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CarsDirect: Is It The Dealer You Are Looking for?

CarsDirect: Is It The Dealer You Are Looking for?

Are you looking for a hassle-free car loan that will help you no matter your financial status? CarsDirect is here to make you a deal! In 60 seconds, you can make an auto loan request and get your personalized deal. Read our CarsDirect review to know it all so you can decide if it is the right dealer for you!


Doesn’t require a minimum credit score
60-second loan request process
No obligations or fees for loan requests
Wide range of new and used cars


The interest rate can get high for a low credit score
Deals with 3rd party dealers
No general warranty or protection is available on cars, each to its make and model


Quick Stats

Average Approval Time
24 Hours
Maximum Loan Amount
Maximum Loan Term
84 Months
Minimum Credit Score
Minimum Starting APR (Annual Percentage Rate)
Pre-Qualification Valid For

With CarsDirect, you can fill out a 60-second loan request form and get approved in no time! Once you do so and you provide your information, a lender will contact you in 24 hours to discuss your best deal.

Listing Features

To wrap things up for you, here's what you'll get with CarsDirect:
1. Detailed and insightful information for almost any make and model.
2. Car loan calculator to see how much you can afford.
3. No minimum credit score required.
4. Monthly payment is as low as $200 for certain vehicles.
5. 60-second auto loan request.
6. Secure online submission.
7. People with a $500 week income can qualify.

Finding your next car has been made easy with CarsDirect. You can do a primary search for a new or a used car by make and model and then refine the search by adjusting the prices and the mileage you are interested in.

If you cannot find a listing with your specific needs, CarsDirect allows you to enter your email, and they will notify you when a new car listing with your criteria becomes available. You can also save a search to go back to later, so you will not have to enter your criteria every time. In addition, when you view a car, you will be presented with its pictures and a brief report of its features.

What else is available on the CarsDirect website? The website has two main helpful sections to compare different cars in terms of specs, features, prices, photos, and ratings. The other section is to find deals using the car make and model.

You can also get a quick cost estimation when you head to the "prices and deals", choose the car and click on the lease estimate or finance estimate to get more details about the monthly payment, vehicle price, and loan term. Other filters are also available such as specs, photos, colors, and rating, so you can get the best results you can get depending on your choices.



Financing and Prequalification


CarsDirect connects you with the most suitable dealer to discuss your financing, trade-in, or leasing options.

The car loan calculator can get you started with your auto loan research. You need only enter a few numbers regarding your:

  • preferred monthly payment
  • preferred down payments
  • loan terms(maximum 84 months)
  • sales tax
  • approximate credit rating

The prequalification lets you get an idea of the interest rate CarsDirect might offer and what vehicles can be a good fit based on your financial information. For example, CarsDirect could help you out if you have a low credit score and if you filed for bankruptcy.

A low credit score, however, means a higher interest rate. Moreover, a low-interest rate is available if you have excellent credit, which means your monthly payment will not be high, either.




CarsDirect also has a section on the website telling people how to obtain an auto loan with a bad credit score and lead them to find solutions that fit their financial information. One of the helpful things you can do is to check your credit score constantly.

To check your credit report, you can count on one of the following credit reporting agencies: TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian. Your credit score is represented in 3 digits which measures your trustworthiness and eligibility to get approved for an auto loan and the interest rate you might qualify for. So, you shouldn't take anyone else's word for it as long as you can check it yourself.

If you don't want a car loan immediately, you can work on improving your credit score, especially that it can't be improved overnight. You can start with paying your bills on time to get a better payment history, paying out your credit card's balances, and dispute errors on your credit reports.

On top of that, you can save up for a good down payment; this should be a great help when it comes to getting approved for an auto loan and showing your commitment.


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CarsDirect Warranty and Protection

CarsDirect does not offer any warranty or protection directly to you; it all comes down to the dealer they connect you through when you make a car request or the new car model you choose to purchase.

On each car’s specs, you can find warranty details regarding:

  • Bumper to Bumper Months/Miles
  • Major Components Months/Miles
  • Corrosion Perforation Months/Miles
  • Roadside Assistance Months/Miles
  • Accessories Months/Miles


While you can find a lender that offers a money-back guarantee, CarsDirect doesn't offer that, which means you should take the car to a test drive and check everything before you sign the final papers.


Note: For a guaranteed return policy, check out Carvana's auto loan.


Car Reviews



CarsDirect has a dedicated page for car reviews. Reviews either redirect you to a detailed review for the car or present and show a popup window with a brief video to play. On the top of the page, you can find the "send feedback" option, which you can use to deliver your opinion and give suggestions if you have any to improve the service or the website.


Customer Support

Your questions and queries can be delivered to CarsDirect customer support in multiple ways:

  • Phone support
  • Email
  • Live chat


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Final Verdict

With CarsDirect, you'll get a personalized auto loan offer within a few seconds with the minimum requirements and information. You can start with defining your request; whether it's a finance or lease, then you can head to the information you need to provide, including your desired down payment, loan amount, loan term, and some other basic information.

What do we like the most? CarsDirect keeps customers with a poor credit score in mind and offers them solutions that fit their financial information.

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