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TextMagic: Review, Top Features, and Prices

TextMagic: Review, Top Features, and Prices

TextMagic is an all-inclusive text message marketing provider and one of the most solid options in the industry. It is very user-friendly, with an intuitive UI that will guide you through your marketing campaigns. Continue reading our full review to know all about TextMagic, its features, and prices.


SMS gateway API
Virtual phone numbers
30-day free trial


No dedicated mobile app


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Pay-as-you-go system

About TextMagic

TextMagic is a great text message marketing provider; it is rated 4.9/5 stars by Trustpilot, Capterra, and G2 and has had more than 100,000 users since 2001. Customer reviews have deemed TextMagic reliable with its variety of services and features that come at a fair price.

TextMagic offers a fully-featured 30-days free trial where you get access to all business features; no credit card information is required. You need only press "Start on Free Trial" on their website and fill in a short form with your name, email, and country.

TextMagic is trusted by over a hundred thousand businesses, including global and top industries such as Maxus, QiQ, BarVision, and more! TextMagic offers a pay-as-you-go payment system, so it's catered towards the small business, so you only pay for the text messages you send without underutilizing TextMagic's services.

TextMagic Plans and Prices

As TextMagic allows you to send text messages worldwide and offers a fixed price per text for each county. For the United States, the price per text is $0.04, and the same price goes for MMS messages and email and phone lookup. Texting price for the UK is $0.068 per text, and for $0.04 per MMS and phone and email lookup.

Inbound texts are all free of charge, and all credit you buy from TextMagic will never expire. There are also no account fees or any hidden charges.

TextMagic Top Features

There is a wide range of useful features you can utilize with TextMagic that make text message marketing easier for your business and more efficient. Some of these features include SMS Gateway API, which allows you to integrate TextMagic with your existing business website, systems, or applications.

Moreover, you can also create sub-accounts for your team or staff, where credits are thoroughly distributed. To ensure the safety of your account and your teams', every account gets secure and unique login credentials to prevent any unauthorized access. In addition, all of TextMagic's services and sites are secured with SSL/HTTPS and all your account's data are also fully backed up at all times.

Text message marketing's main aim is to simplify and automate your business's text messages to your customers. With TextMarks, you can set up automation rules for incoming messages, such as adding a customer to the subscriber's list or setting an auto-response so you won't have to manually reply to every incoming message.

TextMarks also offers a useful tool for email and phone number validation, where you can check their statuses, deliverability to identify invalid numbers and addresses.

Most importantly, TextMagic provides you with SMS marketing campaigns, which help you generate more sales and qualified leads. A great feature it also packs is the ability to send text messages in bulk to anywhere in the world.

Moreover, you can also use a virtual phone number to send your text messages. There are many benefits in doing so, such as having reduced costs, unlimited uses for call routing, campaigns, or customer support. In addition, you can also block unwanted inbound messages from certain countries or individuals.

Of course, you also get the standard text message marketing features, which include SMS attachments, mail merge, and SMS templates, customer list importing, and last but not least, reporting and analytics.

Customer Support

You can reach customer support in several ways; through live chat, phone, or email. TextMagic's help center also provides you with guide articles, video tutorials, and frequently asked questions to help you with any issues or inquiries you may be having. More resources also include blogs, API documentations, SMS solutions, and free helpful tools.



US: (844) 600-0669

UK: 0808 168 1030

Australia: 1800 531 865

You can also submit a form to their help center, where you can upload a screenshot of whatever error or message you may be facing with your name, businesses email, and company name.

Final Thoughts

TextMagic is a comprehensive text message marketing provider that offers a variety of features, tools, and resources to help your business the best way it knows how. In addition, it offers a fair 'pay-as-you-go' pricing system and credits that never expire so you can efficiently use its services without overpaying.

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