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Birch Gold Group

Birch Gold Group: Financial Security Through Physical Precious Metals

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Birch Gold Group: Financial Security Through Physical Precious Metals
Can Birch Gold Group's diverse metal products and IRA services sway you to invest with them?

Published: April 30th, 2024

Birch Gold Group is a well-established precious metals dealer specializing in gold, silver, platinum, and palladium IRA investments. Founded in 2003 and based in Des Moines, Iowa, this gold IRA company caters to individuals seeking to diversify their retirement portfolios and protect their wealth against market volatility or inflation. In this review, we help you decide whether you may benefit from their services by discussing their products and features, costs, perks, drawbacks, and what their customers say about them.

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Works with many retirement investments
Focus on education
A+ rating on the BBB
Buyback commitment


Minimum $10,000 purchase
Cannot purchase online


Quick Stats

BBB Rating
Trustpilot Score
4.4 out of 5
Money-Back Guarantee
$225 annually for management, insurance, and storage
Minimum Investment
Customer Experience

An Overview of Birch Gold Group

Birch Gold Group focuses on helping customers throughout the United States diversify their financial holdings and retirement savings with physical precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. They are endorsed by many prominent personalities like Jordan Peterson and Ben Shapiro, and believe that precious metals like gold, silver, platinum, and palladium provide a distinct form of financial security and stability because of their intrinsic value. Therefore, they view these metals as a way to diversify portfolios, reducing overall risk and potentially protecting against losses in traditional investments. They facilitate the process of establishing Precious Metals IRAs, seamlessly rolling over funds from existing retirement accounts like 401(k)s or traditional IRAs. Furthermore, Birch Gold offers direct purchases of IRS-approved coins and bars. Their team provides personalized guidance on selecting the right precious metals based on your individual goals and risk tolerance. They also provide you with metals buyback options for greater flexibility when it comes time for you to liquidate.

With a self-directed precious metals IRA from Birch Gold, you can diversify beyond conventional assets, providing you with more flexibility and autonomy in managing your retirement savings. Birch Gold also emphasizes their informational transparency and education throughout the investment process, offering an extensive library of resources to empower customers to make informed decisions. You can request an up-to-date information kit on their website to learn more about these kinds of investments, under no obligation to them, and may consult their online precious metals price chart at any time. Additionally, they offer resources like the "Scam Protection Resource Guide" to help identify fraudulent practices. They partner with reputable depositories, like Delaware Depository and Brink's Global Services, that specialize in the secure storage of precious metals and offer insurance for asset protection. The company adheres to strict regulations, such as those of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), to prevent illicit financial activities and safeguard consumer interests.

Birch Gold Group maintains positive ratings and reviews on many online platforms like the Better Business Bureau (BBB), where they are accredited and maintain an A+ rating. They also receive an AAA rating, the highest possible, at the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA). These serve as a testament to customer satisfaction and can promote trust.

Products & Features at Birch Gold Group

This company offers a wide variety of physical products and useful services to help you better invest your money. These include:

  • Precious metal coins and bars: Birch Gold offers a wide selection of IRS-approved gold, silver, platinum, and palladium coins and bars for both IRAs and direct purchases. They also offer collectible coins that carry numismatic value beyond their metal content due to factors like rarity and historical significance
  • Precious metals IRA: Birch Gold provides guidance and assistance in establishing a new Precious Metals IRA or seamlessly rolling over funds from existing retirement accounts like 401(k)s or traditional IRAs. Contributions to a traditional precious metals IRA may be tax-deductible, and your investments grow tax-deferred until you take distributions in retirement
  • Gold Roth IRAs: A Roth gold IRA allows you to make contributions with after-tax dollars, and your investments grow tax-free. Your qualified withdrawals in retirement are also tax-free. Birch Gold can help you establish a new Gold Roth IRA with IRS-approved gold investments
  • Secure storage: They partner with reputable, insured depositories specializing in the secure storage of precious metals, safeguarding your investments

