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uShip Review: Hassle-Free Shipping & Competitive Bids

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uShip Review: Hassle-Free Shipping & Competitive Bids
uShip Review

Updated: May 12, 2024

uShip is an online marketplace that has been in the field since 2004 and has enormously gained people's satisfaction. The company has around 6 million customers, offering 41,000 service providers and multiple shipping services, including vehicles, household items, heavy equipment, freight, pets, etc.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide about uShip, including their unique features, pricing, and services, to help you make an informed decision.


Live chat
Shipment protection
Free cancellation


Drivers don't always carry insurance
Drivers aren't always professional and trusted
You may not find a route that fits your budget, destination, or timeframe


Quick Stats

Price Range
Quote-based pricing
BBB Rating
Extra Insurance Coverage
Money-Back Guarantee
Door-to-Door Option
Customer Experience

Company Overview & History

The company has been around for more than 15 years, and during that time, they proved to be one of the leading car shipping services and one of the best moving companies. The company offers to ship much more than vehicles; uShip helps you transport big stuff and heavy equipment efficiently and safely. You don't have to worry about shipping pets, livestock, freight, or boats. However, our article will focus on their auto transportation services, including motorcycles, RVs, boats, ATVs, power sports, and more.

uShip can now ship your vehicle from and to any location, whether within the US or overseas.

You can track your vehicle on the uShip app until it reaches its destination; you can know the exact location and when the carrier delivers it. All you need to do is ask your carrier to enable shared locations when picking up your shipment.

They comply with the Department of Transportation (DOT) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). The Better Business Bureau (BBB) has also accredited them since 2005.

UShip Services & Options

The uShip marketplace works a bit differently than other auto transportation companies; instead of dedicating certain carriers to move your shipment at your convenience, this platform works as a bidding market, bringing carriers and shippers together. Shippers list their requirements, and carriers leave their bids if they have enough space and their routes align with the required timeline.

The services they provide include the following:

Enclosed auto transport service: Closed or enclosed transport is best for antique vehicles, specialty cars, or any car you want to protect from possible harm. The downside of this shipping is its cost. Those who want to keep the price affordable won't find this method budget-friendly. 
Open auto transport service: This shipping type is ideal for saving on car shipping. You also have more options if you choose open-car shipping, making it your best choice when you're short on time. 
Multi-car transport service: You can also choose between multi-car trailers or hotshot trucks; these options are open transport but vary in load and timeframes. Multi-car trailers are usually a good option for a lower price or a discount on auto shipping because they can transport more vehicles simultaneously over greater distances. However, if you want to ship your car within a specific timeframe, this might not be your best choice; they are slower and might not be as efficient in navigating residential areas.
Door-to-door shipping: With their door-to-door shipping service, your vehicles will be collected from a designated location and delivered right to your door, eliminating the need for extra handling or transfers.
Terminal-terminal shipping: The company offers a convenient and affordable solution for clients who prefer shipping from terminal to terminal; they transfer vehicles between defined terminals, so you may drop off and pick up your items at specific locations.
Protection Plan: uShip provides an added-cost option for customers to insure their shipments. With this added coverage, customers may rest easy knowing their purchases are financially protected.
Cross-country transport: This provider is an industry leader when it comes to moving stuff across the nation. It allows clients to safely and effectively ship their belongings across great distances. People moving or needing to send their vehicles across long distances will find this service quite useful.
International transport service: In addition to local shipping, uShip also provides international transport services so clients may send vehicles over international borders. If you or your company require dependable and effective shipping solutions for your international logistics needs, this service might be for you.
Shipping with Confidence Guarantee: They offer about $200 in case of damage or loss. However, the company makes it clear that similar incidents are unlikely to happen, and these options are just to assure customers that they're backed up with multiple protection options. 

Your vehicle's safety during shipping must be guaranteed with coverage or insurance. According to the federal government, transporters must carry insurance. However, if you choose uShip as your auto transport service, it's better to check with the carrier on their insurance status, as you can also ask for a copy of their insurance.

Before getting started with uShip, there are a few factors to consider, such as the type of truck you want to use. This factor can impact your budget, shipping time, and the conditions your vehicle may be exposed to. It's important to get in touch with the carrier and inquire about the most suitable truck for your vehicle as well as its availability. Additionally, let your auto transport service know if there are any special requirements.

Here are the steps you need to follow

Here are the steps to follow in order to use their auto transportation services:

You can start by listing what you need to move; then, you fill out the vehicle's year, make, model, pickup, and delivery location information. When you're done with your list, you can choose between opening it for an auction or setting your price and seeing if someone is interested in transporting your stuff for that price. Meanwhile, you'll receive bids on your account or the uShip application. So when you find a good fit, your next step is to head to the reviews page and ensure that your truck driver is trustworthy and has positive feedback.

Once you've found a bid that meets your requirements, you can pay the truck driver through the uShip platform, which maintains the security and privacy of your payment and contact information.
Before you pay, you must contact the truck driver to find out what you'll get for your money.

uShip auto transport is available across the US and beyond. It also works with thousands of truck drivers to help shippers find suitable carriers. However, the availability of uShip depends on whether a truck driver has routes from the pick-up point to the destination.

Their Pricing & Cost

This provider does not offer a fixed price as the cost varies based on the distance, the type of shipping, and other factors. uShip offers many quotes, and you can either set your price or list your requirements and allow carriers to bid.

uShip's shipping costs average $1,100, fluctuating based on several factors: car make and model, distance, shipping type, vehicle weight and length, pick-up and drop-off locations, time of year, and vehicle condition. For instance, if you have a midsize vehicle that you need to transport for a few hundred miles, it will cost you about $500, but transporting a large truck across the country with an enclosed shipping type can cost you four times more.

