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Speedline POS

SpeedLine POS Review: Features, Prices, and Perks

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SpeedLine POS Review: Features, Prices, and Perks

Sell your products on the go from anywhere and at any time. This is what SpeedLine POS is all about; it makes owning a business an easy task to manage. The company caters to Pizza restaurants and delivery services. However, fast food restaurants, online ordering services, and other enterprises can find what they look for in the SpeedLine POS system.


All types of delivery options
Affordable solutions that fit small businesses
Excellent support options through email, phone calls, blogs, testimonials, and tickets
Highly customizable even before installation


Not many options for other types of business
Cost isn't clearly stated on the website

Quick Stats

Business size supported
Small to Medium
Customer support
Via email, and phone
Real-time reports
Not Available
Starting price
Not disclosed

Setting up a POS system to manage your business is a troubling decision for many entrepreneurs, but can help you find what you need by reviewing and comparing a large number of POS system providers. In this article, we’ll guide you through SpeedLine POS features, price, and how you can reach out to one of the company’s representatives.

SpeedLine POS Features

SpeedLine POS is geared towards small restaurants and pizzerias. It offers multiple delivery solutions for a convenient customer experience.

Inventory management

You can manage your resources and products and view your business sales from one platform. The inventory management tools give you insights into how your business is performing. The in-depth reporting helps you monitor your sales at the ingredient level, allowing you to make changes, set up low-stock alerts, and automated reordering.

Live traffic and navigation

Use SpeedLine POS LiveMaps feature to provide an efficient and reliable delivery service. This feature allows drivers to receive the live location of customers directly on their smartphones. Drivers only need the address link and to select their preferred navigation service.

Visual Dispatch

Managers and dispatchers can use an intuitive map view to know the estimated return time, group orders together, and use the drivers' location on the map to know the estimated delivery time so that they can be ready when drivers return.

Conversational orders

The conversational orders feature allows employees to enter details and leave notes on as the customer orders. It's a flexible option for pizzerias and restaurants because sometimes customers need to make tiny changes to their orders at the time of making their order.

For instance, a customer may ask about the number of calories in a certain ingredient or request bacon in their sandwiches instead of ground beef. Everything can possibly be done simultaneously and from the same platfrom with this feature in hand.

SpeedLine POS has partnerships with third parties to add more flexibility. Owners can choose to program their POS system to show nutritional information, allergens, or recipes at the touch of a button.

Kitchen displays

This option eliminates the use of paper and replaces kitchen printers with kitchen displays. Saving paper, ink, and printers aren't the only advantages you'll get with this feature. You can also improve speed, coordinate cook times, track items for immediate preparation, and eliminate the need to hang or call orders, allowing the kitchen staff to work more efficiently.

Guided ordering and upselling

Having the Directed Order Entry feature makes the order all set from the first time with all possible add-ons and item-specific upselling prompts. Modifier prompts make sure things like crust type, and salad dressings are always available.

Item routing and printing

Organize your kitchen display and group items into categories using make routes. The main advantage of this feature is to display items based on their category, making the whole ordering process organized and managed well.

Accurate pricing

Based on low/high demand, prices are always subject to changes, whether seasonal discounts, offers, or price change based on low/high demand. SpeedLine pricing engine ensures that prices are always accurate. You can customize costs to make discounts, offer meal deals such as "Pizza Tuesday," or apply multiple tax rates and tax exemptions.

Planning and forecasting

Keep your spendings within budget with the forecasting tools; they enable owners to know their daily and hourly sales based on their restaurant's performance. Lightspeed POS saves time and effort by using sales data in scheduling and preparation planning tools.

Loyalty and marketing

Customize your gift cards with your business name and logo and keep customers coming back with discount coupons and personalized emails. Loyalty programs and marketing campaigns play a key role in building your brand recognition and introducing more people to what you offer.


Managing costs can keep your business running smoothly without any financial or management issues. SpeedLine POS offers in-depth reports and analytics on how your business is performing, giving you the chance to make changes to certain aspects of your business. Reports help you know what your costs are, besides sales and trends.

Table management

View table status and know which tables are available and which are not, making it easy to book tables over the phone and manage tables availability efficiently.


SpeedLine provides several third-party integrations, including:

  • Enterprise reporting: Data Central, MyBizView, Delaget, Monolith, Restaurant365, Compeat, and Marketing Vitals.
  • Loyalty: Punchh and PayTronix.
  • Payroll and scheduling: Crunchtime, Compeat, and Run powered by ADP.
  • Remote ordering: RTO, Craver, Menufy, Nextep Systems, Open Dining Network, and ItsaCheckmate.
  • Liquor control: Beerboard.


SpeedLine POS System Pricing

SpeedLine POS pricing includes everything: Software, hardware, and installation. It's an all-in-one POS system that fits almost every industry. There isn't a fixed price to expect, but you can get an idea about the total cost based on your business's requirements.

Price is affected by many factors, including the number of terminals, menu complexity, and what features your business needs. For an estimated cost, you can reach out to one of SpeedLine's representatives and discuss your budget, type of business, and what you expect SpeedLine POS to offer.

Complete the information required on the "request a demo" option, fill out your full name, company name, work email, phone number, and country, then click on book a demo. You'll get the right assistance and discuss your business better with an expert.

SpeedLine POS Customer Support



SpeedLine POS has one of the best customer support options. The website is easy to navigate with multiple ways to guide the visitor. At the top of the page, you can see the SpeedLine POS blog tab. It's where you can find articles on restaurant marketing, restaurant management, POS, restaurant delivery, pizza POS, online ordering, restaurant payment security, and loss prevention.

But that's not all; if you still want to hear from customers and learn about their experience with SpeedLine POS, you can find testimonials, FAQs, newsletters, and webinars to understand the service better before you decide on it.

Other customer support options available by SpeedLine POS are phone support, live assist, and email. SpeedLine POS customer support staff is available 24 hours from Monday to Friday, from 10 am EST to 6 pm EST on Saturdays, and from 12 am EST to 8 am EST on Sundays.

Final Verdict

If you run your small pizzeria, restaurant, or retail business, SpeedLine POS might be a good option for you; it offers multiple features regarding delivery, inventory management, and reporting. SpeedLine POS supports its clients through email and phone calls. It also dedicates sections to provide insightful videos, testimonials, and blogs on almost every possible issue you might have in mind.

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