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Nordvpn Server List

NordVPN Server List: Types and Locations

NordVPN Server List: Types and LocationsNordVPN Server List: Types and Locations


Do you want to know all the countries NordVPN has servers from? Continue reading to know the full NordVPN server list.

It is no secret that NordVPN packs several characteristics, from its extensive server list of over 5000 servers to its tight security features and functionalities. NordVPN is one of the top VPN on the market, its high and stable speeds have proven for it be so with its competitive prices. Plus, all NordVPN servers have AES-256-bit encryption, which is the most secure standard available.

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NordVPN Server List

NordVPN offers more than just regular servers to connect from. Find below a thorough review of NordVPN server list types:

Regular Servers

Regular Servers provide the basic encryption you need to mask your IP address with a fake one and encrypt your traffic.

Of the 60 countries, NordVPN offers servers from, 59 of them are available as regular servers. The only exception is the Arab United Emirates.

P2P- Peer to Peer

P2P servers are specifically for file sharing, and they are optimized to be fast, smooth, and secure. You are probably more familiar with torrenting, which is a form of P2P file-sharing technology.

You can use NordVPN’s P2P servers for torrenting as it has tightened security and will be undetected by your internet service provider.

We do not condone torrenting pirated content. However, if torrenting in general is blocked in your country, NordVPN P2P servers can help you unblock it.

Tor Over VPN is another P2P use; it is used to access the dark web or deep web. These corners of the internet can only be accessed through special web browsers like Tor that need super-tight security.

Obfuscated Servers

Obfuscated servers are designed to unblock geo-restricted content in countries that have very high restrictions, like China. NordVPN’s obfuscated servers easily surpass the Great Firewall of China.

NordVPN provides obfuscated servers in 14 countries across the Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific, Africa, Middle East, and India and easily unblocks restricted content in them.

Double VPN

Double VPN servers provide double protection for your data and traffic as they go through not one but two servers. These servers are most useful in protection against virtual attacks as it renders them useless.

Dedicated IP Servers

A dedicated IP server provides you with an IP address that does not change every time you connect to a regular server. It is most useful in business security measures; as a dedicated IP is static, it can be set as a log-in condition when accessing certain business servers.

Aside from business, dedicated IP addresses are convenient for safe online banking. If you are a traveler that makes several banking payments from different countries, the bank might find it suspicious and block your cards. When payments come from the same IP address and location, however, banks are less likely to suspect fraudulent behavior.

Last but not least, with a dedicated IP address, you will avoid running into a CAPTCHA to prove your humanity over and over again.

NordVPN Server Protocols

NordVPN offers three protocols for its servers:

NordLynx: It is based on WireGuard protocol. It combines extreme privacy with the fastest of speeds.

IKEv2/IPSec: This protocol is great for maintaining VPN connections when switching between networks. It offers a combination of speed, stability, and security and is most useful for smartphones.

OpenVPN UDP/TCP: This protocol is most common for streaming, gaming, and safe browsing. It is open-source, which makes it more supported by the community of developers.

NordVPN Server List Locations

Find below the full NordVPN server list locations:

The Americas

Location Number of Servers

The United States

1621 server


400 servers


21 servers


14 servers
Chile 12 servers
Costa Rica 12 servers

9 servers



Location Number of Servers

United Kingdom

1621 server


400 servers


21 servers


14 servers
Sweden 12 servers
Switzerland 12 servers


79 servers
Norway 69 servers
Poland 69 servers
Ireland 60 servers
Czech Republic 57 servers
Italy 49 servers
Spain 41 servers
Finland 40 servers
Serbia  40 servers
Austria 36 servers
Slovakia 27 servers
Bulgaria 24 servers
Hungary 22 servers
Latvia  22 servers

22 servers

Portugal  21 servers
Luxembourg 16 servers


14 servers
Estonia 12 servers
Greece 12 servers
Iceland 12 servers
Albania 9 servers
Cyprus 8 servers
Croatia 7 servers
Moldova 7 servers
Bosnia and Herzegovina 4 servers
Macedonia 2 servers


4 servers


 Asia Pacific

Locations Number of servers

267 servers


176 servers


77 servers

Hong Kong

70 servers

New Zealand

40 servers


16 servers

Vietnam 14 servers
Indonesia 10 servers
South Korea 10 servers
Malaysia 9 servers

7 servers


Africa, the Middle East, and India

Locations Number and types of servers
South Africa

43 servers


27 servers

United Arab Emirates

20 servers


19 servers


15 servers

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