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Tesla Cybertruck Recall Windshield Loose Trim

Tesla Cybertruck Recall: Addressing Quality Control Challenges

Tesla Cybertruck Recall: Addressing Quality Control ChallengesTesla Cybertruck Recall: Addressing Quality Control Challenges
What is the latest Tesla Cybertruck recall about?

June 26th, 2024

Key Takeaways:

  • Tesla recalls Cybertruck for windshield and loose trim issues: The latest recall involves problems with the truck’s huge single windshield wiper and a piece of plastic trim along the edge of the truck bed
  • Quality control and technology integration challenges: The repeated recalls highlight issues within Tesla’s manufacturing processes and the integration of advanced technologies
  • Potential future actions: Tesla may enhance quality control measures, deploy software updates, and improve communication with customers to address these challenges
  • Consumer guidance: Owners should stay informed about updates, follow Tesla’s repair recommendations, and consider the implications of these recalls for future purchases


Tesla has announced another recall of its highly anticipated Cybertruck, marking the third and fourth recalls since the model was introduced late last year. This latest development raises questions about the company’s current challenges and its next steps. Here’s what you need to know about the recall and what it means for consumers.

Recall Details

Tesla’s Cybertruck, which has been a focal point of the company’s push into the electric pickup market, is being recalled for two main reasons:

  1. Windshield wiper issues: The truck’s single large windshield wiper has an electric motor that may be damaged, allowing excessive electrical current to pass through, which can cause it to fail. This poses a significant safety risk to drivers and passengers.
  2. Loose trim: A piece of black plastic trim along the edge of the truck bed can come loose and detach while driving, creating a potential road hazard for other motorists. This issue was discovered when a piece was found missing from a Cybertruck transported to a delivery center. Further investigations revealed improper installation of these trim pieces in multiple vehicles.


Tesla will replace the wiper motor and either replace or rework the trim piece at no cost to owners. By mid-August, owners will be notified by letter of both recalls and respective remedies.

Previous Recalls

This marks the third and fourth recalls for the stainless steel-clad Cybertruck since it went on sale on November 30. Previous recalls include:

  • February recall: Nearly 2.2 million vehicles, including Cybertrucks, were recalled due to the font size being too small on the instrument panel for various warning lights, increasing the risk of a crash
  • April recall: Nearly 4,000 Cybertrucks were recalled due to a faulty accelerator pedal that could potentially dislodge under high force

Potential Next Steps for Tesla

To address these challenges, Tesla might consider the following actions:

  • Enhanced quality control measures: Implementing stricter quality control protocols could help prevent similar issues in the future. This might involve more rigorous testing and inspection processes before vehicles are delivered to customers
  • Software updates and fixes: Tesla is known for its ability to deploy over-the-air software updates. Addressing the issues with the windshield and trim through these updates could help mitigate some of the recall’s impacts and restore consumer confidence
  • Transparent communication: Maintaining transparent communication with customers and stakeholders about the steps being taken to resolve these issues is essential. This includes regular updates on the progress of repairs and improvements

What Consumers Need to Know

For consumers, the key takeaways are:

  • Stay informed: Keep abreast of updates from Tesla regarding the recall and any necessary repairs for the Cybertruck
  • Safety first: If you own a Cybertruck, follow Tesla’s recommendations for addressing the recall issues to ensure your vehicle is safe to drive
  • Future purchases: Consider the implications of these recalls when making future vehicle purchases. While Tesla remains a leader in the EV market, these challenges highlight the importance of thorough research and consideration of potential risks

In conclusion, Tesla’s latest recall of the Cybertruck underscores significant challenges the company must address to maintain its market position and consumer trust. By taking proactive steps to improve quality control and technology integration, Tesla can navigate these difficulties and continue to lead the transition to electric vehicles.

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