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Stateway Auto Transport

Stateway Auto Transport Review

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Stateway Auto Transport Review

Stateway Auto Transport has years of experience marketing themselves as both carriers and brokers. They can transport any type of vehicle cars, trucks, motorcycles, vintage cars, and boats, nationwide. 


Premium vehicle shipments
No upfront fees
Have their own trucks


On alert with the BBB

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Door-to-Door Option

What Is Stateway Auto Transport?

Stateway Auto Transport is a family-owned and operated business since 1992 headquartered in Buffalo Grove, Illinois. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has fully licensed, bonded, and insured their operation in the United States under the MC number 967568.

They advertise themselves as both a carrier and brokers, having their own trucks, but there are no details of their fleet mentioned on their website. 

There is a current alert set up on the Better Business Bureau website requesting Stateway Auto Transport to remove the BBB torch logo from its website. This happens when their logo is used by unauthorized users who don't have a licensing agreement with them. 

How Stateway Auto Transport Works


If you are looking to ship your car to a different destination, below is a quick step-by-step guide to the whole process:

  • Go to their website and fill in the free quote form to estimate how much the whole shipment will cost.
  • Accept the quote you received.
  • Schedule a date you want your vehicle to be picked up by phone or online. 
  • You will receive a contract from the shipping company; you can make changes after receiving a confirmation email.
  • Stateway Auto Transport will schedule a date for the transport.
  • A driver will be assigned to you. 
  • A shipping specialist will contact you to confirm the dates.
  • The driver assigned to you will call you approximately four hours before arriving at the pick-up location. 
  • Once the driver arrives, they'll inspect the car and write up a report.
  • The vehicle is loaded into the carrier you choose, open or enclosed.
  • You can track your car at all times, plus representatives are available to answer any questions you have. 
  • The driver will contact you 24 hours before arriving at the drop-off location.
  • The driver will contact you a few hours before it arrives. 
  • Once the vehicle arrives, the driver will inspect it, and any damages will be compared to the pre-existing damage report.
  • On the delivery spot, you pay the remaining balance, which is written on your contract.

Stateway Auto Transport Services

They offer a wide variety of services:

  • Enclosed transport: If you want to protect your car from the elements and road debris, then this is the best option for you as your car is transported in an enclosed carrier the whole way. 
  • Open transport: Your car will be transported in an open carrier; this method will cut off a few hundred dollars on your total bill.
  • Door-to-door shipping: Before you ship your car, you need to put in a specific delivery address where you want your vehicle delivered. In some cities, multi-car carriers are not allowed in residential areas because of the road conditions; if that happens, the driver will coordinate a different location near you where it can safely get in and out.
  • Terminal-to-terminal: their services include picking up your car from the terminal nearest to your pick-up location. Afterward, you can pick it up at a terminal closest to the delivery location.
  • Exotic car shipping: Stateway Auto Transport arranges the transportation of exotic cars with shipping experts that guarantee your vehicle is successfully delivered to you. 
  • Classic car shipping: If you have a vintage car that requires a lot of attention, then this shipping company can handle it for you, getting it to your drop-off location in pristine condition. 
  • Non-running vehicle: If you have a non-functioning vehicle and want to ship it to a different location, Stateway can do it for you. 
  • Car dealerships: They have a service that helps car businesses move inventory between different locations.
  • Discounts: They offer different discounts for their customers, to know more about it, you'll have to fill out an online form.

  • Motorcycle shipping: their staff is fully qualified to transport a motorcycle.

  • Express shipping: If you want to receive your vehicle in a shorter timeframe, you can request express shipping.

Stateway Auto Transport Costs

Stateway Auto Transport is more expensive than other auto transport companies. If you want to get an idea of how much the whole process will cost, you can fill out an online application to receive an instant quote. 

How are the costs calculated for you?

The total costs of your shipments depend on the following factors:

  • Transport Mode: The biggest price difference will come from choosing an enclosed or one carrier; the price difference could reach $1000 depending on the type of vehicle.
  • Shipment location: Door-to-door shipment is usually more expensive than terminal-to-terminal shipments because it is delivered directly to your home. Stateway Auto Transport only offers door-to-door shipments. 
  • Shipment season: When you ship your car plays a huge role since some seasons are in high demand, like summer or the end of the year.
  • Vehicle Size: The more space a car takes, the more expensive shipping it is. Smaller cars are cheaper to ship than SUVs and trucks.
  • Vehicle operability: If the car does not operate, it will require more effort and resources to move it, so it is more expensive.
  • Distance: The longer the distance is, the better price you'll get per mile, though it will cost you more overall.
  • Route popularity: The most popular routes usually cost less than taking shipping vehicles to rural areas.

Stateway Auto Transport Customer Support

Their office is at 314 McHenry Road, Suite A, Buffalo Grove, IL, 60089. 

Stateway Auto Transport is a family-owned business, so when you call the number advertised on their website, you'll reach Ms. Jessica Field, the company owner. You can call them during their hours of operation: 
Monday- Friday: 9 AM - 6 PM.
Saturday - Sunday: 12 PM - 5 PM.

You can reach them at +1-224-223-8303.

If you want them to reach out to you, fill out the contact form to receive a call-back.


Stateway Auto Transport offers various services for their customers to get their vehicle from one place to the other. Whatever vehicle you may have, they can ship for you. They accommodate all types of different individual customers as well as businesses like express shipping, open and enclosed carriers, terminal-to-terminal, door-to-door, exotic car shipping, classic car shipping, and much more. 

You can request a free quote on their website to see if their prices fit your budget.

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