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Kaspersky Password Manager: Convenient and Secure



Excellent malware protection
Light on the system doesn't slow the PC as much
Highly customizable plan
Advanced features
Free version available
Secure and private
Multi-device use
Available mobile application


Limited password manager on lower plans
Limited VPN access unless purchased separately
Doesn't support iOS
No data sharing options
Weak browser extensions
Limited features
The free version is limited

Quick Stats

Security Level
Free Version
Money-back guarantee
30 Days
Included VPN
Limited to 200-300MB.
Windows, macOS, iOS & Android
Customer support
E-mail and phone support
Ease of use
Simple and User-friendly
Free Plans
Offers a free version
Free trial
Not available
Number of devices
High secure
Starting price
$14.99 per year

It can be challenging to remember all your passwords and keep your personal data secure. Don't overthink this, just install a password manager that is going to do all that for you and your family. Kaspersky password manager provides fast access to your multiple accounts, syncs your data across devices, secures your personal data, and many other features that we will be pointing out throughout this review.

When you use the same password for all of your accounts, you raise the risk of cyberattacks. However, remembering a unique and difficult-to-guess password for each site might be difficult. Kaspersky is a password manager that can help with this. It is among the easiest to use password managers available.

In this article, we'll go over all the many features and plans Kaspersky password manager offers.



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General Features

Kaspersky password manager has various features that you can use and benefit from, but what makes it unique with the long list of available password managers? We have listed the different features of Kaspersky below:

  • Data syncing: Syncs data across Windows, macOS, iOS, and Android devices; it also integrates with your browser for ease of use.
  • File secure storage: Moves documents, images, personal data to secure encrypted storage.
  • Secure notes: To save any notes and passwords that you want to keep private.
  • Multidevice-use: You can use Kaspersky on as many devices as you own.
  • Available as a mobile app: You can use Kaspersky on your iPhone or Android, making it easier to manage your everyday tasks over your phone.
  • Security audits: Rates and analyzes your password to determine if it's vulnerable so you can take action.

Plans and Pricing

Kaspersky provides a variety of advanced features that a regular user would look for; you can use a free version for life or upgrade to the paid version; we will be illustrating the differences in this section.

Plans Free Paid
Starting price Free $15.99 per year
Number of passwords 15 entries Unlimited
Data sync Available Available
Digital wallet Available Available
Mobile application Available Available
File storage Available Available


As the table illustrates above, the free version offers almost every feature allowed in the paid version but with limited credentials.

Free plan

The free plan of Kaspersky Password Manager has the same features as the paid version. Still, you can only save a total of 15 passwords, credit card details, notes, images, or addresses to your vault. However, you can still use most of the features offered by Kaspersky. Most password managers offer a free version but limited features access; this is not the case with Kaspersky, free users can access all of the features but can only save up to 15 items in their vaults. This might be enough for light users, but 15 passwords are still not enough for most people, for that reason Kaspersky offers a paid plan.

Paid Plan

The starting price of this plan is $15.99 per year. Users who upgrade their subscription to this plan can save unlimited passwords. However, you have to download the free version first, allowing you to try the service before purchasing. Although Kaspersky may lack a few features that other password managers offer, its relatively minimal price makes it a convenient option that performs the primary functions of a password manager. As it secures unlimited passwords, syncs your data across devices, and integrates with your browser for a smoother browsing experience, it also moves documents and images to secure storage and allows businesses to manage their employees' access.

You can use Kaspersky on multiple devices, adding that you can use it on your phone as it is available as a mobile application. In addition, Kaspersky has a password generator tool to help generate strong and lengthy passwords that no one can think of, along with security audits that rate and analyze your passwords to determine their quality.

Security and Privacy
Technologies used

Kaspersky Password Manager secures data using a symmetric key algorithm based on the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES); this AES algorithm is used worldwide to protect top-secret data. As part of this, you receive a key – used to get into your password vault – derived from your main password using Password-Based Key Derivation Function 2 (PBKDF2).

Kaspersky also follows Zero-Knowledge Security, which means even Kaspersky team can't see or share your data nor anybody else. They don't store your master password on your device or cloud for a more secure experience. For that reason, you should never forget your master password as if you lose it; there is no way to recover your account; therefore, you lose your data.

Scan your computer for sensitive images

Kaspersky is more than just a password manager; it also allows you to scan images and save them in your vault. It saves your time and scans your device in search of images with sensitive content. Kaspersky can search for JPEG, PNG, and BMP images that contain texts. After the application scans your device, you can select which images you want to hide in your vault.

Fingerprint authentication

In addition to the master password, you can choose to log into Kaspersky with your fingerprint. However, on some devices, the fingerprint authentication function in Kaspersky Password Manager is disabled, as the technical team of Kaspersky believes that fingerprint access to the program on some devices might be dangerous.

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User Experience

Kaspersky ease-of-use

Kaspersky Password Manager is easy to use. You'll start by selecting a master password for your account, just as with other password managers. You'll also need to register and confirm an email account if you wish to use the service on multiple devices.
The first time you use Kaspersky, it will prompt you to install the browser extensions that you would like to use the tool on to save and autofill your passwords.

Data sync

Kaspersky password manager receives your data and saves them on your device. If you wish to sync and transfer this data to a different device, it encrypts and sends the data to cloud storage and the other device to connect you with your account.

To sync your data across devices, follow the below steps:

  1. First, open the main application window
  2. In the menu panel, click "Additional."
  3. Select "Sync" 
  4. Click "Sync Now."

Compatibility and browser extensions

The list of the compatible devices is not long as Kaspersky supports the following operating systems:

  • Windows, macOS, iOS & Android

Regarding browser extensions, you can use Kaspersky on many mainstream browsers, including:

  • Internet Explorer, Chrome, Yandex, and Firefox.

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Customer Support

Customer support channels

Kaspersky password manager offers a variety of tunnels to reach out to their technical team, here we list the various customer support channels:

  • FAQs
  • Technical support team
  • Email
  • Toll-free Phone
  • Community support

Supported language by region

Americas, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia & Pacific, Africa, Middle East, and the global website if your country is not listed.

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Payments Methods and Refund

Payment methods

What payment options does Kaspersky Lab offer? Kaspersky offers the following payment methods:

Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express are all accepted, as are check cards and ATM cards provided by one of the major credit card providers. PayPal Express Checkout is another option for payment.

Free trial and money-back guarantee

Kaspersky offers a free trial for most of its products, but the password manager is available as a free, lifetime version with only 15 credentials. If you are unsatisfied with the paid version, you can ask for a refund as they offer a 30-day money guarantee!

To ask for a refund, all you have to do is look up your order and then use the request a refund option to submit your request.

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Final Verdict

In a nutshell, Kaspersky password manager is user-friendly, easy to use, quick, and offers the primary features of a password manager. However, the free version is limited. The premium plan still lacks some essential functions for managing passwords and other data that most other applications offer. But, when comparing its price with other password managers in the market, it's much more affordable.

Kaspersky performs features that a regular user would look for in a password manager. For example, it syncs data, provides secure storage, secure notes, multidevice-use, mobile application usability, and does security audits.

If you're interested in more features, you can check out our 1Password and Dashlane full reviews.


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