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Portfolio Protection: Asset & Theft Protection

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Portfolio Protection: Asset & Theft Protection

Portfolio Protection: Asset & Theft ProtectionPortfolio Protection: Asset & Theft Protection


24/7 roadside assistance
Several coverage plans
Asset and theft protection products


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Portfolio Protection offers extended warranties for more than just cars, covering RVs, motorcycles, and power sport vehicles. It covers repair costs for specified components and also offers asset protection, maintenance programs, and theft deterrent products.

About Portfolio Protection

Portfolio Protection has been in the extended warranty business for 27 years, and they are accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. Portfolio Protection, however, only works through dealerships, as they see dealers as their partners and not just providers.

Portfolio offers a dealer portal on their website to allow dealerships to easily manage their Portfolio Protection products on behalf of customers and dealership operations. Some of its functions include:

  • Claims procedures and processing
  • Remit contracts online
  • Net remitting of claims, cancellations, and new contracts
  • Research contract status (i.e., expired, canceled, etc.)
  • Request a cancellation estimate
  • Submit a cancellation request online
  • Carefree Maintenance program administration

Portfolio Protection has paid over 520 million dollars to cover customers' claims with their protection products.

Portfolio Protection Coverage Plans

Portfolio Protection offers the following vehicle service contracts; many of these plans have overlapping coverages, so you will need to talk to your dealership to identify the key differences and find the one that suits you most.

Portfolio One

Portfolio One offers several coverage plans, such as Powertrain, the basic vehicle protection, and Stated, which provides more coverage than the basic Powertrain. Furthermore, the exclusionary and exclusionary wrap options allow you to go above and beyond your basic coverage by including comprehensive component inclusion. The last one is the Supplemental Coverage, which lets you choose coverage depending on your vehicle use.

Portfolio Horizon

Similar to Portfolio One, the Horizon plan has two versions: premium vehicles and used vehicles. These plans also include different coverage types that range from Powertrain to Exclusionary and high-tech.


The Quantum plan is specifically made for covering electrical components, including audio systems, screens, and navigation systems.


Encore plans range from supplemental coverage to stated component coverage.

Select Shield

This plan provides coverage for costly powertrain components.

Certified Pre-Owned

The CPO plan enhances your manufacturer's warranty or replaces it.


Coverage details are unclear, but this plan should cover components for four years after the manufacturers' warranty expires.

Asset Protection Products

Portfolio provides several asset protection products for its customers, which include:

  • Spectrum Lease Protection
  • LR3
  • Appearance Protection
  • Road Hazard Tire Protection
  • Tire & Wheel
  • Dent Care
  • Auto GAP
  • Complete Care
  • Key Replacement
  • Glass Defense
  • Express 5


Vehicle Theft Replacement

If your car is stolen, Portfolio will reimburse you up to $25,000 for a new one.

Theft Deterrent Product

Portfolio Protection also offers theft deterrent products such as Express Code Marking System, which uses ultra-violet fingerprint identification to unlock your vehicle.

Express Etch

Permanently engraves your vehicle windows with a registered number, highlighted by window decal warning; benefits include fast identification by law enforcement and avoidance from being bought by a chop shop since it can be traced.

Pricing and Customer Support

Pricing for Portfolio Protection coverage plans are not advertised; you will need to contact customer support by phone or email.

General Correspondence: [email protected]

GAP and Theft Claims: [email protected]

Auto claims: (833) 487-5446

Portfolio service contract: (833) 271-7452

RV claims: (833) 487-5447

Final Thoughts

Portfolio Protections offers a variety of vehicle service contracts for automobiles, RVs, and power sport vehicles. There are many coverage plans to choose from, with a variety of component protections to fit your needs.

Its extra theft-deterrent products provide extra protection for your vehicle from theft, including a reimbursement of up to $25,000 to replace your stolen vehicle, which is more than any extended warranty provider would offer.



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