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American Auto Shipping

American Auto Shipping Review: Prices, Services, and More

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American Auto Shipping Review: Prices, Services, and More

American Auto Shipping is one of the best auto transport companies in the States. They have been in business for over 22 years and are accredited by the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating. Every transport mode you can think of they can handle, there are no deposits, and the prices are guaranteed. 


Offers guaranteed prices
Ships to all 50 states and U.S territories
Transports non-operational vehicles.


No international shipping
No email offered

Quick Stats

10+ Years Experience
Average Open Transport Quote
BBB Rating
Extra Insurance Coverage
Money-Back Guarantee
Offers Door-to-Door Pickup and Delivery Service

American Auto Shipping offers to move any type of vehicle across all 50 states and U.S territories. They have been in the business for 22 years providing excellent service for two decades. They have collaborated with the best transport companies throughout the years, so your vehicle is carefully transported from the moment they pick it up. 

Their services are attainable for people with different budgets, and they advertise that they can handle every vehicle that can roll, brake, and steer. 

American Auto Shipping in Numbers

American Auto Shipping has been accredited and reviewed by different organizations:

  1. According to their website, they have successfully completed 137 thousand vehicle shipments.
  2. American Auto Transportation is accredited by the Better Business Bureau, BBB, holding an A+ rating. 
  3. Customers gave them a 4.73 out of 5.0 on the Better Business Bureau review page.
  4. They have given over 562 thousand quotes to customers throughout the years.

How Does American Auto Shipping Work?


All you have to do to move your car from one side to the other is get a quote, place the order, schedule a pickup, and your vehicle should be on the move by then. For a more detailed process: 

  1. Go to and get an instant quote. 
  2. The first step is providing which zip code to zip code you will be moving the vehicle from and whether or not the trailer is open or enclosed. Next, fill out the details of your car, then your personal details, and when you want the car to be shipped.
  3. After you have filled in all the previous information, you will be given the initial price. 
  4. If you are satisfied with the prices offered, you can either place your order online or give them a call. If you choose to fill out an online order, you'll need to give the details of the exact pickup and delivery addresses. 
  5. Once you've put in all the details above, all you have to do is add in your credit card details, and your order has been placed.
  6. First, they'll come to pick up your car; all throughout the process, you will be updated and can track the progress in real-time. 
  7. The last step is when the carrier drops your vehicle at your home or at the location you agreed on. 
  8. The moment you receive the car, inspect it before the driver leaves and make sure to compare it to the previous photos taken at the pickup. 

Before you start the process, make sure to have the following information:

  • The pickup and drop off location 

  • Open or enclosed transport

  • Type of vehicle

  • Pickup and drop-off dates.

  • Type service

If you have an oversized vehicle, multiple vehicles, or any type of unusual vehicle, you will have to fill out a form to get your custom quote. 

American Auto Shipping Services and Add-ons

American Auto Shipping handles a wide variety of services, including: 

  • Open transport: This is the preferred mode of transport because it fits most people's budgets, which is why 90% of all auto-shipments are open transport. They accommodate all types of different vehicles like cars, SUVs, trucks, and heavy-duty equipment. 
  • Enclosed transport: If you want to protect your cars from the elements this is the transport mode for you, but it is 40% more expensive than open transport. This is ideal for luxury cars, custom vehicles, classic cars, and any other car you want to keep in an enclosed trailer. 
  • Hawaii transport: They offer shipments to all 50 states, even from Hawaii to the mainland. When you drop off the car at the port, you'll need an order confirmation, vessel booking number, a government-issued ID, a lien authorization letter, and an authorization letter. 
  • Motorcycle shipping: You can ship any type of motorcycle in an enclosed or open carrier. That being said, we do not recommend moving your bike in an open carrier.
  • Military shipping: If you are in the military and received a permanent change of station, they will pay for the transport of your vehicle. They do not pay if you have a second car which is why they offer active-duty personal a discount; they also handle most military vehicles.
  • Expedited shipping: For an extra fee, you can have your vehicle delivered faster. Shipping normally takes five business days; if you need your vehicle in two days, you can pay an extra $200; $500 will get you the vehicle within 24 hours.

American Auto Shipping Costs

There are different factors when it comes to the total cost of your shipment; location, vehicle type, transport mode, distance, season, and vehicle size all affect the total amount you'll end up paying.

The average cost of shipping with American Auto Shipping is $1,500. Initially, the quote is higher than usual, but eventually, the final price is lower than other transportation companies due to their guaranteed prices. 

Below is an example of the approximate price range depending on the type of car:

Transport type Small car  SUV Truck
Open $1150 $1250 $1500
Enclosed  $1400 $1700 $2250


Customer Support

American Auto Transportation could be reached in two ways:

  • A live chat option if you do not feel like giving them a call.
  • By phone through calling +1-800-930-7417

Their live chat and phone support are available 24/7.


American Auto Shipment is a nationwide vehicle shipping company with door-to-door service. They have been in the business for two decades, and they are able to transport anything with wheels. Their prices are one of the best in the industry as they offer guaranteed prices; the prices you initially get are what you will end up paying, so you won't be surprised by any sudden fees. 


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