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Gilded Assurance: An American Hartford Gold Review

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Gilded Assurance: An American Hartford Gold Review
Fortify your financial future with American Hartford Gold

Published: April 30th, 2024. 

American Hartford Gold (AHG), or the American Hartford Gold Group, is a highly esteemed gold IRA provider renowned for their exceptional service standards and dedication to customer satisfaction. American Hartford Gold, an organization dedicated to delivering reliable and secure investment prospects, has established themselves as a prominent choice for individuals seeking to safeguard their retirement funds via tangible gold and silver assets.

Nevertheless, because of the extensive array of service providers at your disposal, you must establish whether AHG fulfills your needs. Join us as we comprehensively analyze their features, costs, fees, advantages, disadvantages, and user experiences to help simplify decision-making.


Sample shipping contract
Moderate investment
A+ BBB rating
Multi-location depositories


Limited custodial options
Lack of price transparency
Restricted variety in precious metals


Quick Stats

BBB Rating
Trustpilot Score
4.8 out of 5
Money-Back Guarantee
$100 to $200 annually for administration, insurance, and storage
Minimum Investment
Customer Experience

An Overview of American Hartford Gold

With headquarters in Los Angeles and a stellar reputation in the precious metals industry, American Hartford Gold has served families and individuals since 2015 with a variety of gold and silver products designed to diversify and protect their wealth. Among the many precious metals offered by AHG—which has the support of Rick Harrison and Bill O'Reilly—are palladium, silver, gold, silver bullion, and coins. For retirees worried about inflation and market uncertainty, this option provides a tax-efficient way to diversify their holdings.

A vital aspect of American Hartford Gold is their firm dedication to enhancing customer knowledge and transparency. Using their website, publications, and expert specialists, they provide a wealth of market perspectives, enabling new and experienced investors to make informed decisions. Furthermore, American Hartford Gold offers a buyback commitment, ensuring the timely liquidation of customers' precious metals without requiring additional expenses.

AHG boasts a positive reputation in the industry, with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). They have also been recognized as the number one gold company on Inc. 5000's list of the United States' fastest-growing private companies. By assisting people in securing their financial future through precious metals investments, AHG, under CEO Sanford Mann, a seasoned economist and accomplished financial industry veteran, has established a favorable position.

The Products & Features Offered by American Hartford Gold

  • Gold IRA: Unlike a traditional IRA, American Hartford Gold offers customers the chance to set up a gold IRA account, which facilitates the inclusion of gold in an individual retirement account. By providing a tax-efficient strategy for diversified retirement portfolios, this alternative safeguards against inflation and market uncertainty
  • Gold and silver purchases: Physical gold and silver coins from American Hartford Gold allow clients to diversify their precious metal investment portfolios. The Gold American Eagle and the Gold Canadian Buffalo are included in their featured IRA-approved selection of gold coins. Similarly, the Silver American Eagle and the Silver Canadian Buffalo are included in their selection of silver coins
  • Buyback commitment: This feature offers a streamlined procedure to liquidate their precious metals. While they do not guarantee a repurchase, their policy of not charging additional fees promotes open communication and guarantees a transparent transaction. The three-step procedure includes contacting the business, organizing the shipment, and receiving prompt payment upon delivery
  • Silver and Gold IRA rollover: AHG allows clients to diversify their portfolios in precious metals by facilitating the rollover of retirement assets into gold IRAs. Rollover eligibility typically extends to SEP plans, TSPs, and Roth IRAs. AHG helps customers shift to physical gold and silver incorporation in retirement portfolios and facilitates a smooth customer transition
  • Physical delivery of bars and coins: AHG delivers gold or silver coins to customers' selected locations or straight into a retirement account such as IRAs, 401(k)s, or TSPs. This flexibility lets customers maintain their physical precious metals in personal custody or tax-advantaged retirement funds, making the transaction smooth and customized

Additionally, they offer these perks:

  • Educational resources: They offer significant educational materials, such as silver and gold spot market price charts, market news updates, and even platinum spot market charts. Furthermore, to safeguard their retirement savings against market volatility and assist them in navigating the investment process, customers may also request a free information guide
  • Secure storage: AHG partners with reputable depositories authorized by the IRS throughout the United States to guarantee the safe keeping of customers' precious metals investments
  • Specialist consultation: They provide professional consultation and investment advice to assist clients in their precious metals journey. Although professionals offer insightful advice, it is recommended that you exercise caution and carefully assess your investment objectives and risk tolerance before taking action

Their custodial and storage services

AHG neither acts as the custodian nor stores your precious metals on-site. In contrast, AHG partners provide custodial services through third-party partners, ensuring secure and reliable storage of precious metals in the IRA. More specifically, they offer their custodial services through the Equity Trust Company. 

As for storage options, the key locations where AHG maintains an extensive network of IRS-approved depositories include Los Angeles, Texas, Delaware, Salt Lake City, and New York. AHG has partnered with esteemed establishments such as Delaware Depository, International Depository Services, Equity Trust, and The Entrust Group, giving customers access to dependable storage solutions designed to meet their requirements. By employing this multifaceted strategy, AHG underscores their dedication to supplying dependable and secure storage alternatives for investment. 

American Hartford Gold Fees

The fee structure of American Hartford Gold is not transparent, similar to that of various other providers. To obtain thorough pricing information, it is advisable to access the free guide available on the AHG website or to speak with a sales representative for customized support. It is also important to note that AHG imposes a minimum investment requirement of $10,000.

Although they acknowledge the existence of annual fees for depository charges, no information is provided regarding custodial termination fees. As per our research, the depositary charge ranges from $100 to $200. Furthermore, set-up fees are imposed and may differ depending on the depository and custodian selected. It is recommended that potential clients contact AHG for additional clarification on the expenses related to their investment.

