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Heinz Kate Spade Collection

Ketchup Couture: Heinz & Kate Spade’s Capsule Collection

Ketchup Couture: Heinz & Kate Spade’s Capsule CollectionKetchup Couture: Heinz & Kate Spade’s Capsule Collection
Learn all about the Kate Spade x Heinz collaboration. Celebrate summer with a flavorful twist

Published: June 30th, 2024.

In a unique fusion of fashion and flavor, Heinz and Kate Spade New York have unveiled a limited-edition capsule collection just in time for summer 2024. This partnership combines Heinz's iconic ketchup branding with Kate Spade's colorful and whimsical style, resulting in a vibrant array of accessories and apparel.


An Unexpected Yet Perfect Match

Heinz and Kate Spade New York are celebrated for their distinct identities and loyal customer bases. Heinz, known for its unmistakable ketchup red and iconic branding, and Kate Spade, renowned for its playful and stylish designs, have found common ground in their dedication to quality and detail. Megan Lang, head of global Heinz brand communications and creativity, highlighted the synergy, stating, "At Heinz, we love to celebrate the unique and unconventional ways our fans show their love for us, and this collection is the perfect opportunity to do so."

Jennifer Lyu, SVP and head of design at Kate Spade New York, echoed this sentiment, noting that the collection captures the spirit of both brands through thoughtful details and playful designs. "The embellishments on the tee and the way our 3D ketchup bag looks just like that classic red and white packet bring this collection to life," she said.

The Collection

The Heinz x Kate Spade New York collection includes various items designed to add a touch of fun to summer wardrobes. From totes and pouches to ready-to-wear tees, footwear, keychains, and phone cases, each piece is crafted to reflect the unique aesthetics of both brands. The collection's standout feature is its use of Heinz's signature red, seamlessly integrated with Kate Spade's joyful and colorful designs.

Pricing & Availability

The collection caters to a broad audience, with prices ranging from $45 to $398. It will be available at select Kate Spade New York stores, department stores, and online platforms in global markets, including North America, Europe, Japan, China, and Southeast Asia. This accessibility ensures that fans worldwide can participate in the collaboration.

Celebrating 'Irrational Love'

This launch is part of Heinz's global creative strategy, 'Irrational Love,' which aims to showcase the passionate and sometimes unconventional ways fans express their love for the brand. By partnering with Kate Spade New York, Heinz can blend the realms of food and fashion, creating a buzz that transcends traditional brand boundaries.

A Summer Staple

The Heinz x Kate Spade New York collection promises to be a summer staple. Each item in the collection serves as a testament to the creativity and dedication of both brands, offering fans a chance to express their love stylishly and unexpectedly.

Final Thoughts

This collaboration between Heinz and Kate Spade in New York is a testament to the power of creative partnerships. By combining their strengths, the brands have created a fashionable collection that is also fun and evocative of the joyous moments of summer. As Megan Lang aptly put it, this collection celebrates the "unique and unconventional ways our fans show their love for us," and it certainly delivers on that promise.

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