Aside from the above, they can also provide you with additional perks like:

  • Educational resources: Their website offers a wide range of resources that you can access online. These resources include market news, a precious metals encyclopedia, and guides on different aspects of investing. Additionally, you can request a free information kit that can help you gain a better understanding of precious metals and how diversification can benefit you
  • Buyback program: Birch Gold offers a buyback option, providing flexibility and liquidity should you decide to sell your precious metals holdings in the future
  • Personalized customer support: Their precious metals expertise guides you in selecting the right metals for your IRA based on your goals and risk tolerance. Their dedicated representatives offer individualized guidance throughout the investment process, assisting you with the metal selection and answering your questions

Their custodial and storage services

Birch Gold does not act as the custodian for your gold IRA or store your precious metals on-site. However, they provide a variety of flexible third-party custodial and depository services for precious metals IRAs. Birch Gold partners with trusted IRS-approved custodians to handle the administrative aspects of your IRA. Popular custodians include Equity Trust Company and GoldStar Trust Company, but they may work with others that suit your needs. Contact them directly for their complete list of custodian partners.

For secure storage of your precious metals, they work with several reputable depositories, including the Delaware Depository, Texas Precious Metals Depository, Brink's Global Services, and International Depository Services (IDS). This variety allows customers to choose storage options based on location preferences and security features.

Birch Gold Group Costs

They do share some concrete prices online, but it is still recommended that you call or contact them online to discuss the unique costs you would incur. Keep in mind that the minimum investment you may make is $10,000, and they may waive your fees for the first year if you invest in excess of $50,000.

Based on the storage and custodial option of the majority of their customers, you may have to pay $50, plus a $30 wire transfer fee, to set up your account. Afterward, you would currently pay $100 a year for storage and insurance costs, as well as $125 a year in management fees. Note that you would only pay these annual fees after you set up, regardless of your account size, although the the custodian may also charge you a flat fee.

The Advantages of Birch Gold Group

  • Diversified investment portfolio: Birch Gold can help you with more than traditional gold IRAs. They have helped customers set up new Gold Roth IRAs, where your contributions are made with after-tax dollars and your withdrawals are tax-free. Depending on your business structure, they may also facilitate rollovers of existing Simplified Employee Pension Plan (SEP) IRAs into precious metals SEP IRAs. That being said, it's essential to contact Birch Gold directly for the most accurate information on eligibility, contribution limits, and their specific services regarding gold SEP IRAs
  • Work with many account types: The company supports various types of retirement accounts, including a traditional IRA, Roth IRA, SEP IRA, Savings Incentive Match Plan for Employees (SIMPLE) IRA, and eligible 401(k), 403(b), 457, TSP, and other retirement plans. You can roll over these accounts into a precious metals IRA, which allows for more control over the asset mix
  • Education emphasis: They seem to prioritize your understanding by offering a wealth of educational resources, including a free information kit, to equip you with the knowledge needed to make informed decisions about precious metals investments. Their team of specialists seems dedicated to personalized guidance, walking you through the process and tailoring recommendations to your individual goals and risk tolerance
  • Precious metals variety: They offer a variety of precious metals, including gold, silver, platinum, and palladium. These metals can be incorporated into an IRA or directly purchased as gold bars, silver coins, or any of the metals in coin or bullion format. This diversification can potentially add a layer of stability to your portfolio, acting as a hedge against economic downturns that might impact traditional investments
  • Transparent fees: Their clearly-laid fee structure simplifies cost understanding, as they promise that you should not pay anything over their annual fee after setup
  • Trusted custodian and storage options: They partner with trusted IRS-approved custodians to handle the administrative aspects, leaving you free to focus on investment decisions. As for the storage of your precious metals, they collaborate with reputable depositories like the Delaware Depository and Brink's Global Services, providing you peace of mind and insurance protection
  • Buyback program: This provides welcome flexibility for liquidating your precious metals holdings, and they may offer you competitive rates
  • Promotions: They may waive your fees for the first year, although that may only be for investments over $50,000
  • Positive customer focus: Birch Gold Group boasts a strong reputation for exceptional customer service. Many satisfied customers praise their knowledgeable and supportive staff, who provide clear explanations throughout the investment process. Their focus on customer satisfaction is evident in their high ratings on platforms like Trustpilot, Google Reviews, and the Better Business Bureau