These factors influence estimates and potential additional fees, with winter being the costliest season due to weather-related delays.

On average, the cheapest vehicle transport costs $0.58 per mile if you're shipping a car 2,000 miles or more. For distances of less than 100 miles, the cost is an average of $2.75 per mile.

What Are Uship’s Perks?

  • Live chat: The uShip website has a live chat option where users may ask questions and get answers from the platform's specialists at any point in the shipping process
  • Tracking: Customers can view the current status of their vehicle's transit in real time thanks to uShip's shipment tracking tools
  • Shipment protection: While uShip does not verify the legitimacy of the carriers it works with, users have the option to buy extra cargo insurance to safeguard their packages
  • Free cancellation: Cancellations with this provider are often allowed without penalty, giving consumers more flexibility. However, this is not expressly stated in the search results
  • Transports a wide range of vehicles: Vehicles of all shapes and sizes are accepted; uShip can move sedans, SUVs, trucks, and even expensive and exotic automobiles
  • Military discounts: Veterans and active-duty military personnel may take advantage of uShip's special reduced prices when exporting their automobiles
  • Offers a wide range of transportation options: Depending on the customer's request and the kind of car being sent, they have the choice between an open-air and enclosed shipment., as well as terminal-to-terminal or door-to-door shipment
  • Online booking: Through their user-friendly web interface, the uShip platform facilitates the creation of transport listings for clients' vehicles and the subsequent receipt of quotations from various carriers

Why Might They Not Be the Best Option for You?

While this platform allows the customer autonomy to choose the price they are most comfortable paying, shipping customers need to wait for a good fit for their shipment, and in some cases, waiting for a reasonable bid might take a long time, making it hard for those who are tight on time to find a good deal in a short amount of time. On top of that, choosing a carrier requires extra effort from the customer to make sure they pick a trustworthy carrier.

What Do Customers Say About uShip?

uShip has excellent reviews on several review sites; the company has an A+ rating with the BBB and a 4.41 out of 5-star rating. They also have a respectable 4.3/5 rating on Trustpilot, based on more than 11,000 reviews.

Customers constantly expressed high gratitude to uShip for their timely and professional service, stating that their platform is simple to use and their customer support is fast to respond. They were pleasantly surprised with the overall communication during trading, from quotations to status updates. uShip's transparency during the bidding process provided users with an option for the transporter, hence building up a sense of confidence in the safety and security of their shipment.

A considerable amount of feedback pointed out competitive offers from uShip, with quotes available to compare. The courtesy and professionalism of uShip-provided transporters were also noted, giving the clients insight into how their system was kept convenient. To conclude, uShip was characterized by their simple and convenient platform, streamlined service, transparent communications, and the generation of connections between customers and reliable movers.

On the other hand, many complaints showed that the service contains many shortcomings and problems, for example, the lack of communication, dispute resolution, insurance, or safe delivery of valuable items. There was an unruly case where a customer could not reach uShip when a subcontractor did not deliver a Porsche 356 on time, and this exposed a lack of accountability and professionalism in uShip’s service. In one instance, despite adding insurance, uShip opposed paying for damage to a customer's vehicle during shipping. 

Other negative reviews mention cases in which carriers did not pick up or deliver within the estimated time frame, impacting the shipping experience. Some customers have reported final prices increasing beyond the initial quote, leading to unexpected costs.

In response to customer concerns, the company has shown a commitment to addressing issues promptly and providing support where needed. One message expressed regret for the customer's difficulty contacting a service provider, with uShip promptly taking action, including offering a full refund upon cancellation. Emphasizing their role as a neutral platform, uShip clarified their inability to guarantee service fulfillment but assured their commitment to assisting users.

Another response clarified a customer's shipment status, directing them to contact uShip Support for further assistance. Lastly, in addressing dissatisfaction with a service provider, uShip offered to facilitate communication to resolve issues. These responses reflect uShip's dedication to customer satisfaction and proactive approach to resolving concerns within its capacity as a shipping marketplace.

It's crucial to remember that most customer reviews on reliable platforms discuss the company's shipping experience in general and not just their auto transportation services. This is why it's important not just to read the reviews but to pay attention to the details when researching the company and the carriers that work with them. Additionally, it might be worthwhile to contact current or previous customers to understand the quality of this company's services.

Customer Service

uShip supports their clients through tickets, phone calls at 800-698-7447, and a help center. The client portal is easy and accurate and offers real-time tracking to determine the exact location of your carrier. They also have a live chat option on uShip's website.

uShip: Final Thoughts

uShip has been providing a complete platform to ship various commodities since their inception in 2004. Their hassle-free delivery and competitive pricing make them stand out from their competitors. Thanks to their extensive network of more than 41,000 service providers and an astounding 6 million clients, uShip established themselves as a trusted brand in shipping.

Their system is based on a bidding mechanism, so you may select from many competing carriers to deliver your package. Finding the correct fit and ensuring the carrier is dependable takes time, but it's worth it in the end because of the possibilities and affordable cost. Many customers have complimented uShip's reasonable prices, straightforward communication, and user-friendly platform, painting a pleasant image in the evaluations. 

As with any service, problems with communication or delivery delays are common. Nonetheless, uShip seems dedicated to fixing these difficulties and ensuring customer satisfaction.

UShip might be a good option for shipping services since they combine ease, variety, and affordable costs. In short, they might be the solution you've been seeking if you need a dependable means of transporting your possessions.

We know it might be hard to decide on a provider with all these auto transportation services. That's why we review many auto transportation companies in depth, compare them against each other, and provide informative blog posts, allowing readers to compare and find the provider that suits them best.

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