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Sherpa Auto Transport Review: One Price, Vehicle Shipped!

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Sherpa Auto Transport Review: One Price, Vehicle Shipped!Sherpa Auto Transport Review: One Price, Vehicle Shipped!

Sherpa Auto Transport is on a mission to revolutionize the car shipping industry. They have seen the worst, and they promise to deliver the best. With its exclusive Price Lock Promise, Sherpa will stick to the price they give you with the experience you deserve.


Door-to-door shipping
Strictly vetted carriers
Price Lock Promise
Free car wash service upon delivery
Low final prices


Terminal-to-terminal transport not offered

Quick Stats

10+ Years Experience
Average Open Transport Quote
BBB Rating
Extra Insurance Coverage
Money-back guarantee
Offers Door-to-door Pickup and Delivery Service

About Sherpa Auto Transport

Sherpa was founded by a group of successful entrepreneurs who aim to transform the car shipping industry. It is operated to deliver its customers a transparent and stress-free experience; it's an A+ rating from the better business bureau, and great reviews prove its seriousness and efficient services.

Sherpa promises to be there for anyone who needs their vehicle transported, including:

  • Individuals relocating
  • Snowbirds and seasonal travelers
  • Online car buyers and sellers
  • College students
  • Military families
  • Corporate relocations
  • Car dealerships
  • Auto auction buyers
  • Anyone who needs to ship a car

Sherpa encourages you to call them to get your price-locked quote at (844) 904-2121. They also ship anywhere in the US.

Sherpa transports cars, in addition to SUVs, vans, trucks, classic or vintage cars, and inoperable vehicles. You can get a free quote online on their website in two minutes by filling the form to get an idea of your costs before calling.

How Does Sherpa Auto Transport Work?

Sherpa's auto transport process is a piece of cake; with three simple steps, your vehicle's journey will be ready to start.

Step 1: Make a call

The first step starts with a phone call to Sherpa's experts. After doing so, describe your vehicle's journey and destination to them, and their experts will provide you with your best shipment options at their best price. Then, when you are ready to book, they will aid you in placing your order and collecting the initial payment.

Step 2: Hand your vehicle to their driver

Sherpa will let you know when to expect their driver to arrive for your vehicle. They advise you to check if your car's systems are fully operational, like the engine, steering wheel, and windows. Your gas tank should be about a quarter full, and when the driver arrives, they will inspect the car again with you to make sure it is ready to be shipped.

Do not forget to remove personal items and accessories from your car.

Step 3: Kick back and relax.

Sherpa will keep you updated on your vehicle's journey at all times and when you should expect it to arrive at its destination. Once it is delivered, you will inspect it, sign the Bill of Lading, and pay the rest of your fee.

Auto-shipping options also include open and enclosed trailers depending on the customer's needs or preferences.

Sherpa's Clean Car Guarantee

Sherpa knows how dirty vehicles can get while being transported from one location to another, but they did something about it, unlike other auto transport companies. Sherpa offers a free car wash after every delivery.

How does the clean car guarantee work?

Let us narrow it down for you:

Step 1: Book your auto transportation

All auto transportation bookings with Sherpa will have the Clean Car Guarantee applied to them. So you needn't worry about extra work.

Step 2: Collect your bill of lading.

Once your vehicle arrives at its destination and you collect your bill of lading, hold on to it. You can also take a picture of it; in case your carrier does not have a physical copy, you will need it later for the car wash reimbursement.

Step 3: Get your car washed.

Get your car a wash within seven days of its delivery and keep the receipt. Sherpa will reimburse you up to $20 for the car wash.

Step 4: Mail your car wash receipt and bill of lading

The last step is to mail Sherpa your bill of lading and car wash receipt to the address below, and they will refund up to $20 to the card you used to pay for transportation. Refunds can take from five to ten days.

Mail address:

Sherpa Auto Transport

Clean Car Guarantee

5605 Carnegie Boulevard, Ste 250

Charlotte, NC 28209

Step 5: Enjoy your clean car!

Sherpa Discounts

Sherpa has proven it is no ordinary auto transport company with its free car wash guarantee. It does not stop there, however; it also offers a bunch of discounts for the following:

  • Snowbird routes
  • Seniors
  • Multi-car transports
  • Students
  • Military members
  • Repeat customers

Sherpa Shipping Costs

The shipping costs for a vehicle can range from $480 to $2,140. Although you should keep in mind that many factors play a role in your quote. Such factors are:

  • Type of the vehicle
  • Size of the vehicle
  • Date and time of transportation
  • The season/weather
  • Open or enclosed carriers

Due to many car shipping companies' fluctuating prices, Sherpa knocked it out of the park with its Price-lock guarantee. It means the quoted price they give you will be the exact amount you pay. The payment process comes in two steps:

First: You provide a credit card for the initial payment. Your credit card will only be charged once a carrier gets assigned to your vehicle.

Second: You pay the rest of your fee with cash or a certified check to the driver when your vehicle is delivered.

A full credit card payment may be accommodated depending on your shipment needs. Sherpa offers no refund policies, and if you want to cancel the transportation service before a carrier is assigned to you, you will have to pay a $25 dispatch fee. If a carrier has been assigned and you cancel, you get no money back.

Customer Support

Sherpa's customer service is only available through phone at: 877-850-1231. No specific times are detailed on their website. Great reviews, though, have praised their customer service.


To sum it all up, Sherpa is one of the most trusted and reliable auto transport companies. They break industry standards with their free car wash guarantee, price-lock guarantee, and several discounts.

Their great customer reviews speak for themselves and prove their BBB A+ rating. Customer satisfaction is their number one focus, and they promise to give you the best experience you deserve.

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