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SunrisePOS System Review: Full Service Technology

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SunrisePOS System Review: Full Service Technology

SunrisePOS is a specialized company in sales, training, installation, and procedures that support POS systems. It has more than 17 years in the industry and has served a decent number of retailers, such as Aura, San Diego Mesa College, and Lake Elsinore Unified School District. We'll show you how SunrisePOS can meet your needs and which of its features bring the highest value to your business.


Multiple POS solutions for multiple business types
All POS systems presented by SunrisePOS are protected with a 3-year warranty
24/7 US-based customer support


Prices aren't disclosed on the website

Quick Stats

Business Size Supported
All business sizes
Customer Experience
24/7 US-based customer support

What Does SunrisePOS Have to Offer?

Here's what to expect when you choose SunrisePOS:
1. 3-year warranty on all POS solutions
2. SunrisePOS offers all types of POS systems
3. Solutions are highly customized and cater to multiple industries
4. SunrisePOS is suited for small and large businesses

SunrisePOS solutions are packed with features that suit almost every business type and size. The POS systems presented are protected with a 3-year warranty and featured with integrated merchant service solutions, fully integrated online ordering systems, tableside and mobile ordering systems, and digital signage.

SunrisePOS Top Features

Before making up your mind on a POS system, you'll need to go through its features and feel confident about the value it can add to your business. Many customers have selected SunrisePOS to boost their businesses, but can it serve your business too? Get more confident with your decision by reading through the following list of SunrisePOS top features:

  • Online ordering and POS integrated shopping cart solutions

  • iPad and tablet-based POS systems for any industry

  • Mobile retail POS systems and complete mobile POS systems are available

  • EMV merchant services solutions

  • Custom technology solution development

  • Computerized menu and ad boards

  • Custom analytical business data

SunrisePOS Solutions

SunrisePOS offers multiple POS solutions as follows:

1. Restaurants POS systems

SunrisePOS offers POS system solutions that are simple, customized, and easy to use and manage. If you choose this option for your business, you'll get a fully-featured and customized solution that perfectly matches the business needs. Your restaurant can be a pizzeria, bar, nightclub, or formal dining restaurant. No matter what your restaurant's type is, the SunrisePOS system for restaurants is easy to learn yet extremely powerful.

The Restaurants POS systems include:

  • Custom analytical business data
  • Complete labor management and scheduling
  • Loyalty programs
  • Gift card management
  • Full inventory control
  • Full floor or bar layout or simple, quick service layout
  • Add or edit items in seconds
  • Reporting with easy MS excel export feature
  • Cloud reporting option
  • Secure remote access
  • Discount usage tracking

2. Retail POS system

SunrisePOS offers reliable retail POS systems that streamline all operations to maximize your profits and efficiency. Its store systems are simple to operate and rich with features that suit a simple basic retail shop, grocery stores, or full chain of stores with multiple lanes.

The Retail POS system includes:

  • Microsoft RMS store operations
  • SunrisePOS all-new dual-core POS
  • Thermal receipt printer
  • Bar-code scanner with base
  • USB MSR keyboard
  • Integrated credit card processing account
  • 2X20 character customer display
  • 3 Year Hardware Warranty

3. Restaurant iPad POS systems

SunrisePOS offers the Aldelo Touch POS app, which is both powerful and designed exclusively for the iPad and iPad mini. The app has real-time back-office reporting, greater efficiency in cloud solutions, and extreme flexibility.

The Restaurant iPad POS system offers:

  • Flexible operations for kitchen print routing, splitting, and combining checks, items, and tenders to help achieve greater efficiency and simplicity.
  • Table management: Design your plan layout with customizable color-coded seating status, automatic coursing, gratuity, and guest counts.
  • Aldelo POS cloud: Web-based back office and reporting and management options to easily manage stores from anywhere, anytime.

3. Retail iPad POS systems

This is another option that fits all retail types and can be a good fit for those on a budget. The features are steered for retailers and small businesses with highly customizable POS solutions.

Clients and supported businesses


Over many years, the company has supported retailers and owners to boost their business growth and equip the system with more flexible options and better management tools. The names in the picture above do not represent the whole list, but they are a small sample of the big names which find SunrisePOS a good fit for their needs.

SunrisePOS Estimated Cost

There isn't a clear page on the website disclosing the exact price of each solution. However, when we visited the website for more about the SunrisePOS features, we were able to get an idea about the cost of each solution separately.

For example, retail store POS system starting at $2,499, iPad POS system app is only $49.00 per month. This price includes the monthly subscription fee, access to all new versions and upgrades during the covered period, and 24/7 US-based technical support.

If you consider SunrisePOS system to manage your business, it's important to contact one of the company's agents and discuss your options and business needs. You can request a quote to know the estimated cost. When you head to the SunrisePOS estimate page, you'll get three options: free detailed restaurant POS system quote, free detailed retail POS system quote, and free detailed technology solution financing quote.

You will also receive a minimum of 30 days of free 24/7 remote log and telephonic support to ensure all of your initial and follow-up questions and concerns are answered right away.


SunrisePOS Customer Support

Assistance is available via phone calls and email. You can request assistance by filling out the contact form on the website with your name, email, phone number, and business type.

There is also a SunrisePOS testimonials and reviews page on the website where you can read from real customers and learn about their experience. More details can be found in the FAQs section, which answers many of your questions and allows you to get to know more about the service.

Final Thoughts

SunrisePOS helps retailers and owners boost their business and get the best solution with a handful of features and POS systems that fit almost all business types. You can find all possible POS solutions on the official website. Still, to get a customized option, you'll need to contact one of the representatives and discuss your business needs and the best POS solution.

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