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WordPress SEO Plugins: Thrive Your Blog

WordPress SEO Plugins: Thrive Your BlogWordPress SEO Plugins: Thrive Your Blog


Starting your blog has become a much easier task with WordPress. It is a great content management system (CMS) platform that provides all the tools you need for your blog to reach greatness. But getting your blog to the top takes more than just writing articles and publishing them. A huge part of getting discovered relates to your WordPress SEO.

Now you might be wondering what SEO is and how you can improve it, and worry not, in this article, we will give you a full explanation on what SEO is, how you can optimize it for your blog, and which SEO tools WordPress provides you, so your job becomes easier.

What Is SEO

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is a certain set of criteria, when abiding by which, a search engine such as Google will prioritize your page and the content of your page over other unoptimized content.

SEO follows a set of rules which will give you an advantage when following. The full set of rules is relatively long and can be found on Google's guides. However, many argue that Google hides information, and therefore, even after reading so much about SEO, it's not enough.

There are many books and courses out there for the sake of improving SEO on websites. For example, the WordPress SEO checklist includes:

  • Setting a keyword.
  • Increasing a keyword density between (0.5 - 1.5%).
  • Setting an H1 with less than 66 characters, including the keyword.
  • The URL contains the keyword.
  • High Flesch Reading Ease score (At least 60.0).
  • A sub-heading (e.g., H2) containing the keyword.
  • A 120-156 character long Meta-description containing the keyword.
  • Adding links to your page.
  • Adding Images to your page.

But do you really need to go that far memorizing points to optimize your SEO?

WordPress SEO plugins are the perfect solutions providing you with WordPress SEO tips. While they don't cover the entire SEO checklist, they provide a real-time guide to your progress and are very easy to use and install.

Recommended WordPress SEO Plugins

To go for WordPress SEO without plugin assistance is like attempting to build a house without the right tools; It would negatively affect the final product and reduce productivity.

Thankfully, WordPress SEO services are free, with a few premium product exceptions. The list of the best WordPress SEO extensions includes:

1. WordPress SEO Yoast

Yoast is by far the most preferred SEO plugin by many users. It provides many features that can help immensely, even with the free version. However, it is important to know that a Yoast SEO Premium subscription is also available for users.

The premium Yoast provides many more features and automates many tasks, and the free version leaves users to do it manually. Furthermore, Yoast premium allows users to set SEO for more than a single word at the same time in an article.

By using Yoast, you won't feel lost, as it is one of the most comprehensive SEO tools out there.

2. All in One SEO for WordPress (AIOSEO)

Another great product you can go for is AIOSEO, which is competing for the first spot with Yoast. Many consider AIOSEO to be the most comprehensive tool in the market, as it contains more SEO-related information than most other tools.

If it's complete perfectionism you're looking for, then this might be the tool for you!

3. SEMRush

SEMRush is a tool made by the SEO expert website SEMRush, often used to analyze competition and find keyword ideas and topics to write about. The SEMRush addon follows in the footsteps of its parent website.

SEMRush will provide you with the list of the most important SEO checklist with a live update on their status, as well as, provide you with a comparison with the top 10 pages with a similar keyword.

Recommended WordPress Hosting

So we start here with the question, which WordPress Hosting do I choose?

Well, one knows themselves best; you can never go wrong with a recommendation from the CMS website you're going for. It is no secret that WordPress themselves recommend certain hosting providers as better candidates since they find the high specs provided by the hosting service as most useful.

WordPress benefits when blogs made with their CMS become famous. Hence they want their users to have the best experience when hosting with them.


1. DreamHost WordPress Hosting

To top our list of recommended hosting providers is DreamHost.

So what is special about DreamHost?

DreamHost is a dream as it provides users with the required kit; DreamHost provides you with 99.99% uptime keeping your website out there welcoming visitors traffic.

Additionally, Your blog becomes more desirable with unlimited bandwidth, and high speed as less page loading speed means less bounce rate.

According to Google, the more a page's load time is, the higher the bounce rate is (the chance that a person leaves without viewing your page), with the gold standard load time being less than 2 seconds.

Furthermore, you get unlimited SSD storage with their plan, which makes page loading even faster. A free SSL certificate comes preinstalled to your website as well! The DreamHost user interface is simple and easy even for new beginners, so you won't be lost! You can check with the other 600,000 users happily using DreamHost. 

It's no wonder WP recommends it!

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2. BlueHost WordPress Hosting

Next on our list is BlueHost, and let me tell you, this one is a fan favorite!

BlueHost provides users with many similar properties as DreamHost; It is often regarded as one of the best hosting providers in general, including WordPress hosting. With BlueHost, you can at any time upgrade your plan and cover whatever gap between the resources you have and the traffic/number of visitors.

BlueHost provides 99.98% uptime, high speed and bandwidth, unlimited SSD storage, and an SSL certificate as well. It might even have the edge over DreamHost in terms of speed. However, when considering the price you pay, you'll find BlueHost to be more expensive.

BlueHost is still considered by many the number 1 choice for WordPress Hosting, and to help with the prices; you can use our promo code discount!

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3. SiteGround WordPress Hosting

SiteGround pops third in this list.

SiteGround is, in fact, the cheapest among the three WordPress recommended hosting providers. The price is its best pro, in terms of specifications it isn't bad either! I mean, WordPress would not recommend a sub-par product to its customers.

SiteGround provides high speed and high reliability in the form of uptime 99.99%, in addition to the free SSL certificate similar to the two above.

That being said, the major problem with SiteGround relative to the other two is that the plans have limits relative to the unmetered two above, which means your website is limited to a certain number of videos and images, which you can't go over.

That being said, SiteGrounds still is the lowest among the three recommended. Furthermore, you can grab an even better deal with our promo code link!

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