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Sonic Auto Transportation Review

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Sonic Auto Transportation Review

Sonic Auto Transportation is a fully insured and bonded auto transport company that has been in the vehicle relocation industry for over 20 years. Sonic has an extensive network of 24,000 providers of top quality and service that will ship your vehicle in care at the best prices.


Door to door delivery
Supports many vehicle types
24/7 Customer support


Prices not very clear
Unrated by the BBB

Quick Stats

10+ Years Experience
Average Open Transport Quote
BBB Rating
Extra Insurance Coverage
Money-back guarantee
Offers Door-to-door Pickup and Delivery Service

About Sonic Auto Transport

We all know and love Sonic, not the blue hedgehog, but Sonic, the auto transportation company we also grew to love. It can ship your vehicle anywhere across the United States at great prices while maintaining the quality of experience you deserve. Sonic's mission is to provide the best vehicle relocation services at the most affordable prices. It has been in the industry for over twenty years and has shipped over 8,000 vehicles.

The vehicles Sonic ships are more than just your everyday cars; it supports transporting different vehicle types; find their brief below.

Sonic Auto Transportation ships a variety of vehicles such as:

  • Cars
  • Motorcycles
    • ATV/UTV
    • Snowmobile
  • Boats
    • watercraft
  • Heavy-equipment vehicles
    • Farm equipment
    • Lift
    • Truck
    • Excavator
  • RVs

How Does Sonic Auto Transportation Work?



Step 1: Submit a request

The first step is to submit your vehicle relocation request through Sonic's website, email, or phone call. The first details you will be asked about will be regarding your vehicle's year, make and model. If your vehicle is not on the list, you should email Sonic about it.

After that, you need to confirm whether your vehicle runs or not. If it does, it should be able to start, move on its own power, and break with its pedals. Vehicles that do not run may cost a little extra.

Next up, you need to provide the current location of your vehicle and the address you want to ship it to, in addition to the dates of the shipping. Again, you can either choose specific dates or tick the 'im flexible' box or the 'im in a hurry' box for expedited shipping.

Step 2: Get Estimate

The experts at Sonic Auto Transporter will give you your quote as soon as possible as they consider the following variables:

  • Distance
  • Vehicle and its condition
  • Vehicle weight and height
  • Running condition
  • Open or enclosed transport

Distance may not be the biggest factor as many would believe; Sonic states that if many drivers are crossing the same distance towards that destination, the distance factor won't be affecting the cost much.

Step 3: Select service, agree on a contract.

In this step, Sonic Auto Transport will provide you with an offer. After you decide on one, Sonic will ask for more information about the timing, the desired destination for your vehicle, and the vehicle's condition.

Soon after, Sonic will add all these details to the contract and send it to you. They put everything into writing to make their customers feel safe about their deals. You can sign the contract either manually or digitally, and as soon as it is signed, the project will start on a scheduled date.

Step 4: Pick up

A transportation vehicle will arrive at your doorstep on the agreed date and time, and an inspection will be done to your vehicle to make sure it's ready to be loaded onto the trailer. Your vehicle's safety is a top priority for Sonic Auto Transporter; by every stop the trailer takes along the way, the driver double checks on the straps on every vehicle to ensure they are all held safely.

Step 5: Delivery

On delivery day, the driver will deliver more than one vehicle and go a long way to reach all destinations. For the sake of convenience, the driver might contact you to meet up at a certain nearby location for you to pick up your vehicle. Upon drop-off, the driver will inspect the vehicle and deliver a report to the customer one more time. After it is unloaded, you will be handed the keys.

Sonic Plans

Sonic Auto Transport does not disclose any prices on their website or what fees a customer would pay. However, they do offer four plans:

1. Economy

The Economy plan does not entail any benefits, and Sonic Auto Transport is not very transparent about its basic features.

2. Standard

The standard plan entails a 5 days pick-up window and delivery of up to 10 days.

3. Recommended

This plan offers the best features and is apparently the most requested one. It offers 10 days pick-up window, an open hauler, a $100,00 insurance coverage, and finally, delivery up to 20 days.

4. Premium

The premium plan offers you a fast same or next day pick up for your vehicle and rush delivery. In addition, the open hauler and the $100,000 insurance coverage.

After choosing a plan on sonic auto's website, you will be redirected to the vehicle's page to select yours, and after that, a four-step form will show up to give you your quote.

Keep in mind, the quote you get online may not be the final price you will have to pay. Additional fees may apply; for more information, make sure to call Sonic Auto Transport and question the charges for your vehicle's journey.

Customer Support

Sonic's customer support is available 24/7 for you to contact. You can reach them through email, telephone, or at their physical office. Customers have left a bunch of good reviews about Sonic's staff and their friendliness.


Phone: (530) 648-9041


3090 Bristol St.,

Floor 4,

Costa Mesa, CA, 92626

Final Words

Sonic Auto Transport is accredited by the Better Business Bureau but unfortunately does not have a rating. In addition, sonic is not very transparent with its fees over its services, making it seem shady. There were 18 complaints against it in the last three years, but fortunately, they were closed in the last 12 months. It may not be the industry's best auto transport service, but it does offer conveyance support for many different vehicle types that other companies do not.

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