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MYNT POS System Review: All-in-One POS Solution

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MYNT POS System Review: All-in-One POS Solution

MYNT POS promises to offer all your business requirements to grow. With its fully-featured software, you can keep track of your inventory, sales, and performance. MYNT POS hardware comes with a lifetime warranty and is offered for a fairly affordable price.


All-in-one POS software
Lifetime warranty POS hardware
24/7 customer support and remote installation


Cost isn't clearly stated on the website
Accepts cash only

Quick Stats

Business Size Supported
Small to Medium
Customer Experience
Via email, and phone

But how to judge the service? We'll walk you through MYNT POS cost, features, and how it can boost your business.


Who Is MYNT POS for?


The field of your business can limit your options when thinking of a POS provider, but MYNT POS caters to different industries, making it a good choice for a broader range of customers. If your business is in one of the following industries, MYNT POS might be what you're looking for:

  • Quick service restaurants
  • Retail stores
  • Fine dining
  • Boutiques
  • Attractions
  • Cafes and coffee shops
  • Food trucks
  • Ice cream shops
  • Juice bars
  • Specialty food stores

MYNT POS Key Features

If you look for a jam-packed with features POS system which won't let you down as your business grow, MYNT POS has it all. Here are the top features:

Short on time? Here are the key features you'll get with MYNT POS System:
• Remote installation and live training
• All payment types, including Apple Pay, Android Pay, and Samsung Pay, and EMV chip cards
• All subscriptions are protected with a lifetime warranty and free support
• Menu creation is included
• Smooth transaction and inventory tracking
• Terminal with integrated receipt printer, cash drawer, and card reader



Payment processing can be troubling for both staff and customers. Still, with a fully-featured POS system, you shouldn't be having any problems setting up automated charges and accepting tips on different payment options. With MYNT POS, you can easily accept tips on credit cards, automatically charge a certain percentage by entering the number of people on a table, and split checks between multiple customers.

Gift cards, vouchers, all with your logo and company's name on them, are available. You can also create an unlimited number of payment types and checks. There is an option to make discounts on selected products by setting a percentage or dollar amount.

Seating and table layout creation

Find an open table easily by creating custom table layouts. It's a good feature to know what each table orders and how much to charge the table. Customers might be charged differently based on their preferred location. This also can be done. Each area can have its own price level, and charges will change automatically based on customers' location.

Items creation and customization

Items can easily be added and modified from the same dashboard, and all changes are automatically shared with locations and stations. MYNT POS allows high customization to each item separately, giving the ability to change each item based on customers' preferences.

Staff can get the advantage of this feature, too, since it allows adding color codes and custom images to each item, making it easier for the staff to recognize items and process orders in a shorter time.

Standard sales taxes are not hard to manage, but some items have complex sales taxes, including liquor or glass bottles. MYNT POS can handle complex taxes and group multiple taxes together.


MYNT POS flexibility includes languages, currencies, and price levels. The system supports 10 different languages and allows shifting price levels from happy hour to regular prices in minutes and with a few clicks. Managers can also choose to reverse charges in case of financial errors and mistakes.

Access management is essential to keep particular sections private and accessible by you only. With this feature, you can limit what employees can access and see on the system.


MYNT POS allows setting up to 6 printers plus a standard receipt printer. Besides, printers can be grouped to print certain items, which means more management and organization to your business.

We all know how embarrassing it might be if a customer left a note that he's allergic to certain food and the employee couldn't or forget to deliver the message to the kitchen. If you choose MYNT POS, this can't be a problem.

You can add any notes left by customers and ensure that it will find its way to the kitchen, saving your staff a lot of trouble and misunderstanding.

Printing receipts can also be managed to avoid any excessive paper waste, customize the printing receipt process, and make it activated for certain items/services only. Receipts customization includes adding any text, logo, or information you want to show on your business's receipt.

Hardware features


Different industries have different hardware requirements; that's why it's important to define your business needs and discuss them with an expert to know which hardware options your business requires. MYNT POS offers the following in terms of POS hardware:

  • Complete POS solution: MYNT POS system comes with an all-in-one terminal, integrated MSR, thermal receipt printer, and heavy-duty cash drawer.
  • MYNT POS terminal is 14 inches capacitive touch widescreen LCD, fanless, energy-efficient, and has built-in cable management.
  • Cash drawer with 5 bills and 5 or 6 coin slots, heavy-duty metal bill weights, and 3-position key lock.
  • Order at the table with 5 inches durable Android handheld, long battery life – 8hr continuous use, simple and fast order entry, with the ability to modify open orders and manage tables.

MYNT POS System Cost

POS systems vary in their cost based on the features offered, the type of business, and its requirements. The company states that their prices are transparent, and no hidden fees await in the store.

MYNT POS has a straightforward monthly subscription with a 1-year commitment, allowing you to know your exact cost upfront. However, there isn't a price stated on the website. If you want to know the cost details, get a quote by filling out your name, company's name, and email or phone number.

Customer Support


MYNT POS supports its customer through email and phone support from Monday through Friday (6:00 am~4:00 pm PST). For more support options, you can head to the support tab on the official website, where you can find guides, FAQs, support articles, and software configuration guides. Know how to get started and get a training guide by taking your time reading through the step-by-step guide.

Final Verdict

MYNT POS is one of the most comprehensive solutions to manage and boost your business performance. It offers all required options with the ability to customize your system to what fits your business. Unforntauly, there isn't a straightforward price disclosed on the website, and to get the estimated cost, you'll need to contact one of the company's representatives to find out how much your POS system costs.

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