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Wedding Website Templates
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Wedding Website Templates Ranked for Your Special Day

Wedding Website Templates Ranked for Your Special DayWedding Website Templates Ranked for Your Special Day

A long time ago, designing a website wasn't an option for those who don't have enough coding skills. But not any longer, website builders provide pre-designed templates and multiple building tools that are easy and convenient. The good news is that templates can fit any field or purpose. So if you're looking for a website builder that can offer templates for your special day, we'll help you with getting that done. In short, we'll bring you the best wedding website builders that help you create the best memories ever.

But first, let's discuss why people would like to create their own wedding website.


What Is the Point of a Wedding Website?

Recently, many couples are creating their wedding website to share their wedding details and information with their guests. It's also a more convenient way for both the couple and their guests to send their RSVPs, the acronym for the French phrase: "Répondez s'il Vous plaît," which means in English "Please respond."

Previously, people used to send the RSVP card via mail to the guests to fill it with information, such as whether or not they are planning to attend the wedding and if they have any preferences regarding the menu choices. The couple can also leave the information on the RSVP card for the guests if they would like to inform them of any sudden changes, confirm an address, a phone number to contact, or any other important information.

However, more people are shifting from traditional to digital through a wedding website, allowing virtual sending and receiving RSVP cards. Compared to the traditional way, a wedding website saves a lot of time wasted to contact each guest individually.


Steps to Follow When Creating Your Wedding Website

There are some steps you can follow to build a wedding website that meets your expectations. Here are what you need to do:

  • As a first step, you'll need to pick a website builder that offers a lot of templates specifically designed for a wedding website. It's recommended to take your time doing this step and think of the multiple features that concern you the most, such as security, RSVP cards, guests' dietary preferences tracker, and password protection. You don't want to find yourself forced to use a website builder that doesn't really meet your requirements.
  • Spend some time designing your wedding website sections: Once you have made up your mind on a website builder and a suitable template, now it's time to fill the blanks in the rest of the sections on your website according to your own taste and preferences.
  • Personalize your website by adding personal touches: You can start with small steps like sharing pictures of different stages in your relationship and asking the guests to add their own preferences in terms of songs and food.
  • Reach out to your guests: After designing and putting the final touches on your website, now it's time to let your guests know about your website.


Website Builders That Offer the Best Wedding Templates


1. Wix

Wix has pre-designed templates that are easily customized and edited. Wix is a convenient option with many elegant designs to choose from for those who don't want to start from scratch.

The drag and drop editor allows moving elements across the webpage with a couple of clicks; the templates are also very responsive and allow you to edit and add images, text, and any other elements with ease.

Besides, Wix didn't forget about your website's security; it offers a two-step authentication and setting up a password for certain pages or the whole website.

It also offers special features tailored to serve a wedding website, such as the RSVP cards, a link to your gift registry, and a map of the location.

To start your wedding website with Wix, you'll have four plans to choose from. However, you won't need to go through the ones with eCommerce or advanced features. With that said, there are four different premium plans: Connect Domain, Combo, Unlimited, and VIP. Price starts at $4.5 for the Connect Domain plan and goes up to $24.50 for the VIP plan.


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Best Price - $4.5/Month!


2. Squarespace

Squarespace is a good option for a professional and highly customizable wedding website. Couples can edit every single element of their website and see real-time changes without the need to keep heading off to the preview mode every time they make a tiny change.

However, if you want to use the free plan, you should know that it will only provide two weeks, then it will ask you for an upgrade. Also, the premium plan of Squarespace offers features that a couple might not use or need, such as eCommerce tools and blogs.

Squarespace offers four premium plans: Personal, Business, Commerce (Basic), and Commerce (Advanced). For a wedding website, it's suggested to stick to the basic features provided by the Personal plan since you won't need any eCommerce features for your wedding website. The Personal plan is available for $12 per month and offers unlimited storage and bandwidth, free domain for the first year, and many other features to build your website professionally.



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3. Site123

Let's be honest about it, Site123 offers a wide selection of wedding website templates with almost every feature you think of. Also, it has a free version that is fully customizable and allows choosing from a lot of responsive and beautiful templates.

Site123 offers four different plans: Basic, Advanced, Professional, and Gold. If your website doesn't really require advanced features, we recommend the Basic plan, which is available for $5.80 per month and offers 10 GB storage, 5 GB bandwidth, 100 emails per month, and a free domain for the first year.


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Best Deal- $5.8/Month!


In a nutshell, planning for the wedding day is the first step couples do right after getting engaged. In the past, the preparations were traditionally done by contacting the guests via mail or phone to invite and keep them updated with any changes. However, the wedding website idea saves much time and effort. It also allows the couple to share their memories, wedding information, and any changes without wasting extra time.

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