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Portfolio Warranty Review: Know Before You Invest

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Portfolio Warranty Review: Know Before You Invest

Updated: September 10th, 2023

Portfolio Services Limited, Inc. serves as a contract administrator and obligor for vehicle service contracts (VSCs), partnering with auto, RV, motorcycle, and powersports dealers to provide extended protection against mechanical breakdowns and malfunctions. Their plans stand out for their customizability, offering warranties supported by careful inspection and skilled overhauls, giving their customers extended peace of mind.


Several coverage plans
High-tech component coverage
Versatile vehicle coverage
Roadside assistance


Prices are not transparent
Confusing website
Lack of transparency

Quick Stats

Phone Number
(800) 705-4001
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Who Is Portfolio Protect?

Established in 1989, Portfolio started its journey by taking roots in Lake Forest, California. Over time, it shifted its base of operations to Dallas, Texas. In 2020, the company acquired NAE/NWAN, uniting two businesses dedicated to providing the best customer experience. Since then, it has earned 18 Dealer’s Choice Awards and workplace awards for its California, Texas, and Ohio offices.


Portfolio’s innovative plans come with many perks that aim to enhance the customer’s experience and alleviate repair costs throughout their extended warranty coverage.

Customizable coverage

Portfolio One allows you to customize your VSC to match your exact needs and preferences. You can choose coverage types and policy limits that suit your situation. Whether you require comprehensive protection, specific coverage for certain components, or higher or lower policy limits, you will be covered accordingly.

High-tech component coverage

Portfolio understands the importance of staying in alignment with modern demands by covering modern components equipped with cutting-edge technology. This includes protecting systems such as navigation, touch-screen displays, sensors, and the power lift gate.

Versatile vehicle coverage

Portfolio's commitment to meeting every customer's needs is evident in its comprehensive coverage, which encompasses automobiles, RVs, motorcycles, and powersports. This diverse range ensures that a wide variety of customers can benefit from their services.

Roadside assistance

Portfolio provides roadside assistance with all their plans to ensure that their customers are safe and back on the road in no time. This also includes up to $100 in reimbursement for towing.

Transferable coverage

A contract with Portfolio ensures that your coverage is transferable. If you decide to sell your car in the future, you can do so seamlessly and without any hiccups, while also enjoying the additional benefit of an increased resale value for your vehicle.

Trip interruption reimbursement

When you're on the road, far from home, and your car unexpectedly breaks down, Portfolio has you covered with their trip interruption reimbursement services. This valuable service helps lift the financial burden of unexpected expenses, such as food and lodging, which could otherwise significantly impact your travel budget.

Nationwide coverage

Portfolio’s services extend across the nation, with coverage in all 50 states. This expansive reach means that customers have access to their warranty plans no matter where they are. Whether you live in an urban or rural area, Portfolio is always a short ride away.

Rental car reimbursement

In case your car experiences a breakdown that requires significant repairs, Portfolio will not leave you to shoulder the transportation costs alone. They'll reimburse you for a portion of the substitute transportation expenses required for running errands or commuting to work.


While the perks may appear enticing, there are certain considerations and drawbacks that should be taken into account before making a purchase.

Lack of transparency

Portfolio doesn't offer sample contacts for customers to review before making a decision. Unlike some other service providers that may offer a glimpse into the terms and conditions, Portfolio doesn't provide this option. Consequently, potential buyers may find it challenging to fully comprehend and understand the specifics of their plan, forcing them to rely solely on whatever information the company’s representatives offer. This could make them susceptible to being pressured into buying plans they don’t want or need.

Confusing website

At first glance, their website doesn't seem like it's dedicated to warranties at all due to its presentation. It lacks clearly defined sections outlining which plans are vehicle service contracts and which are not. All information is listed in the same space with minimal details available, forcing customers to watch their displayed commercials to get a little more information about each plan.

Limited availability

Portfolio operates solely as an administrator and obligor, managing their products and handling claims. Since engaging with dealerships is the only way to get one of their policies, access to their services is quite restricted. This could drive some customers away or create challenges for existing customers who wish to communicate with them directly and file claims personally.

