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Emsisoft Antivirus Full Review

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Emsisoft Antivirus

Emsisoft Antivirus Full ReviewEmsisoft Antivirus Full Review


Adequate antivirus protection according to third-party test labs
30-day money-back guarantee
Heuristic and behavior based protection


Relatively heavy on device resources
Lacks some extra features provided by top competitors

Quick Stats

Free Version
Included VPN
Not available
Money-back guarantee
30 Days
Price (1-year subscription)
Security Level

Emsisoft the rapidly growing company is a leading supplier in efficient real-time antivirus / anti-malware software technology with a focus on heuristics and behavioral analysis technology to detect day-zero threats.

Emsisoft is a high-performance dual-engine scanner, combining Bitdefender technology with an in-house developed engine that is specialized in detecting potentially unwanted programs (PUPs).

The Emsisoft product range includes the security programs Emsisoft Anti-Malware, Emsisoft Enterprise Console, Emsisoft Mobile Security, and the world's first fully portable, free dual-engine scanner Emsisoft Emergency Kit.

How does Emsisoft fare against its competition, and is it worth it? Keep reading to find out.

Security and Protection

The main point when buying an antivirus is how secure the product is, so we ask the question: Can Emsisoft protect our devices from viruses, malware, and other causes of harm?

To answer that, we check the following regarding security and protection:

1. Third-party lab test results

Rather than taking the words of the AV creators for their own devices, checking with third-party labs and compiling an analysis report of different resources provides the best assessment.

Third-party testing Labs are experts with well-constructed criteria and testing methods for AV products, providing an unbiased opinion on product security.


  • AV-Test scores

    • Emsisoft antivirus scores high on protection according to AV-Test. It gets a 5.5/6 score on its ability to detect malicious ware.
    • Emsisoft antivirus scores 4.5/6 in the impact on device performance department, which means it will slightly slow your device as it takes a small number of your device's resources.
    • Emsisoft antivirus has a low false-positive rate with a 5/6 usability score. This means it's unlikely to mistake regular files for harmful ones that often.


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  • AV-Comparatives

  • AV-Comparative results were outdated as they were last checked by AV-Comparatives back in 2018. Nevertheless, the results were as follows:

    • Emsisoft Antivirus scores 2/3 stars (Advanced) in the impact on device performance department, but it still takes a small number of your device's resources.
    • Emsisoft Antivirus has a Real-World Protection Test with a 1/3 stars (Standard) real-world protection score. According to a test conducted with 758 domains/files, this score is to check the rate of detection of malicious files and domains.
      • Emsisoft Antivirus had 1 false positive (false alarms), with the industry average in the test being 17. While successfully blocking 98.5% of threats.
    • Malware Protection Test: Emsisoft Antivirus has a 3/3 (Advanced +) score regarding malware detection. This was done by testing 10102 Test cases with a 99.5% detection and block, with ten false positives (false alarms).
Proper real-world protection takes into account how well an antivirus blocks threats and can differentiate between threats and none threats.




  • SE Labs

Regarding SE Labs, the Emsisoft antivirus was not reviewed.

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2. Firewall and IDS protection

Emsisoft antivirus has firewall protection. A firewall's function is to monitor incoming and outgoing network traffic providing users with an intruder detection system (IDS) to protect users from possible threats that might harm their devices.

3. USB Rescue ToolKit

While a USB rescue toolkit isn't provided to users, a dedicated malware removal expert is provided to all users to help remove a virus that has infected your device.

Plans and Features

Emsisoft provides users with three main products: Emsisoft Anti-malware Home, Emsisoft Business Security, and Emsisoft Enterprise Security. here is a quick summary of the features:

Plan Anti-Malware Home Business Security Emsisoft Enterprise Security
Virus, spyware, and malware protection Included Included Included
Ransomware protection Included Included Included
Anti-phishing Included Included Included
Behavior Blocker Included Included Included
File Guard Included Included Included
Web Protection Included Included Included
Automatic updates Included Included Included
VPN N/A N/A Included
Command Line Scanner N/A Included Included
Device support Windows Windows Windows

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1. Emsisoft Anti-Malware Home

Emsisoft antivirus provides robust protection according to third-party test lab results. The home product contains the following features:

  • Anti-Ransomware: Provides dedicated protection against ransomware.
  • Behavior Blocker: Provides heuristic and behavior-based analysis and block of suspicious activity, which helps against new zero-day attacks.
  • File Guard: Scans every downloaded and executed file, ensuring no threat harms your device.
  • Web Protection: Blocks access to known fraudulent websites.
  • Anti-Phishing: Provides protection against malicious URLs, keeping you and your data safe.
  • Automatic updates: Regular automatic updates ensure your antivirus has the latest database.


2. Emsisoft Business Security

The Emsisoft Business Security provides users with businesses with a centralized management console to set the protection level of all devices required using a single dashboard (MyEmsisoft). This product targets business and allows the user to buy a number of licenses as seen fit, according to the size of the establishment.

