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NordVPN Router: How to Set Up NordVPN on a Router?

NordVPN Router: How to Set Up NordVPN on a Router?NordVPN Router: How to Set Up NordVPN on a Router?

There are several benefits for having a NordVPN router in your household or business, it can protect your data from the source and have all your devices connections encrypted. Continue reading to know more about NordVPN how to install it on your router.


NordVPN is by far one of the best VPNs on the market; it has the highest speeds that are stable across all its servers. NordVPN has 5400+ servers across over 59 countries, all of which are AES-256 encrypted.

This encryption standard is the same banks and militaries use to protect their data. Moreover, Nord has a true no-log policy and a handy kill switch. The true no-log policy promises that none of your data is stored on their servers. The kill switch turns off your internet connection if the VPN connection suddenly drops, so your real IP address and identity won’t become visible.

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Why Use NordVPN?

Not only NordVPN has the tightest security and fastest speeds, but also it is a pro at unblocking most, if not all, streaming services. Nord also has specialized servers for torrenting and gaming. Each is specifically optimized to give the best security and experience while using them.

NordVPN is also compatible with all major operating systems and platforms, including Routers. Setting up a VPN on your router may seem like a job for a technician, but in fact, it is pretty straightforward, and we will guide you through it step by step.

Why Should You Use a NordVPN Router?

Having a NordVPN router set up comes with many perks; most importantly is the continuous protection of your data from any device that is connected to that router. With NordVPN, you can have unlimited devices connected to your VPN secured router without having to worry about remembering to turn on your VPN.

Before setting up NordVPN router, you need to make sure it is VPN compatible because not all router models support it.

Compatible NordVPN routers:

  1. Asus RT Models
  2. Linksys ACM Models
  3. Netgear Nighthawk
If your router is not compatible with a VPN, we advise you purchase NordVPN Flashrouters. Their routers come preconfigured so you do not have to worry about setting it up.


How to Install NordVPN Router: General Steps

Setting up and installing NordVPN router is fairly straightforward. Different routers, however, have different interfaces, but the process remains similar.

Step 1: Log in to your router

Before starting, you need to check if your router is connected to the internet.
Also, find your router’s IP address on the back of your device; it is usually ‘’ or a similar number.

To configure your router’s settings, you need to enter your router’s IP address into your browser’s search box and then log in to your router settings. The username and password are usually ‘admin’ by default.

Step 2: Adjust router settings

To adjust your router settings and install NordVPN, you will have to enter your Nord account credentials and upload the OpenVPN protocol configurations you installed from NordVPN's server list.

Step 3: Test your connection

We will emphasize steps 2 and 3 more below, as routers have different interfaces, so we will show you the most common steps to navigate through your router settings and install NordVPN.


How to Install NordVPN on an Asus Router

NordVPN recommends Asus routers as it has the most compatible software for their VPN.

Step 1: Purchase a NordVPN subscription

Step 2: Download your recommended server configuration file from NordVPN’s Server List

  • Click on show available protocols
  • Choose OpenVPN UDP configuration to download

Step 3: Log in to your router settings by entering your router’s IP address into your browser’s search bar.

Step 4: On the vertical menu, Under Advanced, press on VPN

Step 5: Click on VPN Client in the top tab

Step 6: Press on Add Profile

Step 7: Click on OpenVPN

Step 8: Fill out the box with your NordVPN account details

Step 9: Upload the OpenVPN configuration file you downloaded previously

Step 10: Press on OK and press Activate

After doing the last step, check your internet connection to make sure your VPN has succeeded.

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Incompatible Routers for NordVPN

Below is the list of incompatible routers for NordVPN. If you are not sure whether your router is compatible or not, we advise conducting google research with your device’s model number.

  • Arris
  • Belkin
  • Cisco
  • D-Link
  • Huawei
  • TP-Link
  • TRENDnet
  • Tenda
  • TotoLink
  • Ubee

Troubleshooting Connectivity Errors

If you are experiencing connectivity errors after setting up your NordVPN router, check your router lights to see if they are green and make sure all its cables are properly plugged in.

Another method you can use is resetting your router. Power it off for a few minutes, and turn it back on. This will not erase your NordVPN configurations but will only refresh your router settings.

Try updating your router firmware if connectivity errors remain. An update tab should be on either the vertical bar or the horizontal one.

NordVPN Plans and Prices

1-Month Plan: $11.95 per month
1-Year Plan: $4.92 per month
2-Year Plan + 3 months: $3.30 per month

NordVPN offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all its plans, in case you decide NordVPN is not for you, but we doubt so.

Final Words

Setting up NordVPN router is not a difficult task as you follow the steps correctly. Moreover, there are several benefits to having a VPN set up on your router, such as connecting unlimited devices that may not have VPN support individually. On the other hand, configuring your VPN settings may become more complicated when configured on your router. Nevertheless, you will not have to worry about turning it on and off, as all data going through the router and connected devices will be encrypted.


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