Plans & Services

Portfolio offers a range of VSC plans designed to cover automobiles, RVs, motorcycles, and powersports. While the company does provide some information on their website about their only protection plan, Portfolio One, it's worth noting that they also offer undisclosed plans that are not available to review on their website. To gain insight into these unlisted options, it's recommended to contact your preferred dealership directly for more details. If you’re interested in purchasing any of these plans, be sure to ask for a sample contract and thoroughly read the fine print to be fully aware of the underwriting and avoid any surprises or unwanted purchases.

Portfolio One: This is their only VSC plan available for new and pre-owned vehicles, with the primary goal of streamlining F&I sales processes. This plan was made with an emphasis on being customizable to the customer’s preferences; it primarily comes in three variations: exclusionary, stated, and powertrain. While there’s limited information on their website about this plan, our research indicates that it extends coverage to components such as air conditioning, electrical components, computer modules, transmission, suspension, engine overhauls, etc. The mileage restrictions, model year limitations, and deductible policies are unknown.

Who Is It For?

Portfolio has designed their plans with unique features to suit the needs of different individuals.

Variety vehicle owners

Managing different types of vehicles is easier with one company. Portfolio works with various dealerships, making it great for multi-vehicle owners. Keeping all your vehicle records in one place simplifies repairs and could save you time and money. 

Owners of newer vehicles 

Portfolio's coverage plans act as an extension of the manufacturer's warranty, offering additional layers of protection. These plans are tailored to your specific needs, with options ranging from powertrain to exclusionary coverage. These policies are designed to compliment your factory warranty with additional coverage for high-tech components often found in new cars.

Pre-owned vehicle owners

Contrary to the assumption that Portfolio only caters to newer vehicles through their dealer-exclusive contracts, they also extend their coverage to pre-owned vehicles. Portfolio's dedication to optimizing your vehicle's performance goes beyond the initial purchase. They offer engine and transmission overhaul services to ensure that your pre-owned vehicle operates at its best.

Customer Reviews

Portfolio got mostly positive reviews on both the BBB (Better Business Bureau) and Google, achieving an A rating with 4.65 stars on the BBB and a 4.8-star rating on Google. These ratings reflect the level of customer satisfaction well, with many reviewers praising their customer service representatives for their caring and professional attitude, which aids their skillful approach to solving problems. One customer in particular praised their response time and recounted how they were able to fill out the claim and get reimbursed for a new tire the same day.

On the flip side, the negative reviews on the BBB complained about delayed repair approvals, unresponsive customer service, and unanswered calls. One notable customer said that their urgent calls for roadside assistance were left unanswered, leaving them stranded on the road. And another expressed agitation due to delayed repairs and having their car withheld, while the company was reluctant to reimburse their rental car expenses after taking the vehicle for two weeks.

Customer reviews are a very important source of information with a lot of valuable insight; however, when making a purchase, you shouldn't base it solely on them. Be sure to do extensive research about their plans and consider contacting associated dealerships to get a better understanding of what they offer.

Contacting Portfolio

To file a claim, you can visit their claims website or call one of the phone numbers on their contacts page. You can also send them an email at [email protected], fill out their contact form, or send them a fax at (949) 727-0393. Lastly, you can contact them through Facebook or LinkedIn. Their working hours are Monday through Friday, 7:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time.

Concluding Remarks

Portfolio Warranty offers a plan that serves different vehicle owners, such as multiple car owners and both new and preowned vehicles. Their customizable plans come with many perks, such as high-tech component coverage, roadside assistance services, and more. However, their lack of transparency and limited availability, combined with their confusing website, could leave customers unsure of what the company exactly offers, which might force customers to call them and potentially be pressured to purchase a plan by the sales representatives.

We encourage you to utilize our comparison tool to thoroughly assess providers and select the most suitable option. Additionally, you can explore our list of leading auto warranty companies for more information.

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