Quote-based

ActivTrak will tailor the solution to your organizational needs and integrate it with other data sources.

ActivTrak Add-Ons

ActivConnect: $2/user/month

ActivConnect provides you with:

  • Export & query data
  • App integrations
  • BI starter templates for Power BI, Google Data Studio, Tableau
  • Includes:
    • Activity details
    • Group information
    • Premium metrics
    • Historic benchmarks
    • Team actuals vs. goals

Data History: $1/user/month

Customer Support

You can reach ActivTraq through live chat, ticket, or by phone or email at +1 (888) 907-0301 and You can also watch a 2-minute demo video of its software to see how it works.

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Final Words

ActivTrak offers a complete workforce productivity management solution that is packed with smart and intuitive features that can help your organization achieve more and better by enabling team leads, managers, and employees into healthy well-being and focused productivity. You can try ActivTraq free of charge for 14-days before opting for a paid subscription.

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