In addition, all shipments include insurance and tracking at no additional cost, allowing customers to monitor their orders' progress as they are transported to the depository. They provide spot prices and charts for physical precious metals, which enhance the investment experience by offering crucial market insights.

Despite the lack of fee transparency, AHG maintains their dedication to offering invaluable guidance and assistance to individuals trying to enhance their investment portfolios with precious metals.

What Are the Advantages & Disadvantages of Working With AHG?


  • Sample contract for shipping agreement: AHG supplies potential clients with a sample contract of the shipping and transaction agreement, ensuring clarity and transparency concerning the shipment specifications 
  • Relatively low investment: AHG, in contrast to competitors, requires a relatively modest minimum investment of $10,000, allowing a wider spectrum of investors to diversify their portfolios with precious metals
  • Price match guarantee: They also offer a price match guarantee, ensuring they match or beat competitors' prices and refund the difference. This guarantee provides reassurance to their clients that they are receiving fair market rates for their investments
  • Free insured shipping: All orders placed with AHG are delivered at no cost, and for added convenience and security, insurance and tracking are provided on all shipments without any additional charge
  • Geographic diversity: American Hartford Gold provides clients with flexibility and peace of mind through their depository options, which span numerous states and cities, including Los Angeles, Texas, Delaware, Salt Lake City, and New York


  • Lack of custodial choices: AHG utilizes Equity Trust Company's custodial services. Although Equity Trust Company is an established company, the restricted selection of custodial services may limit clients' ability to choose one that precisely meets their particular preferences and requirements
  • Lack of price transparency: They operate without transparency regarding their fee structure, making it challenging for clients to understand the costs associated with their investments fully
  • Limited options for precious metals: Concerning precious metals, AHG's selection is restricted, primarily due to a lack of platinum coins or bars, which may limit investors' opportunities for diversification
  • Additional costs for storage: Although AHG, through their third-party partners, offers secure storage solutions in various locations, clients are responsible for paying storage fees, which may have a gradual negative impact on the overall return on investment

The Customer Experience at American Hartford Gold

American Hartford Gold's accreditation and BBB rating of A+ and the stellar 4.8 out of 5 rating on Trustpilot showcase the company's dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Positive feedback

American Hartford Gold (AHG) has garnered overwhelmingly positive customer feedback, highlighting the organization's dedication to establishing clear and accurate gold and silver portfolios. According to several customer reviews, AHG is commended for their all-encompassing methodology in responding to customer inquiries and apprehensions, and providing thorough explanations that instill confidence in their investment decisions.

Customers also express satisfaction with AHG for the diligent and well-informed assistance they received during the entire procedure, showcasing the significance of the guidance provided. Additionally, AHG receives praise from their clientele for their commitment to providing outstanding service and guidance, reinforcing their faith and assurance in the organization's expertise. AHG's stellar reputation and commitment to customer fulfillment in the precious metals investment sector are reflected in these ecstatic reviews.

Critical feedback

Numerous customers have expressed dissatisfaction towards American Hartford Gold AHG, attributing their discontent to various concerns and difficulties regarding their experiences. After purchasing collectible gold coins, a customer expressed frustration regarding AHG's alleged unresponsiveness. This customer mentioned communication challenges and expressed discontent with the investment's perceived value. Another customer detailed their encounter with being misled regarding the expenses and fines linked to their investment, emphasizing an absence of transparency on the part of AHG.

Moreover, several customers expressed difficulties retrieving refunds for unused funds or irregular account balances, resulting in frustration and discontentment. Additionally, some clients voiced apprehensions regarding aggressive sales techniques and discrepancies in pricing and product offerings. The customer complaints highlight domains in which AHG could improve transparency, communication, and customer service to improve the customer experience.

Overall, the closure of 22 complaints in the past year and 38 complaints over the previous three years on the BBB show that AHG does make an effort to address any issues a customer may have and responds to numerous customer reviews, both positive and negative. One of AHG's strengths is their capacity and willingness to educate and communicate with customers via their responses, establishing effective communication and fostering trust. 

How Can I Get in Touch With American Hartford Gold?

American Hartford Gold provides comprehensive contact support through various communication channels. Individuals can reach AHG by calling their dedicated phone line at 800-462-0071 or Furthermore, AHG offers various digital resources to aid customers, such as an extensive Gold IRA FAQ page that addresses common inquiries and concerns.

Additionally, they provide gold market news updates to inform clients of market developments. AHG provides clients with real-time insights into market trends by providing spot gold, silver, and platinum price charts, allowing them to make well-informed investment choices.

This extensive array of customer service options highlights AHG's dedication to offering clients knowledgeable and accessible guidance throughout their investment in precious metals.

Final Assessment

In summary, American Hartford Gold establishes themselves as a reliable and leading partner for individuals searching for precious metals IRAs to safeguard their retirement funds. AHG presents an extensive selection of investment options, encompassing physical delivery of bars and coins, gold and silver purchases, and gold

IRA rollovers through their dedication to transparency, education, and client satisfaction. Additionally, AHG provides a buyback program, allowing investors to liquidate their precious metals holdings quickly. 

Although AHG faces obstacles, including a lack of transparent pricing and custodial alternatives, its unwavering commitment to ongoing enhancement is demonstrated through its proactive approach to resolving customer concerns. AHG is a reputable entity within the precious metals industry, offering investors personalized assistance, white-glove service, and valuable resources to help them navigate market volatility and protect their financial futures.

Read our comprehensive reviews of the best gold IRA companies and let our comparison tool work for you. To gain excellent insights regarding investing in precious metals, visit our blog. To help you reach financial stability, we aim to provide the tools you need to make intelligent investment choices.

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