Furthermore, this product supports WindowsOS servers.

3. Emsisoft Enterprise Security

The Emsisoft Enterprise Security includes a similar mechanism as the Business Security product and adds to it:

  • Active Directory integration: Provides synchronization between your domain and Emsisoft workspace.
  • Automatic detection of new devices allows you to synchronize your domain devices and alert your new devices to deploy protection.
  • Remote deployment through relay devices: Selected devices are used as agents/relays to remotely deploy protection to new devices. Use GPO deployment as an alternative.


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Emsisoft mobile app

Emsisoft provides mobile security protection as a separate standalone plan. It provides users with real-time protection, the ability to scan all files and folders for possible threats and malware, and anti-theft protection to track the whereabouts of your device. 

A separate mobile security product is available for the iOS version. However, it's not included in the Internet Security plan but rather is part of the Ultimate plan.

Extra features

Among the significant extra features provided by antiviruses, Emsisoft stands as follows:

  • Password manager

Emsisoft doesn't provide a password manager as part of its plans but rather as a standalone product.

Using the same password, again and again, runs the risk of getting hacked across all your accounts when hacked on one, while using different passwords runs the risk of forgetting them. Password managers are the perfect solution.

Our top recommendations for antiviruses with password managers are Norton 360 and Bitdefender.


  • Online banking

Emsisoft doesn't provide safe online banking.

With safe online banking, a user would be able to do online transactions in safe environments without the risk of losing his information to a man in the middle attack or other attempts at stealing your data. In addition, Emsisoft redirects users to real sites if they go to a fake one automatically, adding to the online security.

  • Parental control

Emsisoft antivirus doesn't have the parental control feature.

Parental control allows worried parents to take care of their children and make sure they are surfing safe parts of the internet, and when they are allowed to do so.

If you think parental control is essential for you, I recommend using Norton 360 or Bitdefender instead.


  • VPN

Emsisoft doesn't have a premium VPN service under any plan or as a standalone product.

If you aim to bypass geo-restriction or geo-censorship, we recommend using NordVPN or ExpressVPN instead.


  • Backup

Emsisoft doesn't provide online backup.

The presence of encrypted online backup can give peace of mind, especially when one has sensitive documents relating to work, personal, and sensitive files. Moreover, with the online backup, a user can find his files saved in the event the main files are lost, which can prove helpful.

User Experience

Emsisoft provides a great user experience for users, be it in the form of the scan speed amplified by the Turbo Scan feature, which shortens scanning time by skipping files it already knows are safe, the simple user interface, or the smooth customer support.

1. Ease of use

The user-friendly interface with a green smart scan button starts scanning it in the middle with surrounding icons to navigate the application easily.

2. Customer support

In terms of customer support, the following methods of contact are available for users when they need help:

  • Knowledge base
  • Livechat
  • Email and ticketing
  • Phone call (Enterprise premium support)
  • Remote control of your device 

Pricing and Payments

Emsisoft prices per plan summarized in a table:

Plan Anti-Malware Home Business Security Emsisoft Enterprise Security
1 year $19.99/ 1 device
$33.33/ 3 devices
$46.66/ 5 devices
$13.33/ device (3-24 devices)/ year
$11.99/ device (25-49 devices)/ year
$10.66/ device (50-99 devices)/ year
$19.99/ device (3-24 devices)/ year
$17.99/ device (25-49 devices)/ year
$15.99/ device (50-99 devices)/ year
2 years $35.19/ 1 device
$58.66/ 3 devices
$82.12/ 5 devices
$11.73/ device (3-24 devices)/ year
$10.55/ device (25-49 devices)/ year
$9.38/ device (50-99 devices)/ year
$17.59/ device (3-24 devices)/ year
$15.83/ device (25-49 devices)/ year
$14.07/ device (50-99 devices)/ year
3 years $47.99/ 1 device
$79.99/ 3 devices
$111.99/ 5 devices
$10.66/ device (3-24 devices)/ year
$9.60/ device (25-49 devices)/ year
$8.53/ device (50-99 devices)/ year
$16.00/ device (3-24 devices)/ year
$14.40/ device (25-49 devices)/ year
$12.80/ device (50-99 devices)/ year


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Payment methods

Payment methods include:

  • Major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover).
  • PayPal.
  • PayNearMe.
  • eCheck/ACH.
  • Bank/Wire transfer.
  • UnionPay.

Free trial

Emsisoft doesn't provide a free trial on its products.

Money-back guarantee

A 30-day money-back guarantee of risk-free use of Emsisoft is available for use until you make up your mind.


Final Verdict

Is Emsisoft worth it? In terms of protection, it does the job well, based on the numbers summarized by different third-party testing labs. However, it lacks many of the extra features often present with top competitors. Emsisoft seems to be more targeted towards enterprises and businesses, but if your concern is protection only, then you might benefit from Emsisoft.

That being said, it is still an ok choice. However, for a similar price, you might get a better deal with Norton 360 by getting a higher level of protection with the addition of many more features, especially if you have only one device.



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