Why You Might Not Choose Them

  • High minimum: Though their $10,000 minimum for IRAs and direct purchases may be relatively accessible compared to some competitors, it is still a substantial amount to invest for some
  • Limited online accessibility: While Birch Gold Group offers a wealth of educational resources online, some aspects require contacting a representative. This includes getting real-time pricing quotes, account valuations, and initiating purchases of physical gold coins, among other things. For tech-savvy investors, this lack of immediate online access might be a drawback

The Birch Gold Customer Experience

They enjoy a stellar reputation among their customers. They receive a 4.4 out of 5 review score on Trustpilot, and 4.7 out of 5 on Google reviews. They have a similarly high score on the BBB of 4.47 out of 5 and receive very few complaints there.

Overall, Birch Gold Group receives primarily positive customer reviews. Customers consistently highlight the knowledgeable and supportive staff, who provide clear explanations and guidance throughout the often-complex investment process. The streamlined setup, rollover assistance, and timely metal delivery contribute to customer satisfaction. Many customers express a sense of peace of mind after diversifying with precious metals and feel Birch Gold was key in helping them to protect their financial future. The company's educational resources and lack of pushy sales tactics further enhance the positive experience.

While the majority of feedback is overwhelmingly positive, a small amount of critical notices do exist. These involve a perceived lack of responsiveness after their initial purchase and concerns about the advertising. Some dissatisfaction also arose due to issues with the third-party custodian. It's important to remember that market fluctuations are inherent to precious metals investing, and some negative reviews reflect losses due to these market forces.

They respond to customer complaints, as well as many reviews, and appear to take customer feedback seriously. The quality of their responses varies, with some offering detailed resolutions and others being more generic replies. However, based on their response history, it appears that they prioritize customer satisfaction.

Birch Gold Group Customer Support

You may reach their customer service team by submitting a contact request online. You may also call them at (800) 355-2116 or (800) 965-3620, or email them at [email protected]. Keep in mind that they can only be reached on weekdays, Monday to Friday, between 9 AM and 8:30 PM ET. Their mailing address is:

309 Court Avenue, Suite 809
Des Moines, IA. 50309

They also have a wealth of educational materials on their website, including a precious metals IRA quick guide, free information kit, interactive price chart, and so on.

The Bottom Line

Birch Gold Group can be a valuable partner for those seeking to diversify their portfolio with precious metals and benefit from personalized guidance. They offer a compelling mix of education, precious metals selection, and established partnerships, making them a solid option if you're seeking to broaden your financial portfolio. Their focus on customer guidance and transparency can be especially appealing if you are new to precious metal investments.

While Birch Gold Group offers benefits like customer support and educational resources, there are some important factors to consider before investing. Firstly, their $10,000 minimum investment might be restrictive for some investors, and their reliance on direct interaction for pricing and transactions might not suit someone who prefers a more streamlined, online experience. Additionally, like any investment, precious metals carry inherent risks due to market volatility. Therefore, it's crucial to do your research and understand that values can fluctuate.

Though they are a compelling option for those seeking a reputable precious metals IRA company with a strong emphasis on customer service and education, it's a good idea to contact Birch directly for their complete pricing model and to carefully research their custodian partners before making a decision. It's also wise to compare them with other gold IRA providers, which you can read more about on our reviews page. If you need to know more about this type of retirement investment, check out our blog page with many useful articles. With our many resources, we hope to simplify your long-term financial decisions.

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