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Voodoo Acquires Bereal

Voodoo's Big Play: From Games to Genuine Connections with BeReal!

Voodoo's Big Play: From Games to Genuine Connections with BeReal!Voodoo's Big Play: From Games to Genuine Connections with BeReal!
BeReal gets acquired by Voodoo: Details and more!

Published: June 12th, 2024.

Hold onto your smartphones because Voodoo just dropped a bombshell: they've acquired BeReal, the game-changer in social networking! Say goodbye to filters and fake smiles—Voodoo is diving headfirst into the world of unfiltered connections with BeReal's revolutionary platform.

Key takeaways

  • Voodoo acquires BeReal to expand beyond gaming, embracing genuine social interactions
  • BeReal’s daily unedited photos, disappearing posts, and no likes/dislikes foster real connections, aligning with Voodoo's vision
  • Valued at $560 million, BeReal's acquisition highlights their influence, promising enhanced features and global reach through Voodoo’s expertise


Beyond Gaming: Voodoo's Strategic Expansion

Despite Voodoo's undeniable gaming dominance, the acquisition of BeReal marks a daring push into uncharted territories. Voodoo is well-positioned to expand their impact outside of gaming by embracing BeReal's idea of authentic, unfiltered connections, appealing to people seeking more realistic online experiences.

Authenticity reigns supreme: BeReal's unique appeal

BeReal's allure lies in their simplicity: users share one unedited photo daily, fostering authentic connections devoid of filters or pretense. Posts disappear in 24 hours, and the absence of likes and dislikes emphasizes sharing your authentic self in real time. It's a refreshing departure from curated feeds and staged posts, resonating with users craving genuine interactions—a sentiment that aligns perfectly with Voodoo's vision for the future of social networking.

BeReal, which boasts over 40 million active users across the USA, Japan, and France, will benefit from Voodoo's expertise in scaling products and strategic growth.

A valued union: BeReal's worth

BeReal's acquisition, valued at €500 million, or approximately $560 million, underscores its significant impact on the social networking landscape. This substantial valuation reflects both its financial worth and its invaluable contribution to fostering authentic online connections.

"The BeReal acquisition marks a pivotal moment for Voodoo," commented Voodoo co-founder and CEO Alexandre Yazdi. "BeReal achieved incredible user loyalty and growth, showing there is a universal need to share real, unfiltered experiences with close friends. We are very excited to bring our teams together and leverage Voodoo’s know-how and differentiated technologies to scale BeReal into the iconic social network for authenticity."

The vision

Voodoo's acquisition of BeReal is not just a financial transaction; it represents a strategic alignment of vision and purpose. BeReal’s unique approach to social networking, which promotes genuine interactions over curated content, aligns with Voodoo’s mission to create meaningful digital experiences. This acquisition aims to leverage Voodoo’s expertise in user engagement and app development to elevate BeReal’s platform to new heights.

What This Means for Users

For BeReal users, this acquisition promises several exciting developments:

  • Enhanced user experience: Voodoo’s expertise in app development will likely lead to a more robust and user-friendly BeReal platform
  • Expanded features: Users can anticipate new features that enhance the authenticity and engagement that BeReal is known for
  • Global reach: With Voodoo’s extensive global presence, BeReal is expected to grow their user base beyond their current strongholds in the USA, Japan, and France

The acquisition of BeReal by Voodoo is a smart and daring move, highlighting how online interaction changes. This collaboration has the potential to revolutionize social networking by merging Voodoo's knowledge of games with BeReal's dedication to authenticity. Users can look forward to an enhanced, more genuine online experience as these two digital giants come together.
Watch for further updates as Voodoo and BeReal begin this thrilling adventure together.

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