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Route to Satisfaction: A Sonic Auto Transportation Review

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Route to Satisfaction: A Sonic Auto Transportation Review

Updated: May 8th, 2024. 

Sonic Auto Transportation has been a fully insured and bonded auto transport company and shipping broker in the vehicle relocation industry since 2020. They have an extensive network of top-quality carriers that will safely ship your vehicle across all 50 states. 

With that in mind, is Sonic Auto Transportation the best choice for your vehicle? In this review, we will cover all things related to this provider. We will uncover if Sonic meets your needs regarding features, advantages, disadvantages, customer support options, and user experience. Read on to find out more!


Door-to-door shipping
Supports many vehicle types
Live chat option
Available in all 50 states


Exclusively operates as brokers
Absence of real-time tracking


Quick Stats

Price Range
Quote-based pricing
BBB Rating
Extra Insurance Coverage
Money-Back Guarantee
Door-to-Door Option
Customer Experience

About Sonic Auto Transportation

Since their inception in 2020, Sonic Auto Transportation, based in Costa Mesa, California, has been an established player in the vehicle transportation industry. In delivering vehicles throughout the United States, they have established a commendable standing for dependability and effectiveness as a licensed and bonded property broker.  

They provide a wide variety of services to suit the demands of their varied customers, with a focus on domestic car shipping. Sonic Auto Transportation offers the resources and knowledge to carefully transport any type of motor vehicle, including automobiles, motorcycles, boats, farm equipment, and more. The entire transportation procedure is carefully orchestrated to guarantee customers a trouble-free experience, from collection to delivery.

With steadfast commitment, they serve all 50 states in the US. Sonic Auto Transportation consistently provides safe and timely delivery of customers' automobiles, regardless of whether they are moving within the same state or across the country. 

Their accreditations and ratings are proof of their professionalism and customer satisfaction. This is always Sonic Auto’s priority. Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation and B+ rating attest that the company is committed to ethical behavior, which they observe in their day-to-day business operations. They have maintained their status as one of the compliance-oriented industries by being registered under the United Carriers Registration (UCR) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA).

Shipping Options at Sonic Auto Transportation

  • Open car transport: One economical and time-saving option is their open transport, which involves safely strapping vehicles into open-air trucks. Despite the potential exposure of automobiles to the outdoors, this alternative continues to be favored for its price and accessibility
  • Enclosed transport: They provide a service where automobiles are put into trailers with enclosed air for increased protection. Transporting valuable or sensitive automobiles has never been easier than this option, which shields them from the weather and guarantees optimum safety and security throughout travel
  • Door-to-door shipping: You can benefit from incomparable convenience with door-to-door shipping services. This eliminates the need to arrange for different people to pick you up or drop you off since their vehicles will come right to the given location
  • Expedited delivery: They provide several kinds of expedited shipping to suit your needs. Sonic Auto Transportation will accommodate your needs, whether you want the usual delivery options of ten or twenty days or expedited service for speedier shipping
  • Pick-up services: With their service, you can be sure you will be transported promptly and reliably. You can rest easy knowing that their vehicles will reach the agreed-upon place on time on a specific date
  • Nationwide transport: Sonic Auto Transportation offers hassle-free nationwide auto shipping services, and their coverage extends to all 50 states. Their cross-country vehicle shipping service ensures a seamless experience for every customer by complying with all relevant rules and regulations
  • International shipping: Although not explicitly advertised, international shipping is covered in their terms and conditions; therefore, it is crucial to verify its availability during your quotation process
  • Transportation for different vehicles: Automobiles, trucks, bikes, boats, and more are all part of the range of vehicles catered to by Sonic Auto Transportation. They guarantee the safe transfer of any vehicle type by connecting you to the appropriate shipping carrier based on the details you provide about your vehicle

Sonic Plans & Pricing

Sonic Auto does not explicitly state their prices and fees on their website; however, they do offer four tiers of service that are accustomed to accommodating various requirements and preferences, which all include an open-hauler that guarantees adaptability to a wide range of vehicles and a $100,000 insurance policy to enhance security measures. 

  • Economy: The economy plan best suits customers who value dependability and simplicity regarding vehicle shipping. This approach offers a pick-up window of ten days and a delivery window of 20 days. Additionally, they offer an open-hauler that guarantees adaptability for different vehicle types
  • Standard: Customers are granted a five-day pick-up window by upgrading to the Standard plan, increasing flexibility and guaranteeing delivery within ten days. This choice accommodates individuals with moderate time constraints by effectively managing costs and convenience
  • Recommended: With the Recommended plan, Sonic Auto Transport caters to customers searching for dependable service and an extensive array of features for their vehicle transportation needs. This plan provides a pick-up window of ten days, allowing for scheduling flexibility. Customers can be confident that their vehicles will arrive at their intended location, as delivery is guaranteed within 20 days
  • Premium: The Premium plan provides an accelerated option for individuals who want transportation quickly. This plan emphasizes efficiency and speed with choices for same-day or next-day pick-up and rush delivery

However, it is essential to note that the price listed online may not necessarily reflect the final cost. Further charges may be imposed based on many factors, such as distance, vehicle length, vehicle type and height, running condition, and more. 

To thoroughly comprehend the costs related to the transportation of your vehicle, we recommend that customers contact Sonic Auto Transport directly. The company emphasizes transparent pricing without upfront fees and guarantees no unexpected changes in pricing with the carrier. 

