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Scribophile: Online Writing Community for Bloggers

Scribophile: Online Writing Community for BloggersScribophile: Online Writing Community for Bloggers

Writing and content creation is by no means an easy task...the process of coming up with ideas and formulating them in a series of words to appeal to users can be exhausting, especially when there is no feedback (boy, do I know that first hand). In these moments, Scribophile can be your go-to community to take the opinion of other writers.

What is Scribophile? And how can it help you with your blog or writing experience?

Keep reading to find out...

Scribophile Introduction

Nowadays, many people start a WordPress blog as a day job to earn them money as it can be very profitable. However, it often happens that a writer gets a writing block or can feel fatigued after an 8-hour long writing session, in which cases a second eye reading the text from a fresh perspective can be beneficial.

Here comes Scribophile, a platform made for writers to share their work and thoughts on each other's books, novels, blogs, and more. In addition, it is a platform that has thousands of writers ready to provide you with the best advice possible to better your writing.

By becoming a part of Scribophile, you'll have beta readers give you feedback and critiques before going live with your book. In addition, you get access to a vast collection of free writing resources you can study and learn from, including a professional writing blog, writing academy, and writing forums.

Furthermore, Scribophile can help you with:

  • Keeping your rights protected: As writers, it is easy to lose your work to plagiarism and piracy. However, by being part of a helpful community, other writers can help show you the ropes and guide you.
  • Getting quality feedback: Feedback provided by writers of all levels can improve your work and help you achieve better results when publishing your articles or books.
  • Earn money by participating in free-writing contests: Scribophile presents users to participate in writing contests in which winners get prize money paid using PayPal.

Subscribing to Scribophile

Subscribing to Scribophile is as easy as 123. Furthermore, creating an account costs no money at all. The steps to create your Scribophile account are:

  1. Open the Scribophile website.
  2. On the main page, click on Sign up free.
  3. Select the bundle you would like, either the free Scribophile Basic or Scribophile Premium.
  4. Pick a pen name (keep in mind that a pen name must sound like an actual real name; otherwise, it will be removed), fill up your account information, and click create my account.

Now you're a part of a helpful writing community, and you can go forward in your writing career. Whether you're blogging or writing a novel, you can get access to many helpful features and learn a lot.

Recommended Hosting Services to Start Your WP Blog

Before I recommend to you which hosting service to use, let me explain what WordPress is.

WordPress is a content management system (CMS ) that is optimized for blogging. By using WordPress, you can create a blog fast without any prior programming knowledge.

In addition, WordPress provides the possibility to install many plugins which can make your life easier and aid you in various tasks and provide you with information such as:

  • MonsterInsights is an addon that can provide you with Google Analytics to better understand the courses of your traffic and better advertise your content.
  • SEO all in one tool for optimal SEO, and many more.

It is no wonder that WordPress is used by more than 40% of all blogging websites due to its ease of use and high efficacy.

Of course, to start a WordPress website, you'll need a hosting provider. Among hosting providers, a few allow you to start your WordPress website with fewer steps than you think.

Our list of top WordPress providers includes:

1. DreamHost WordPress Hosting

To top our list of recommended hosting providers is DreamHost.

So what is special about DreamHost?

DreamHost is a dream as it provides users with the required kit; DreamHost provides you with 99.99% uptime keeping your website out there welcoming visitors traffic. In addition, your blog becomes more desirable with unlimited bandwidth, and high speed as less page loading speed means less bounce rate.

According to Google, the more a page's load time is, the higher the bounce rate is (the chance that a person leaves without viewing your page), with the gold standard load time being less than 2 seconds.

Furthermore, you get unlimited SSD storage with their plan, which makes page loading even faster. A free SSL certificate comes preinstalled to your website as well! The DreamHost user interface is simple and easy even for new beginners, so you won't be lost! You can check with the other 600,000 users happily using DreamHost. 

It's no wonder WP recommends it!

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Read DreamHost's full review.

2. BlueHost WordPress Hosting

Next on our list is BlueHost, and let me tell you, this one is a fan favorite!

BlueHost provides users with many similar properties as DreamHost; It is often regarded as one of the best hosting providers in general, including WordPress hosting. With BlueHost, you can at any time upgrade your plan and cover whatever gap between the resources you have and the traffic/number of visitors.

BlueHost provides 99.98% uptime, high speed and bandwidth, unlimited SSD storage, and an SSL certificate as well. It might even have the edge over DreamHost in terms of speed. However, when considering the price you pay, you'll find BlueHost to be more expensive.

BlueHost is still considered by many the number 1 choice for WordPress Hosting, and to help with the prices, you can use our promo code discount!

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3. SiteGround WordPress Hosting

SiteGround pops third in this list.

SiteGround is, in fact, the cheapest among the three WordPress recommended hosting providers. Although the price is its best pro, in terms of specifications, it isn't bad either! I mean, WordPress would not recommend a sub-par product to its customers.

SiteGround provides high speed and high reliability in the form of uptime 99.99%, in addition to the free SSL certificate similar to the two above.

That being said, the major problem with SiteGround relative to the other two is that the plans have limits relative to the unmetered two above, which means your website is limited to a certain number of videos and images, which you can't go over.

That being said, SiteGrounds still is the lowest among the three recommended. Furthermore, you can grab an even better deal with our promo code link!

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