Furthermore, Sonic can charge additional fees in specific cases. There is a $200 inoperable fine if your car is too big or not operational. Sonic may charge you more if you don't tell them the condition of your vehicle. Additionally, Sonic may charge a no-load fee of up to $1,000 if the carrier they assign can't load your vehicle.

It is also important to note that Sonic will refund you if you cancel your purchase before they assign the carrier. Unfortunately, the refund policy is void once a carrier has been assigned.

The Advantages of Working With Sonic

State availability

One advantage that sets Sonic Auto Transportation apart is their extensive state availability, providing their services in every state. This means that regardless of your location or car destination, their extensive network of carriers covers you. 

No upfront fees

To ensure complete transparency and instill confidence in customers, they uphold a guiding principle that refrains from charging any upfront fees. You will not have to pay until your vehicle arrives at its destination without complications.

Live chat option

They go above and beyond by offering live chat to ensure their customers receive outstanding service. This practical feature allows customers to receive prompt responses to any inquiries. With the live chat feature, assistance is consistently available at the press of a button, whether about scheduling, pricing, loading procedures, or any other problem.

Same or next-day pickup

Same-day and next-day pickup options provide the flexibility and efficiency necessary to meet your shipping timeline. Their premium service guarantees that your vehicle will be delivered on the agreed date, guaranteeing punctual transportation.

Shipping options are varied

They offer a variety of shipping options to accommodate different needs and preferences. Whether you prefer enclosed or open-car transport, cross-country or international shipping, they cater to your needs. Moreover, transportation for different types of vehicles is provided, guaranteeing comprehensive coverage for any vehicle that requires transportation. 

Why You Might Not Choose Them?

Brokers only

Sonic Auto Transportation does not operate their fleet of vehicles; instead, they act as an auto transport broker, connecting customers to carrier companies. Due to this, maintaining complete command of the transportation process could be difficult at times.

No real-time tracking

They fail to provide live tracking directly; however, they provide customers with the driver's phone number and email address. Nevertheless, the absence of real-time monitoring could result in misunderstandings concerning the location and condition of vehicles while in transit.

Reports of price increases

Certain customers have documented occurrences of price hikes after purchasing their services. This may raise concerns about cost transparency and fairness.

What Is the User Experience at Sonic Like?

The BBB has accredited Sonic Auto Transportation, and they uphold a B+ rating. Another indication of their service quality is their noteworthy 4.7 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot. Based on their demonstrated dedication to customer satisfaction, Sonic Auto Transportation solidified themselves as a dependable choice for vehicle transportation needs.

Positive reviews

The level of customer satisfaction with the services provided by Sonic Auto Transportation has been consistently high. Customer reviews frequently highlight the effectiveness of Sonic's shipping processes, emphasizing the punctual and secure transportation of vehicles. Many customers value the efficient collaboration between Sonic's representatives and the drivers, guaranteeing a seamless and trouble-free journey. Customers also expressed satisfaction with Sonic's dedicated customer service and clear communication during transportation.

Negative reviews

Several customers have expressed dissatisfaction with Sonic Auto Transportation, attributing it to various concerns ranging from unfulfilled expectations to questionable business conduct. A recurring issue relates to sudden adjustments in pricing, where customers claim that they were initially quoted a particular price but afterward incurred a substantial amount more. As a result of these price discrepancies and service delays, they have become frustrated and skeptical.

The numerous customers who complain about being unable to contact representatives or receive timely updates regarding their shipments indicate that negative reviews also address communication issues. Additionally, Sonic's poor reputation among dissatisfied customers grew due to incidents of subpar customer service by company representatives.

Sonic Auto Transportation has responded to most of the complaints filed against them. With customer satisfaction in mind, they have attempted to resolve problems and offer clarification when necessary. They prioritize the timely and efficient resolution of issues, demonstrating their dedication to providing dependable service within the industry.

Customer Support

To reach Sonic Auto Transportation's customer service, contact them at (530) 648-9041 or by email at [email protected]. In addition, for further assistance, you may submit a contact form directly through their website.

Additionally, they also have a blog and a FAQ webpage that are great tools for learning about the company and their services. These resources aim to provide customers with valuable information and guidance throughout their transportation experience.

Final Words

In conclusion, since 2020, Sonic Auto Transportation has been a reliable provider in the auto transport industry, serving as a shipping broker and fully insured company. Renowned for their dependability and efficiency, Sonic Auto Transportation is a bonded and licensed property broker that caters to a vast range of customers by offering auto shipping. Recognition such as the Better Business Bureau (BBB) accreditation and a B+ rating show that they adhere to ethical business practices, and their dedication to safe and fast delivery extends throughout all 50 states. Additionally, their 4.7 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot highlights their commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Although Sonic Auto Transportation is a dependable option for auto shipping, potential customers should be aware that they are only brokers, lack real-time tracking, and have reports of price increases occasionally. Regardless of these factors, Sonic Auto Transportation has shown their dedication to quickly addressing problems and ensuring customers are satisfied by responding thoroughly to most complaints. With an emphasis on professionalism and customer service, Sonic Auto Transportation provides a complete solution for individuals needing reliable automobile transportation services.

While Sonic is a reliable choice, it is still important to do your research. When considering a provider, read our in-depth reviews and use our comparison tool for a better overview of different companies. We also post insightful blogs about the auto transportation industry for more information.

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